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Cool Siri Smart New Secrets Tricks You Should Try


Cool Siri Smart New Secrets Tricks You Should Try

Siri has been around since 2010 – first as an app and then, after Apple bought the technology in 2011, as a feature built into iOS. The latest version of the mobile operating system, iOS 11, expands Siri’s capabilities further to help the digital assistant compete with rival voice-activated tools. Here are some of the latest tricks you can try.

Here are the Cool Siri Smart New Secrets Tricks

1.Translate into foreign languages

Perhaps the most useful improvement to Siri in iOS 11 is the ability to translate English phrases into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese –afeature that has long been available to Android users through Google Translate.

To use it, hold down the Home button (or the side button if you have an iPhone X) or say
Hey Siri” and speak the phrase you want to translate, as well as the language you want it in.

Cool Siri Smart New Secrets Tricks You Should Try

So, for example, you could ask, “How do I say where’s the train station in Chinese?” or say, “TranslateHappy New Year’ to German”.

Siri will respond with the appropriate translation, both vocally and in text form. You can replay the spoken translation by pressing the Play button.

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2.Ask Siri follow-up questions

Like Google Assistant, Siri can now handle follow-up questions to your queries, which is handy when you need further information or alternative answers.

Siri suggests a few secondary questions, which appear in a list after the initial response. Simply tap one to ask it.

3. Type your query to Siri

Although it goes against the spirit of this feature, we’re pleased that, as of iOS 11, you can type your questions and commands to Siri as well as speak them.

This is great if you want to use the feature without drawing attention to yourself, such as while traveling on public transport or attending a meeting.

To activate ‘Type to Siri’, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Siri and switch the feature on. Now when you long-press the Home button, the keyboard opens and Siri displays the message: “What can I help you with?”.

Cool Siri Smart New Secrets Tricks You Should Try

It replies to your queries in text form, too. If you want to return to voice commands, you
have to switch off ‘Type to Siri’–you can’t have both.

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4.Get music recommendations

If you stream through Apple Music, Siri learns your musical preferences and can recommend songs, albums, and artists for you to listen to.

Just say, “Hey Siri, play something I like” or “play more like this”, and it acts as your personal DJ.

You can also ask questions about what you’re listening to, such as “Who wrote this song?” or “What year was this released?”.

Siri’s new music capabilities should prove particularly useful when Apple finally launches the HomePod in the UK.

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