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37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time


The Internet is one of the best innovations in the world. Also, it is the most wonderful place to kill your time. However, there is so much to learn from an endless supply of resources.

For instance, you can watch from video lectures to step-by-step tutorials about anything. There are many ways to learn more about everything in the world.

Moreover, the internet is not just a vast store of information, but it also can help you kill boredom. It provides a lot of features that can help you kill time at any time and anywhere. People spend most of their time on popular and known websites.

There is a chance of becoming the best explorer by sitting on your couch if you find the treasures hidden inside the world of the internet. Similarly, I love to explore, and I have found the most exciting and cool websites on the internet.

Now, I’m going to share those cool websites with all of you. At present, stop checking out the famous websites and visit these cool and interesting websites on the internet. These websites can help you kill your time, and also you might learn something new.

Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time 👌

1. Little Alchemy 2

One of the cool websites to kill time is Little Alchemy 2. This Little Alchemy 2 website deals with the process of transformation. You just need to begin mixing the different things.

The Little Alchemy 2 website aims at making many different materials and objects from scratch as possible. One can start with Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. For instance, fire and water will form steam. Similarly, you can create lava by mixing earth and fire.

Interesting Cool Websites

However, one doesn’t find any rules in mixing and matching the creations to create an innovation. However, one can kill time quickly without feeling boredom.

2. Mental Floss

One of the most exciting websites on the internet is Mental Floss. It tells you the hidden stories behind the popular happenings all over the world. This Mental Floss website covers everything from all the categories.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

For instance, you can pop from science to history to technology to arts. Check out this website to learn some interesting facts and hidden elements behind things. When you read the website Mental Floss, you will be able to discover some amazing things such as:-

  • Why Paraguay loves Rutherford B. Hayes
  • Victorious slang, you can incorporate into current conversations.
  • Best movies to stream at anytime
  • Why ravens and crows hold grudges
  • How a famous board game was used to bust soldiers out of POW camps in the Second World War

Till now, the Mental Floss website has received four Webby Awards and has been nominated for an ASME award. Also, this website published more than 10 books and five board games. The Mental Floss website reaches more than 20 million users per month through social media platforms.

 3. Vsauce

One of the few exciting websites on the internet that makes learning more interesting is the Vsauce website. It is a network of the top education channels on YouTube.

Interesting Cool Websites

It consists of Vsauce 1, Vsauce 2, Vsauce 3, and Ding. Together, the Vsauce website can share almost 25 million subscribers and four billion views. The Vsauce website mainly focuses on hyper-curiosity about the world.

Also, it looks at everything with freshness and excitement.  Vsauce website began as a YouTube channel that showcases video games.

Moreover, when you are looking for some ways to kill time, just visit this Vsauce website. It makes you learn many exciting things and concepts such as:

  • The infinite paradox
  • The game you win by losing
  • The napkin ring issue and many more.

4. A Good Movie To Watch

Everyone loves to watch movies to kill time and get entertained. Even though I’m one of them, and I love to watch movies over and over again. A Good Movie To Watch is the best website and a boon to most the people like me.

Interesting Cool Websites

This website has a wish list and a recommended list of movies. Also, you can search for a movie based on your mood or select a movie randomly.

One of the best things about the A Good Movie To Watch website is that they can highlight movies that are excellent to watch. Also, this website suggests the users’ highly-rated movies and shows.


MUBI is one of the cool websites. If you love to watch movies but struggle to decide what to watch, then MUBI is the best website.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

MUBI is the best website that hosts 30 movies at a single time with a movie added and removed daily. Moreover, MUBI website offers you a high curated and small list of the options so that you can choose from the list.

Whenever you upload a movie, it remains on the website for almost a month. It also provides you some time to watch that movie before it is removed from the MUBI website.

It is an excellent website that a movies lover should visit. Moreover, they believe that movies should be viewed on screens of all sizes and shapes. Their curators scour film festivals for the most exciting and original new movies. It brings to the big screen with the same attention to the audience.

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Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

6. The Moth

The Moth is one of the most exciting websites. For instance, if you love the art of storytelling or story narration, you will love the website. The Moth is a website that houses real-life stories that are told by people.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

Also, this website has a podcast feature. With the help of this feature, you can hear the stories discussed in The Moth stages. Literally, these are the stories for the ears.


One of the interesting websites is XKCD. This website contains original satirical comic strips that are based on mathematics, sarcasm, romance, and languages. Everyone can laugh so hard that tears come out of their eyes.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

You can enjoy this website if you are a lover of mathematics. Each blog post features a stick-figure comic on humor about science, relationships, mathematics, and technology.

8. The Odd 1s Out

One of the most exciting and cool websites comics strips websites is The Odd 1s Out. It is believed that The Odd 1s Out is hilarious. The comics are sarcastic and take funny stuff. Also, The Odd 1s Out has a corresponding YouTube channel.

9. Bored Panda

Bored Panda is one of the cool websites that deal with everything funny in the world of the internet. This website mainly focuses on photo-heavy listicle content. Bored Panda is the best website in which the articles are entertaining to read.

The panda might be bored, but you will never be if you open this website. Even you can visit many categories on this website that includes art, animals, funny, travel, illustration, comics, DIY, parenting, and photography.

10. Cracked

Another best website that deals with entertaining content are the Cracked website. The Cracked website uses a lot of freelance writers. Thus, you will never run out of the funny listicles’ content on the website. Simply, the name itself proves the Cracked website will surely crack you up with the comedy.

You might be passing the time on some of the online magazines, but check out some of the popular articles on this website. Here are some of the Cracked articles to kill your time are:

11. The Oatmeal

One of my favorite places to spend time online is The Oatmeal. It is a vast library of excellent content. Also, this website consists of graphics. However, if you have everything already, it is the kind of stuff you can read repeatedly. Checks out some of my favorite posts are:

12. Supercook

Supercook is one of the exciting websites to kill your time on the internet. You can spend your time productively without leaving the house. Check out how this website works:

  • You just need to write the ingredients that you are having in your home.
  • Then it will offer you a big list of recipes you can make using those ingredients.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

In such a way, the Supercook website could find matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites. It will be fun to stay thrifty, clean out the refrigerator, and ensure the food doesn’t go to waste.

13. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

OCEARCH Shark Tracker is one of the best websites to visit on the internet. The OCEARCH Shark Tracker website tracks tagged sharks that all have names.

Cool Websites

In fact, you can even get on a specific location to see which sharks. Also, you can check out where the sharks have been swimming and traveling for a year.

Moreover, this website curriculum enables learners to learn STEM skills while following the real-time data on the movements of their favorite sharks in the ocean. OCEARCH website operates a team of multimedia storytellers. It is the leading website on shark tracking.

14. Apartment Therapy

If you are a fan of home décor or DIY projects, then Apartment Therapy is the best website. You can spend hours and hours on this website. There is a ton of awesome visual and written content regarding home décor.

It was launched in the year 2001 by an interior designer named Maxwell Ryan. Since 2004, it has become one of the leading sources of design inspiration and tips for real people looking for décor solutions at home.

Their mission is to show how people are making home more beautiful within a range. They show their inspiring ideas to the people who love to décor their home creatively.

Even this website, Apartment Therapy, published two more books named, The Kitchn Cookbook and Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home. Moreover, they have a lot of helpful articles offering tips on everything.

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15. A Soft Murmur

Try out A Soft Murmur if you are bored or taking a break from your work. This website is one of the customizable white-noise machines. A Soft Murmur app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers everyone slidable volume bars for five different nature sounds; they are:

  • Waves
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Thunder
  • Rain

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

Moreover, A Soft Murmur allows you to adjust the volume of each of its five sound effects. Also, it makes an outdoor ambiance that resembles your favorite soothing activity.

Turn on ‘Fire’ and ‘Waves’ for the sound of a beach bonfire. You can even turn on ‘Rain’ and ‘Thundering’ for the sound of a storm outside the home.

16. LEGO Videos

Do you know that LEGO is involved in on-screen entertainment that began much earlier? Have you seen the LEGO movie, which is incredible and the most entertained? Also, all of these LEGO videos are sorted by some themes and stories on its website.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

Moreover, you can watch fun online videos featuring your favorite LEGO characters. LEGO Videos’ website always steals everyone’s heart. The list goes on like:

  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  •  Jurassic Park
  • Star Wars
  • Scooby-Doo

17. Gravity Points

One of the cool websites to kill time is Gravity Points. It is a digital ‘Pen’ made by Akimitsu Hamamuro. However, it is one of the most exciting websites on the internet. You can plot some gravity centers. Then again, even smaller floating objects will group to the gravity points and orbit them.

Moreover, when you plot the gravity points, you can see these forces will start to compete. Also, these gravity points can absorb other gravity points to make a black hole. It is the outer space right there on your screen.

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18. Pottermore

You might have known so deep into branding your business, and then you don’t have time to brand yourself. Even if you are not a massive Harry Potter fan, the Pottermore website will be an exciting website. Even it might encourage you to read the books Harry Potter.

One of the best things about the Pottermore website is that you can join the Harry Potter Fan Club. You can also choose your pet, enjoy the exclusive treats, and be amongst the first to hear the latest announcements about Harry Potter.

Moreover, Digital Experts from this website have teamed up with talented folks from Warner Bros. Also, they have experienced creative and innovators to a team from all sorts of beautiful and weird places. They are dedicated to making new and exciting things for their users and fans. 

19. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is one of the great places to kill time on the internet. However, we need to look beyond the actual article here. Therefore, scroll down to the ‘Comments’ section for the crazy stuff that people talk about.

You can find it most entertaining to read the comments on the topics. One of the most popular websites among teenagers and youngsters is BuzzFeed. It is the best website that provides articles that consist of funny pictures and GIFs.

BuzzFeed is one of the leading independent digital media companies that deliver news and the most entertaining stuff to hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Their vast cross-platform network includes articles, lists, videos, and quizzes.

Also, BuzzFeed Media Brands consists of Nifty, Tasty, Goodful, and As/Is. Also, BuzzFeed News includes world-class reporting and investigative journalism. BuzzFeed commerce develops products and experiences. They operate a global news organization that is headquartered in New York.

20. The Toast

The Toast is one of the cool websites in the internet world. If you are a great fiction writer, then you definitely need to check out The Toast website.

This website is one of the best websites for aspiring writers in the world. One of the best things about The Toast website is that it is committed to paying its freelance contributors.

21. The Onion

The Onion website is the best website to spend some quality time reading the sarcastic online newspaper. However, it is still the best in its class. The Onion website inspired a lot of writers to deliver the hardest of the news most funnily.

It is the world’s leading news publication that is highly acclaimed all over the world. This website enjoys a daily readership of 4.3 trillion. Also, it has grown into the single most influential organization in human history.

The publication of articles on this website started in 1988. However, they have managed to maintain a high standard of humor. Their headlines are funny, and being hilarious that makes sense. This website operates and owns the majority of the world’s transoceanic shipping lanes.

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22. How Stuff Works

As the name suggests, the website focuses on detailing how stuff works. You will find everything from tornados to soda fountains.

On this website, everything is written in a simple language. Also, it is short that everyone can understand the language. Throughout this website, you can learn some things.

Moreover, this website is dedicated to how things work. It means you can learn how to do things in a simple way. However, this website covered so much so that you will find it challenging to cover all the topics on this website. In addition, they have a bunch of cool podcasts that are worth checking out. My favorites on this website are:

23. Life Hacker

Life Hacker is one of the cool and inspiring websites on the internet. It is the hub of productivity tricks, tips, and downloads. Life Hacker website also covers topics such as how to use household items, money-saving tips, and many more.

For instance, you can buy alcoholic beverages at Costco without any membership. Also, you can peel a mango within ten seconds. Along with the funny articles, Life Hacker website offers some knowledge information. That includes how to plant ideas in someone’s mind or the top ten obscure Google Search Tricks.

Moreover, there is so much content on this website that it can be hard to find posts on some specific categories. Check out this Life Hacker website to perform some tasks and get some tips on how to find posts on any topic.

24. Space

Space website is one of the interesting websites that report on astronomy news. It also covers the trends through friendly and serves to quench your thirst for a nebulous short of our solar system. Also, you might be able to tap your inner space lover with this website.

Even if you want to see an object burn up in the atmosphere or want to know how a black hole forms, the Space website is the best for anyone.

Now, it is the best time to get your fix with this fantastic picture of a green aurora seen from the International Space Station. It is a picture taken from space.

25. Giphy

Giphy is one of the best websites when you are for the perfect GIFs. Almost all the GIFs in the Giphy website are accessible on the internet.

GIFs are the best way of expressing ourselves in a humor, inoffensive, and funny manner. Check out some GIFs to make your Facebook or Twitter game strong.

26. Imgur

Imgur is the website that gathers the most viral images, videos of the week. Also, it gathers them in one place for your enjoyment and fun.

Imgur is one of the websites where you can kill your time with funny memes and pictures. Also, there is a sharing network option on this website. Thus, you can introduce your friends to the most entertaining stuff on the internet.

27. The Pixel Thoughts

The Pixel Thoughts is one of the beautiful websites that is very easy to understand. With the Pixel Thought, you can meditate for 60 seconds. There is a bubble that floats through empty space.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time

It provides you to add a thing that is bothering you, and you will get some beautiful facts. It helps you in recovering from your problems, conditions, and issues. You must give it a shot.

28. Eat This Much

Eat This Much is the website related to the virtual dietician. It allows you to track your meals. You just need to make your profile that includes height, weight, age, goals, and gender. Thus, it can automatically generate the food that you should eat.

Interesting Cool Websites

With the help of Eat This Much website, you don’t have to check the food metrics repeatedly. If you are trying to lose weight or gain weight, Eat This Much is the best website to give it a shot.

29. Quora

Quora is a big thing on the internet. It holds questions and answers to millions of people. On this website, you can find some interesting questions and answers. Also, you need to remember that Quora is an addictive website.

Thus, you need to manage your time properly for the Quora website. This website will be good for the people who seek information and answers about various things and aspects of life. However, it is one of the best and exciting websites on the internet.

30. 9Gag

Never miss the 9Gag on the list of cool websites. This website is one of the exciting websites that should be at least in the top 10. However, it will take time to change the numbering on the list.

Anyway, 9Gag is a fun website to kill boring time. 9Gag is a popular website that has some most excellent collections of memes, pictures, etc.

There are many categories and sections on this website. That includes funny, random animals, car, cosplay, GIFs, gaming, league of legends, memes, anime, politics, etc.

31. Brain Pickings

There is loads of content related to literature, science, and art. With the help of Brain Pickings website, you can expand your knowledge by diving deep into the useful and thought-provoking.

Brain Pickings is one of the popular blogs run by an MIT woman named Maria Popova. She is one who researches and writes blog posts. There is content curated from multiple sources on this Brain Pickings website.

32. TED

TED is one of the most powerful organizations in spreading knowledge and ideas. It is a non-profit organization that hosts conferences all over the world. People on this website share their views, thoughts, opinions, and experiences. You definitely check out this TED website.

You can find some motivational thoughts and speeches on this website. In addition, you can find some video talks on any subject you are interested in.

There are many categories on this website to check out, such as technology, science, business, design, innovation, health, nature, identity, society, community, humanity, personal development, etc.

33. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is one of my favorite blogs. In this website, the content is mainly focused on unique art, technology, and culture. Through Laughing Squid, you can find all the inspiring stuff. Also, you can find videos about art, culture, and technology.

Moreover, it is made up of two complementary entities. They are:

  • Blogs
  • Hosting services

Hosting is a primary source of business in the Laughing Squid websites. The revenue is generated from their hosting operations.

34. Oddee

If you love weird stuff, then Oddee is the best website to kill your boring time. Oddee is one of the largest blog websites. It features the strangest, craziest, weirdest, and most bizarre content that you won’t find on any website.

Moreover, most posts are with lots of videos and photos. Categories on this website include signs, ads, science, medicine, names, people, gifts, stories, and more.

35. Explosm

The Explosm is one of the exciting websites that comprise unique comics. If you are familiar with Cyanide and Happiness, then the Explosm website is your thing. It is one of the funniest webcomics on the internet all over the world. Also, you need to remember that this website offers a lot of adult content.

36. Reddit

One of the best things about Reddit is that it provides trending content. However, the Reddit website is referred to as the front page of the internet.

It is a community website that is divided into sections of interest and categories. People who submit their links to articles, videos, and photos can upvote and downvote other’s links.

37. Engrish

If you want to improve your spelling or grammar, then check out the Engrish website. It is the best place to improve your English.

One of the best things about this website is that it shows pictures of things from all over the world to teach English. It also riddles with spelling and grammatical mistakes to go familiar with the spelling and vocabulary.

38. Videoticle

Videoticle is allowing you to read a Youtube video in a medium-style blog post along with the complete screenshot of the video. it’s really helpful if you are watching an interesting video having tons of knowledge and you want to read it and make a note of it.

37 Of The Best Interesting Cool Websites To Kill Time


Looking for websites to go to when you are bored? Do you know that Steve Jobs was a fan of boredom? He always believed that boredom is a way of creativity.

Use your boredom creatively. The above-mentioned websites are the best websites to kill your time. Also, some of the above-mentioned websites are content-based that helps you learn something new.