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9 Fixes Of The “Copy And Paste Not Working” Error 

If you’re here, you’re probably dealing with the “Copy And Paste Not Working Error” and you’re looking for how to fix it and get your copy and paste feature working back again. 

You’ve come to the right article. I will be explaining the common causes of the “Copy And Paste Not Working” error and easy to follow tips on how to solve the error and get your system working normally again. 

Copy and paste feature is perhaps one of the most famous features of modern computers. In working with documents, copy and paste is essential for a myriad of reasons. 

Causes Of The “Copy And Paste Not Working” Error

Sometimes though system processes can hamper this feature and cause it to stop working. 

1. Corrupted Program Processes 

This error can occur as a result of some app processes that contain bugs in their files. These processes may then contaminate other features of your system like the copy and paste. 

2. Problems With Antivirus 

We all know how antivirus software sometimes disturbs other programs that aren’t harmful to the system. This is a common cause of the error. 

Other common causes are 

Issues With The rdpclip.exe Process and Corrupt Plugins. 

Fixes Of The “Copy And Paste Not Working” Error 

Before you try out any of the fixes, always reboot your system. This tip is always majorly overlooked but it has proven to be a really effective process for many system errors. 

1. Close Down Any Open Applications

I recommend this as the first fix because most times when we need to use copy and paste, we probably already have other many applications/processes running too. 

These processes could clash and stop the copy and paste feature from working, leading to the error. It is advised to first close down all the running apps

You can easily do that by using the Task Manager. 

To access the Task Manager, right-click on your taskbar, and select Task Manager. 

Navigate to Apps and click the running apps one by one. 

When you click on one app, look for the End option usually located at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. 

Copy And Paste Not Working

When you end all or some of the running apps, check to see if the copy and paste feature is still working. 

2. Deleting Your Clipboard History

Sometimes our copy and paste function can stop working when the copy and paste clipboard is full. You can get rid of the error by deleting your clipboard and creating space for your next copy. 

Here’s how to delete your clipboard. 

Open the Windows Search box (Use shortcut keys Windows + S) and search for the Command Prompt

Right-click on the Command Prompt search result and open the Command Prompt (admin) option. 

Enter this command 

cmd /c “echo off | clip” 

The next thing that happens should be a blinking cursor if you did input the command correctly and pressed Enter. 

Copy And Paste Not Working

Wait a bit and when the command is successful, try the copy and paste function to see if the “Copy And Paste Not Working” error has been fixed. 

3. Running A Scan On System Files To Repair Corrupted Files

The rationale behind this fix is that sometimes corrupted or missing system files cause the “Copy And Paste Not Working” error and using the scannow command will help you get rid of the error. 

Here’s how to go about it. 

Open the Windows Search box (Use shortcut keys Windows + S) and search for the Command Prompt. 

Right-click on the Command Prompt search result and open the Command Prompt (admin) option. 

Input this command 

sfc /scannow 

and click on Enter to run the command. 

This scan takes a lot of time so you should have an adequate battery or get your system plugged in. 

Be patient and wait until the scan is over, then reboot your system, and if missing\corrupt files were the cause of the error, your system’s copy and paste function should be good to go. 

Run SFC Command in Windows 10 to repair System files
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4. Updating System Drivers

Sometimes obsolete or faulty drivers can cause this error to pop up so it is necessary for the drivers to be upgraded. 

Manually updating drivers is not an easy task, this is why I will recommend an app that will make it easier for you especially if you’re not totally tech-savvy. 

Download Driver Easy, it is perfect for updating drivers without having to go through the hassle of driver specs and all that. 

9 Fixes Of The "Copy And Paste Not Working" Error 

When you’ve downloaded the app, run it, and select Scan Now. The app will scan your system and bring out a list of your drivers. 

The drivers that need updating will be highlighted, just click on the Update button and the right driver will be updated for you to manually install. 

There’s also an option of Updating All Your Out Of Date Drivers At Once but that option is only available when you pay a certain amount so I usually just tell people to use the free features and download the updates while manually installing it. 

After updating drivers and rebooting your system, the error should be gone if the problem was from outdated drivers. 

5. Restarting The rdpclip.exe Process

I mentioned that this is one of the key causes of why the “Copy And Paste Not Working” error happens. If none of the methods above worked, this is your next best bet. 

Here’s how to restart the process. 

Run Task Manager using these shortcut keys (Ctrl + Shift + ESC). 

In the Task Manager menu, navigate to Details in the tabs. Look for the rdpclip.exe process and right-click on it for options to appear. 

Out of the options, choose End Task. 

9 Fixes Of The "Copy And Paste Not Working" Error 

Exit the task manager menu and navigate to the Windows/system32 folder. 

You will find the rdpclip.exe process there. Double click on it to run the process back again. 

9 Fixes Of The "Copy And Paste Not Working" Error 

Check to see if order has been restored to your system. 

6. Using Windows Updates To Fix The Error

Microsoft is always fixing something here and there and that sometimes might help fix errors. 

There are always updates for Windows and it is imperative that you think of updating Windows especially when you think it might be a Windows glitch issue. 

Here’s how to update Windows. 

Navigate to Start > Settings > Updates & Security > Check For Updates

9 Fixes Of The "Copy And Paste Not Working" Error 

Once you select the Check For Updates function, your system will automatically download and install the updates available and when you reboot your system afterward, the error should be gone. 

7. Using The ChkDsk (Check Disk) Feature To Find Errors And Fix Them

The ChkDsk tool is a useful tool that runs diagnostics and fixes corrupt system files and buggy programs. 

There are two ways to run the process. 

Let’s start by using PowerShell (as an administrator) and then later go on to using file explorer. 

Using PowerShell (Admin) 

To access PowerShell, right-click on Search and click on the Admin version of PowerShell to be able to make changes to core system settings. 

Input this text into the command prompt – 

chkdsk C: /f  

You will be prompted to schedule a scan, click on the button Y. 

9 Fixes Of The "Copy And Paste Not Working" Error 

When the scan is done, reboot your system and usually, errors are fixed after this process. 

Using File Explorer 

Launch File Explorer and navigate to This PC. 

Find your hard drive and right-click on it. 

In the options that pop up, choose Properties. 

In the Properties menu, click on the Tools tab. 

When the Tools menu opens up, select Check in the Error Checking option. 

copy and paste not working

When the scan is completed, your system should be error-free, and your copy and paste function back to normal. 

8. Changing User Profiles

It is a slightly well-known fact that user profiles for systems can sometimes hamper some system processes when they have bugs in their cache files or become corrupt. 

This tip can help if other ideas did not pan out. 

Here how to go about it. 

Navigate to Start > Settings > Accounts > Family & Other People > Add Someone Else To This PC 

9 Fixes Of The "Copy And Paste Not Working" Error 

Follow the instructions on adding someone else and make sure you give the new profile administrator privileges. 

Try out this new profile and see if the copy and paste function is back to normal. 

9. Checking To See If Your Antivirus Is Messing With Your System Processes

The only way to know for sure is to just disable the antivirus and check if the”Copy And Paste Not Working” error is gone after disabling the antivirus. 

If the error is gone, you’ve now figured out that the problem lies with your antivirus, you can probably just disable it totally and look into getting a new one that won’t hinder system processes. 


The “Copy And Paste Not Working” error at the wrong time can wreak havoc on job schedules and all that. 

It is important that you know how to use these fixes to ensure your system’s copy and paste feature works well again and your work goes on. There are many fixes, most of them based on a different cause of the error. 

Perhaps use the general fixes then if you’re not sure of where the cause of the error is coming from. If you suspect any app or process, use the fix that corresponds to the suspected app or process. 

When you faced this error, what did you do? Have you used any of the fixes above or do you have other fixes that would work just as well? Please tell us all about it in the comments section below.