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How To Convert iTunes Content Using DRmare M4V Converter for Windows


We all know how difficult it is to live without our iTunes collections, especially when our devices aren’t in working conditions. There’s always a wish of Apple device users that if there was a certain way that enables them to save their iTunes content to their own Windows PC. Whether it may be audio, video or movies, all you need is a perfect tool for this work. Checkout DRmare’s M4V Converter Windows.

M4V is a video container file format developed and used by Apple which is very similar to the MP4 file format. But here’s a catch, M4V files are DRM copy-protected due to which you can’t simply copy then contents on your Windows PC and play them whenever you need. So, how does this M4V Converter works? If I had to answer in a nutshell, I would say that this application simply converts them into MP4 or M4V format.

So how does it work? Should I have to pay for it? What about the quality of the content? Does it require any special specifications? Well, your wait for answers is over. The only things you need are an active internet connection, iTunes installed on your Windows machine, and some content in your iTunes account to convert them.

Convert iTunes content using DRmare M4V Converter:-

Before we start make sure your internet connection is active and your iTunes is also working.

  1. Download and install the DRmare M4V Converter for Windows.
  2. Open the newly installed application.
  3. Now, import the content from iTunes. To do that, you can either drag the downloaded item from iTunes to the converter. Or you can simply click on the Add buttons. The first button is to browse and select the M4V files to be converted. The second button is to browse and select the iTunes files or any other media saved locally on your PC.DRware_add_buttons
  4. Select the output format as per your requirement, select the folder you want to save the converted file.conversion_options
  5. When you are done with the selection of your conversion settings and other things, just press on Convert to start with the process. convert_videos
  6. As soon as the conversion is completed, you are ready to go. Now you can play the converted file in any device in which the specific file format is supported. play_converted_videos

Here you go, your favorite videos and movies are converted to a non-encrypted file that can be used anywhere.

DRmare’s Windows M4V Converter is a profession converter tool when it comes to converting the contents from iTunes. It allows one to convert the encrypted contents into a lossless, non-encrypted and 100% original content quality. One can simply convert into any of the formats such as .MOV, .AVI, .MPEG, .3GP. This application also allows you to enhance the video and make it more personalized too with its editing options.


We all know that iTunes movies, TV shows, Extras, in short everything is encrypted by Apple. The main purpose of this encryption to protect the content from illegal distribution, but for those who purchase the content, they have to face a great inconvenience. If you are tired of playing iTunes movie files only on 5 devices through iTunes, you can use DRmare M4V Converter for Windows to unlock iTunes videos legally once and for all.


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