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15 Best Contraction Timer Apps For Baby Development

In the modern era, these contraction timer apps are crucial in helping pregnant women during their delivery hours. 

This period, i.e., the gestation period, requires special care for both the mother and the unborn baby. When a woman comes closer to her pregnancy, the fear of labor contraction might emerge in her mind. 

It does not matter what the stage of the pregnancy is; the woman will think about the joyous time, i.e., the delivery of her beautiful baby. Now the question arises: What can cost her to achieve this gladdest moment? 

Of course, it is the contraction. 

“Bart D. Putter man,” MD and Obstetrician-gynecologist in Houston, Texas Children’s Hospital, has said, “The uterus surrounds the baby, and when the uterine muscles contract, it immediately leads to the labor progress.”

The uterine contraction helps the baby to get into the right position during the delivery, which comforts the baby getting into this world.  

And it becomes very crucial for the pregnant woman to calculate the time of her contractions, which will help her determine whether she is in labor or just a Braxton hick. i.e  

  • The contraction will last for at least 60 seconds.  
  • It continues for an hour which comes at 5 minutes intervals. 

So it becomes mandatory to track your contraction time with the best contraction timer apps available so you can know when to head to the hospital.

You must head to the nearest hospital if:- 

  • Your water breaks. 
  • You are bleeding from your vagina. 
  • Your contractions are getting sharper. 

Monitoring contractions with the best contraction timer apps installed on your smartphone can help you to skip the stressful manual monitoring so that you can focus on your partner more. Hence, you will be ready for the next contraction when the time comes.  

After the important updates of the various contraction timer apps, you can get notifications about when to head to the hospital.  

Contraction generally helps you to push your baby out through the uterus. The effect of the contractions is so intense that you can not walk or even talk during them.

The contraction follows the 5-1-1 rule, i.e., it may come in every 5 minutes, lasting for an hour at the 1- minute interval.  

Hence through the various contraction timer apps, you can track the timing of the contractions by calculating the time between the beginning of the 1st contraction to the next. 

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Best Contraction Timer Apps To Stay Organized and Informed

1. Contraction Timer and counter 9M

The world’s most popular app for the contraction tracker is the contraction timer and counter 9M, which comes with some super beneficial features that will help you to track your contraction between the first and the next contraction and can also tell you the right time to head to the nearest maternity hospital (if needed). 

This application also has a unique feature: if you plan to deliver the baby at home, you will know what stage of labor you are in. 

Best Contraction Timer Apps

Because of the simple layout makes the application contraction timer and counters 9M much easier to use. To track the contraction time, the person only has to tap the button at the beginning and then at the end of each contraction.  

The app helps you scrutinize the regularity of your contractions with their intensity so that you will know when to move to the hospital.

The app is available in the market for free of cost and has helped nearly thousands of pregnant ladies worldwide have a simple, smooth and tranquil delivery.  

But you should know that this application is not a complete medical tool; you cannot rely on it completely. Users should always consult the doctor about the regularity of the contraction at different intervals. Every woman’s contractions may differ when they are in labor. 

Suppose the labor pain increases, and the mother cannot handle it anymore. In that case, the family should head to the hospital hastily because it is better to deliver your baby in the hospital rather than give birth anywhere else. 

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2. Easy Contraction Timer

This application is also the best contraction tracker platform with special and unique advantages among the various apps.

Because of its popularity among users, this application is rated 4.6 on the Google Play Store, having 10L+ users worldwide. 

During the ’90s, it was difficult for pregnant women to track their contractions because of the unavailability of such applications, but now it has become much easier.  

Best Contraction Timer Apps 1

You must press the start button at the beginning of the contraction and then press the stop button when the contraction stops.

During pregnancy, getting insights on different things and getting ready for the birth is very important, which expecting mothers can get from this application.  

The app will apprise you about the frequency of your contraction, i.e., from the first to the last, by tracking every contraction. It can also track the intervals between them.  

Some new and special features are also added to this app, making it better and more useful. In this latest version, you can get an informative chart based on the intensity of your contraction.  

If you have accidentally stopped tracking and want it to resume or edit it again, you can now do it on the latest version available.  

Expecting a baby is somehow a very happy moment for expecting parents and their families, so now make it more memorable and joyous.

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3. Contraction Timer & Counter TL

Contraction Timer & Counter TL is an essential app for any woman expecting a baby. This app helps track contractions duration and frequency, allowing women to stay informed and prepared for birthing.

15 Best Contraction Timer Apps For Baby Development

The AI feature also notifies women when they should prepare for the hospital, which is an extremely helpful tool during active labor.

In addition to contraction tracking, the app also includes relaxation music and meditations specifically designed for pregnant women, which can help them feel more comfortable during surges.

Overall, Contraction Timer TL is an indispensable tool for any woman expecting a baby.

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4. Full-term Contraction Timer

Full-term is also one of the most used contraction timer apps launched for Android and iOS. 

It has 4.2 ratings on Google Play Store and 1L+ downloads. This app will help you to track your labor progress most conveniently. Monitoring the contraction is a very straightforward process.  

Best Contraction Timer Apps 2

Suppose you want to record each of your contractions with their duration and interval. In that case, you can press the single button to track the beginning and the ending of your contraction and leave everything on the Full-term Contraction Timer app. 

This contraction timer application is designed to track and monitor the contractions’ duration, intervals, and frequencies during the last stage of your pregnancy. 

Other useful features are available; besides the contraction timer, it also has a kick counter and weight tracker (mentioned below) that make your pregnancy time much more tranquil. 

Kick counter:- The feature kick counter is generally used to track the baby’s kicks inside the womb. You can track your child’s movement daily with this special feature. 

Weight Tracker: The feature weight tracker monitors pregnant women’s weight change. You can share all your records with your consultant and partner to track your progress. 

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5. Pregnancy Tracker week by week – contraction timer

This contraction timer application comes with a lot of new features, which include 

  • Pregnancy countdown. 
  • Calendar (required to monitor your pregnancy). 
  • Due date calculator. 

The app has 4.6 ratings on the Google Play Store with over 10L+ users worldwide. This free pregnancy tracker app makes the pregnancy period much more tranquil so that you can have full rest without worrying about anything during your pregnancy period. 

Best Contraction Timer Apps 3

Some of the benefits of the Pregnancy Tracker week by week – contraction timer are:- 

  • You can monitor the changes in the body during the pregnancy period. 
  • You can monitor and track the growth of the baby inside the womb. 
  • You can also keep an eye on your diet and eating habits to remain healthy during pregnancy. 

There will be times when you will find things or situations much more difficult and unfamiliar around you during your gestation period, you can open this application on your smartphone, and within seconds you will get to find all the answers to your questions. 

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6. My Contraction Tracker

Apart from all the other names in the list, the app we are going for next, i.e., my contraction tracker, allows you to track your labor contraction at any moment. 

The timer app generally comes with simple settings and normal designs to use it without any hindrance. You can record and display your contractions simply by clicking the start and stop buttons. 

15 Best Contraction Timer Apps For Baby Development

You can also share the information about your contractions with your loved ones via email. This will boost your and your family’s excitement for the baby. 

Some of its important features are:-

  • If you close the application during the contraction, the timer does not stop; hence, you can track your contraction without any setbacks. 
  • It can calculate the regulation of your contractions with their time length respectively. 

The application has a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store with 1L+ downloads. 

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7. Storky – Contraction Timer

Storky is undeniably one of the best construction timer apps; it is designed especially for iOS devices and is only available on the app store, which means Android users cannot have the application. 

The timer was created by various professional birth assistants and is free for users. Storky has 4.8 ratings on the app store, making it more prominent and reliable to depend upon if users need a contraction timer. 

Best Contraction Timer Apps 5

The app will not keep you hanging between your contraction, and there will be no interruption as the app is one of the best apps with no place for ads.  

You can get started with the app by simply clicking on the start contraction button when the contractions begin, and when you find it’s over, you can click on the stop contraction button. 

Storky comes with various information about the contraction, which includes:- 

  • How contraction works. 
  • How to measure contraction. 
  • When to go to the nearest maternity hospital. 

If your contraction is coming in faster, the app will alert your families and friends to have a medical assistant as soon as possible. 

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8. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby development countdown

Pregnancy Tracker & Baby development countdown is the app many expecting parents use as a pregnancy tracker worldwide. Because of its popularity, it has a 4.8 rating in the Google Play Store with one million + downloads. 

 It usually tracks the development of the baby week by week. You can even monitor the changes daily, which will help you maintain the baby’s proper health. 

#1 App for Pregnancy and Baby's First Year | BabyCenter

The app is chosen by more than 400 million parents who expect their child as healthy as they can be. 

It also has the baby development calendar app, guiding you through your pregnancy period daily. As a result, this contraction timer app will be your virtual personal assistant. 

To calculate the changes happening to your baby and your body, you can enter your baby’s due date (Find it via the pregnancy due-to-date calculator).

A lot of data on health and conditions has been taken from top medical experts and is reviewed by members of medical advisory boards; hence you can rely on it. 

But remember that a doctor consultation is required even if you use one such app. 

The pregnancy tracker and baby development countdown also have special features like a baby name finder, baby bump photo diaries, etc. 

You can also see some special features:- 

  • Ovulation calculator and calendar. 
  • Baby due date calculator. 
  • Baby kick counter. 
  • Baby registry checklist. 

Every expecting momma feels both excited and nervous during the last stage of the pregnancy, so to monitor and record contractions, the app provides one of the most effective construction timer features.  

As mentioned earlier, it also allows you to take pictures of your baby bump weekly and convert them into beautiful time-lapse videos that can be kept as a cheerful memory for later purposes and memories. 

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9. Contraction Timer

Moving onto our next contraction timer app, this contraction timer app has a user-friendly approach and is built for Android users. 

Because of its user-friendly features, have scored 4.4 ratings on the Google Play Store with 10L + downloads worldwide. 

You can count your exact contraction; hence, it will help you get the medical treatment as fast as possible. If going to the hospital is unnecessary, you can stay home and take care of your baby. 

15 Best Contraction Timer Apps For Baby Development

With some new features, your family and the doctors can assess your contractions record through the internet. The application also has start and stop buttons to ease your tracking records. 

Like other apps, you can also press the start button at the beginning of the contraction, and when the contractions end, you can press the stop button.

In its feature list, there is a unique feature called an amniotic fluid button that allows you to press the button when it flows out; hence, you can consult with your doctor at the right time. 

Download the App from Google Play Store

10. OvioPregnancy Tracker

All the apps are pretty good until now. However, suppose you are still unable to find the perfect app. In that case, the Ovio pregnancy tracker application is one of the best-designed applications, which is much more user-friendly than others. 

This application is available for both iOS and Android users.  As this application can function on both operating systems, it gets 4.7 ratings with almost 10L+ downloads worldwide. 

Through this application:- 

  • You can track your pregnancy. 
  • You can monitor the growth of your baby at any moment. 
  • You can also track your health during pregnancy by logging your symptoms.  

You can enjoy your pregnancy period with the help of an all-in-one Ovio pregnancy tracker application. You can browse the miscellaneous names of the babies while waiting for the due date.  

Ovia Pregnancy App Store Preview Video 1

This app also shows you what the current position is and the overall growth of the baby looks inside the womb at different intervals. 

Ovia pregnancy tracker app is so different that it allows you to read a new article daily that can help you to know more about the pregnancy, i.e., childbirth, breastfeeding, and much more. 

You can also communicate with others by asking questions about your pregnancy or pregnancy. 

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11. Contraction Timer (Labor)

Contraction Timer app is user-friendly so that expecting mothers can track their contraction results without any hindrance. 

The app was launched by Happy tree, which can be the best tracker during the last stage of your pregnancy.

Best Contraction Timer Apps 7

This mobile application was usually launched for Android users who monitor the contractions’ intervals to know whether it is Braxton Hick or True labor. 

You can normally see your contraction record via an easy-to-read graph. 

The contraction timer app comes with various interesting features like:- 

  • It has a unique alarm feature that helps you decide whether to go to the hospital or stay home. With this feature, an alarm will pop up on your smartphone. So make sure that when you hear this pop-up alarm, you head to the nearest maternity hospital as soon as possible. 
  • The app also plays classical music to help you ease and relax in intense situations. 
  • It can be quite easy for you to use this contraction timer application as you only have to press a few buttons at most of the beginning of the contraction and then at the end.  
  • And it is pretty easy to keep track of the contraction due to not-so-rocket science graphs.  
  • If you find that you experienced false labor, then you can restart your complete measurement. 

Download the App from Google Play Store 

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How Hard the Life of a Pregnant Woman Is

12. Sprout Pregnancy

Suppose the above apps are not up to your taste. In that case, sprout pregnancy is one of the best award-winning application platforms usually recommended by physicians in your gestation period, helping you overcome almost all the obstacles.  

15 Best Contraction Timer Apps For Baby Development

Due to its supportive features, sprout pregnancy has gotten a good rating of 4.5 in Google Play Store with over 10 L + downloads worldwide. 

Parents expecting a healthy child find the sprout pregnancy application as a great tool that has covered every topic related to pregnancy, including labor contractions followed by childbirth. 

You can also monitor the baby’s growth inside the womb.  Various tools are present in this application, including a kick counter and weight tracker, respectively. 

It has one of the best contraction timer features, which will help you monitor your contractions during your labor; you can even track the regularity and intensity of your contractions, making it easier to know when to start packing the baby bags and having the baby. 

The application also allows you to go through the various checklists for the newborn that will make you more prepared as a parent before the due date. 

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

13. MomDiary: Contractions timing chart

Your lifestyles, activities, etc., will change during your pregnancy. You need to be more cautious during this time because you are carrying a little life inside you. You will have to take care of yourself as well as the baby.  

Best Contraction Timer Apps 9

Therefore among the various apps, MomDiaryhelps you to check every little change that is taking place in your body as well as to the little fetus inside the womb. Every change will appear to you in a beautiful layout. 

According to the application’s name, MomDiary allows you to maintain a diary where you can write anything that comes to your mind and make beautiful notes by adding heart-touching images. 

You can also record your physical activities, weight gain, sleep, blood pressure, and mood swings to monitor your health during your gestation period. 

When you check and go in-depth of Momdiary app, you will get to know about some of the unique features which make MomDiary different from the other timer apps, such as:- 

  • Kick counter. 
  • Parental checklist. 
  • Parental music makes the intense situation a little bit easier. 

On the other side, the main task of this application is to track the contractions when you get into labor. The contraction timer feature in the MomDiary app allows you to monitor the regularity of the contractions with their intensity. 

Because of its already-established fame, users are much more familiar than the other full-term – contraction timer app in the list, therefore getting quite a high rating of 4.8 in the Google Play Store with 1L+ downloads all over the world. 

Download the App from Google Play Store 

14. Contraction Timer

There are several apps, but this is the simplest one allowing you to track the frequencies of your daily contractions and monitor their duration.

You must press the buttons at the beginning of the contraction and then press them when it ends. 

15 Best Contraction Timer Apps For Baby Development

The app will show you the intervals between your contractions and their duration. It is so easy to use Contraction Timer App that once you download it on your smartphone, you press the given buttons when the contractions start and do it the same when they end.  

It will help you to avoid any tragedy at the time of serious medical surveillance. As it consumes very little space on your smartphone, it has quite a high rating on the Google Play Store of 4.6 with 10L+ downloads. 

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store 

15. Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

Apart from the various contraction timer app features, the full-term – contraction timer app allows you to track the due dates and monitor your contractions.

It will help you to know when your Labor is coming so that if you have true Labor, you can immediately head to the nearest hospital. 

This particular application is something that you must have on your smartphone during your gestation period.

It not only allows you to track the growth of the baby week by week, but you can also monitor your health by logging your symptoms like blood pressure, weight, heart rate, etc.  

The application sets a diet plan and provides some simple exercises after your labor to avoid injuries. And the major thing to notice is that it is free for users. 

If you plan to have a baby in the future, you should have these applications on your smartphone to help in your pregnancy, according to your convenience.  

This contraction timer app can help you to go to the hospital at the right time if needed, which will help you to avoid the extra medical charges as you don’t have to go daily for your checkup. 

 And best of luck for your upcoming future. 

Download the App from Apple App Store


How do you track the time between contractions? 

The rest period that follows each contraction is crucial for you, your unborn child, and your uterus. So start counting from the start of one contraction to the next when timing contractions. 

The simplest technique for timing contractions is to either count the number of seconds a contraction lasts or record the start and end times on paper. 

How many contractions an hour is labor? 

The 5-1-1 Rule states that the contractions must occur every five minutes for a minimum of one hour. 

How do you feel hours before labor? 

Low back discomfort, weight loss, diarrhea, and water breaking indicate that labor is 24 to 48 hours away when the delivery countdown starts. 

However, since every woman’s labor is unique, what you go through in your final hours of pregnancy can be different from what another pregnant person goes through. 

You can check for indications that birth is getting close even though you can’t forecast the day or hour of labor. 

Does the baby move during contractions? 

The cervix will open at the beginning of labor. Then, at regular intervals, the uterine muscles start to contract.

In between each subsequent contraction, the uterus will relax. Before labor starts and throughout the early stages of labor, the baby will continue to move. 

The movement pattern, though, might alter. For example, the unborn child might wiggle or shuffle instead of kicking the womb. 

The sensation of the baby’s movement gives reassurance that the child is healthy. On the other hand, the reduced baby movement could indicate that the infant is having problems.

In these situations, speaking with a doctor is helpful. 

How far do contractions have to be to go to the hospital? 

Visit a hospital. Your baby is not moving as much as normal while your contractions are 5 minutes apart and increasing stronger (you may need to get to the hospital sooner if you live far away)—your water releases or breaks. Your vaginal area is bleeding. 

What is the 4 1 1 Rule labor? 

The “411 Rule” states that you should go to the hospital if your contractions are routinely occurring 4 minutes apart, lasting at least 1 minute each, and having followed this pattern for at least 1 hour. Doulas and midwives frequently give this advice. 

Do contractions feel like cramps? 

Each woman experiences contractions differently, and they may feel different from one pregnancy to the next.

For example, your back and lower abdomen may feel uncomfortable or achy, and your pelvis may feel compressed during labor contractions. The sides and thighs of some women could also hurt.

Some women describe menstrual cramps as powerful contractions, while others compare them to waves that feel like diarrhea. 

What is the best app for timing contractions?

Full Term, Contraction Timer, My Contractions, and Labor Contraction Timer are popular contraction timer apps.

How do you time contractions using an app?

Timing contractions using an app is usually very straightforward. Most contraction timer apps have a simple interface with a start/stop button for timing contractions.

Most applications for contraction timers will calculate the length and frequency of your contractions automatically and provide you with a breakdown of how far along you are in labor.

You might be able to enter notes in certain applications about the strength and other specifics of your contractions.

How can I time my contractions at home?

Use a stopwatch or timer, Use a contraction timer app and Write down the start and end times of each contraction are a few different ways to time contractions at home.

How do I track contractions on my iPhone?

You can use a contraction timer app to track contractions on an iPhone. Some popular options include Full Term, Contraction Timer, and My Contractions.

What is the 5 1 1 rule for contractions?

The 5-1-1 rule is a guideline for determining whether labor has started. It states that contractions should be regular and follow this pattern:

Contractions should occur every 5 minutes.
Contractions should last for 1 minute.
This pattern should continue for at least 1 hour.

What time do real contractions start?

It typically starts around the 37th week of pregnancy for first-time mothers and around the 36th week for women who have given birth before

How many minutes apart are contractions when they start?

In the early stages of labor, contractions may be spaced far apart and be relatively mild in intensity. As labor progresses, contractions typically become more frequent, longer, and stronger.

What is the 5 1 1 rule of labor? 

The cervix, the neck of the uterus, is where actual labor is first noticed. The cervix thins and opens up during actual labor. It will only be possible for you to tell when this process began. You’ll have to rely on additional indicators to determine whether it’s time to visit the hospital. 

You might have heard from your doctor to abide by the 5-1-1 guideline. The following situations necessitate calling your doctor and visiting the hospital: 

  • Your periods are coming around every five minutes or more. 
  • Each contraction lasts for at least one minute. 
  • At least an hour has passed with this pattern remaining constant. 

What are signs that labor is approaching? 

There are several indicators indicating labor may be beginning, including: 

  • Tightening or contractions 
  • A “show” occurs when the mucus plug from your cervix, which is the opening to your uterus or womb. 
  • Backache 
  • An urge to use the restroom brought on by your baby’s head resting against your bowels 
  • Breaking waters 

What do first contractions feel like? 

  • Your back and lower abdomen may feel uncomfortable or achy, and your pelvis may feel compressed during labor contractions. 
  • From the top to the bottom of the uterus, contractions move in waves. 
  • Strong menstrual cramps are how some women describe contractions. 
  • True labor contractions do not stop when you move or relax, unlike fake labor contractions or Braxton Hicks contractions. 
  • You’ll be able to unwind in between contractions, even though they could be painful. 
Conclusion on the contraction timer apps list

Contraction apps are gaining popularity day by day, and why not? They are saving you precious time.

However, there are so many good apps that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. That is why we have accumulated a list of all the best Contraction timer apps for you to analyze and pick the best one.