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Cookooz – An Incredible Recipe Planner & Organizer


Cookooz – An Incredible Recipe Planner & Organizer

The app revolution is leaving no sphere of life untouched, not even the kitchen. With more devices featuring large and vivid touchscreens, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that a phone or tablet with the right apps can make for a handy digital cookbook, able to help home cooks and pro chefs discover and organize recipes, track shopping lists and organize menus and meal calendars. From recipe discovery apps and classic cookbooks to personal recipe organizers, and mixed drinks guides, there are hundreds of recipe apps on the App Store, but today we’re presenting to you one of our favorites – Cookooz.

What is Cookooz?

Cookooz is an amazing photo recipe organizer and planner app that had all the features you need. Whether you want to store your recipe collection in one single place, accessible at any time, or to plan your meals ahead, this app will definitely give you a hand. Have you ever lost a recipe that you liked? Or the website link you’ve bookmarked has been removed? Never worry about those things anymore, Cookooz will keep your entire collection.

Your Own Personal Cookbook

If you want to keep a recipe that you like, whether it’s from a cookbook, magazine, website, box packaging, or handwritten note, Cookooz will let you snap it, tag it and save it for later usage. You can snap recipe images and upload them within the app (up to 5 images at one time), use tags to make your searching process easier (by meal type, cuisine and/or ingredients), browse and sort by alphabetical order, rating, and creation date, and much more. Choose to view your recipes as lists or images, crop recipe photos for optimal viewing, plan your meals ahead with the app’s intuitive calendar and add the recipes you like the most in your own list of Favorites. The app also allows you to share recipes with your friends and family. Note that Cookooz has been updated this month, so we encourage you to check out its latest version.

Feature-rich, user-friendly and extremely useful, this recipe organizer app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Get it right away and tell us what you think!

App Store Download Link: Cookooz

Website: https://www.cookooz.com/



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