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Country War – Thrilling & Modern Warfare Battles


Multiplayer shooting games are dime-a-dozen on App Store and Google Play store, but what about war games for us armchair generals? Well, developers have brought the combat zone right to our mobile devices.

While these games may not be as good as PC or console games, they offer new gameplay features that will appeal to mobile phone and tablet PC users.

Here’s a review of one of the best war games for the Android and iOS platforms: Country War. Let’s see what the game is all about!

What is Country War?

The nation war has started, prepare for World War 3! Country War enables you to take a lead of your own army, it is a modern warfare game where you will fight enemies, make strategic plans to attack, show your gaming skills in order to will all battlegrounds and to conquer the world. We adore this game because it is created with a thrilling gameplay, neat controls, realistic and high-quality graphics, and awesome sound effects!

Game Best Features

In Country War you will have the commando role. You’re a war leader of your own country and the person who will take his army on a quest to conquer the whole world. Before you start playing, pick a country of your choice and assemble a fighting squad. Get the most powerful weapons and start fighting. Think of strategic plans, move quickly and be precise with your weapons.

Country War

The game provides with different awesome and powerful weapons, like sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, etc. There are also multiple game modes, such as PvP multiplayer mode, Bomb mode, Capture the flag, and many more. Try to win the highest scores in order to get on top of the game’s leaderboard and become the number 1 leader that conquered the world.

Enjoy a realistic combination of commando adventure, action, combat, relic run, and modern warfare features, get the Country War game for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

Website: Country War

Google Play Download Link: Country War

App Store Download Link: Country War


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