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How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

If you’re wondering how to make your cool wallpapers, you have come to the right place. Your wallpaper on your smartphones, tablets, and PC is an important part of your experience. It is the first image that you see when you turn on your device, it is the image you see when you are on your homepage or desktop. Choosing a cool wallpaper is therefore important.

For many, wallpaper is not just a random image, it is one that is personal and meaningful to them. It reflects what they love, value, or find beautiful. Sometimes, the default, generic wallpapers on your device cannot adequately reflect one’s personality.

Whether it is a loved one’s picture you wish to be the welcoming image on your screen, or your favorite scenery, or movie star, or the landscape of the town you grew up in, this article will explain how to go about having a wallpaper you will be pleased with.

I will explain how the internet can help you find several beautiful cool wallpapers that you can use. I will also explain how you can add a personal touch to your wallpaper by creating one yourself.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

The internet has almost everything you need when it comes to wallpapers. From the best nature images to abstract art to pictures of your favorite band. The key is on knowing how to get the image that will serve as your wallpaper.

The fastest way to get wallpapers online is to search for them using google images. Below, I explain how to do it on your mobile devices and your computer.

Searching For Cool Wallpapers With Google Images On Smartphone

On your smartphone or tablet, you can use Google images to search for pictures that will serve as your wallpaper. The first step after you’ve opened your browser on your device is to open Google images. You can do this by typing https://images.google.com to the search bar. Alternatively, you can type your entry in Google and then switch to the images tab.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online


Next, enter your search terms. If you’re looking for images of the milky way to use as your wallpaper, type “milky way wallpaper“. If you want to use the image of a sunset, type “sunset wallpaper”.

You can add other parameters to your searches such as color or image size and resolution. “Milky way blue wallpaper” is an example of what you can search for. Several images will appear. Tap on the image you want to use as wallpaper to download it.

Cool Wallpapers


The image you tapped will appear in a new tab. Tap the image and hold it with your finger. A menu will appear when you release your finger. Tap “save image” or “download image”.

To set the image as wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app, tap wallpaper, and tap “choose a new wallpaper”. Select the image you want to use and follow all the prompts.

On your Android, tap and hold your current wallpaper on the home screen. Tap “Wallpapers”, select the image you want to use and then follow all the on-screen instructions.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

Using Google Images To Search For Cool Wallpapers On Your Computer

Once your browser is open, go to Google Images. The procedure is the same for your smartphones. If your browser is Firefox or Safari, you can easily set any image you find on your browser as wallpaper. Right-click on the image and select ” use image as desktop picture ” or “set as desktop background”.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

For other browsers, search for the wallpaper you want. For example “Beyonce wallpaper”. If you want a certain size, color or resolution, add it to your search, for example, “Beyonce wallpaper 4k”.

When you find the image you want to download, click on it. It will open on a panel on the right side of the page. Right-click the image and select “save image as”.

Your file browser will open. You can rename the image and choose the folder you want it to appear in. Click OK or Save.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

To set an image as your wallpaper on Windows, open the start menu, then Settings. Next, open Personalization and click on Background in the left panel.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

Choose the background and layout in the right panel.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

On Mac, click on the Apple menu and navigate to System Preferences then Desktop and Screensaver. Select the folder containing the image you want to use in the left panel. Click on the image of your choice in the right panel.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

Other Online Tools To Search For Cool Wallpapers

Though using Google Image to search for wallpapers often leads to satisfactory results, I will give you some other sites to search for cool wallpapers. It is almost a certainty that regardless of how niche your search is, you are going to find several results that you like. 

Without much ado, here are some additional sites to search for cool wallpapers.


Unsplash has an extensive library of free, high-resolution images. You can find images of landscapes, cityscapes, nature imaging, close-up photography, and so forth which can be used as wallpaper. Either in the web version or Android or iOS app, search for backgrounds to get started looking for cool wallpapers.


WallpaperStock boasts a clean interface and easy-to-use navigation. You can browse images based on resolutions or by topic. Though it doesn’t have the widest selection of images you are likely to find something you like. 

Deviant Art

This is one of the leading places for sharing art, hence you will find a lot of images that you can use as your wallpaper. You can search for different artwork, stunning photography, and any other kind of images that catch your fancy on the web version, or the Android or iOS app.


If you are an iPhone or iPad user, Vellum is a tool you should try out. All artwork found there is handpicked by the platform’s curator, so you can be guaranteed quality. You will find artwork that is perfectly sized and formatted to your device. You can use the app for free or pay $3 for the ads-free version.


This focuses on the creation of the artist, Campos Olsson, who is responsible for the backdrops on the OnePlus phone. Though the selection is not so large, you are guaranteed quality. All images are available in 4k resolution. Most images are free in the Android version, while others need you to make the $2 app upgrade.

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How To Create Your Custom Wallpaper Using Canva

If your preference is to unleash your creative side in creating a wallpaper, there are several tools you can use for that. One I will recommend for this is Canva because of its easy-to-use interface.

The presence of plenty of options within the Canva interface to personalize and customize your wallpaper is also a reason why it is one of the best for creating cool wallpapers.

To use Canva, first log in or sign up for a Canva account using your Google or Facebook account. After signing up, you’ll be asked why you’re using Canva, select Personal.

Next, click on the “create a design” button that appears on the page and search for wallpapers.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

In Canva, there is a blank canvas to which different elements can be added in creating your wallpaper. Using the tool at the left, you can add elements, photos, templates, Text, and so forth.

How To Search For Cool Wallpapers Online

You can choose from several beautiful templates and background designs, find the perfect layout and continue personalizing it further. There are several options to customize your image further.

Click on any element to change or edit them. For instance, you can click on the text to change the font, color, or even what is written. Adjust the borders to adjust the size of the image. You can use the rotation tool to rotate an element.

As you add elements, use the bar at the top to delete, reposition, add transparency, or lock elements in position.

When you are satisfied with your design, download it as a jpg or PNG file. You can also share the wallpapers you created on social media.

Final Thoughts On Cool Wallpapers

If you’ve ever looked at a friend’s phone and thought “that’s a cool, or interesting wallpaper”, the good news is, you can have one that you love even more on your own devices. Your wallpaper can inspire or motivate you, remind you of something you love, or brighten your day.

In this article, I have shown you how to find incredibly cool wallpapers on the internet. Rather than relying on the default wallpapers on your devices, you can get one that is much more beautiful and satisfying.

I have also given pointers on how to create a custom wallpaper using Canva. You can personalize images you have, add extra touches that make the image look more appealing. This article has explained how you can have truly beautiful wallpapers.

Remember to leave your comments if you think there is any hack I may have left out. I would like to hear from you.