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Cranial Shift is a Tap & Change Side Puzzle That Will Surely Entertain You!


Are you searching for the right casual puzzler game on your phone that will challenge you while you enjoy lovely new puzzle concept gameplay? Well this is surely not a problem as there are tons of games being created daily that offer us a fun and yet brain challenging gameplay, more known as puzzle games. Because choosing the best puzzle among thousands of games is confusing, we decided to help you and we have the right puzzle for all puzzlers out there. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is Cranial Shift all about?

For all lovers of challenging games and puzzles that ask for thinking strategically and hard, this Cranial Shift game offers all that in one entertaining and addictive game. Developed for IOS and android users, simple with colorful fun design and clean graphics, this game is keeping the attention of players giving them a chance to progress with navigating through the complicated rows and defeating multiple enemies on their way to the next puzzle. The best tap puzzles that solve different challenging puzzles as fast as they can they will earn their achievements and train their brain to think more strategically.

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Standout Features

On this puzzle game that asks for hard thinking and creating strategy in order to progress, players are offered to enjoy amazing quality features that will get them addicted on their first try of puzzling. The players with the game will have fun defeating enemies and finding their way out with navigating through rows while pushing their brain to think to solve each puzzle in each level. On every level there are 3, 5, or 7 columns, containing 10-30 rows for navigating through. All the player needs to do is to swipe left, right, up and down to navigate, and sometimes swipe even behind the back to find the way out and defeat all enemies. On every level there are number of enemies for defeating and the player with right approach will get to defeat them. Without any time limits or limit on attempts the players will get to solve the puzzles but the one that solves the fastest will increase their scores and earn 3 stars for each level. With over 100 challenging levels of puzzles, players will test their skills and get a chance to progress, keeping their brain sharp with every new puzzle and level for solving.

Download it now on App Store and Google Play for free and solve the puzzles!

Google Play Download Link: Cranial Shift

App Store Download Link: Cranial Shift


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