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How To Create Avatar From Photo [Step-By-Step Guide]

Imagine yourself in a situation, and you are in a crowded place. In that whole lot crowd, you pass by a person sitting and scribbling in his notebook. You also get a glimpse of his notebook.

It will give you immense pride and hard time to realize that what the stranger is scribbling is your image. This anecdote happened to me. One needs an incredible amount of talent to draw one’s sketch. It is not everyone’s cups of tea.

However, technology has transformed impossible to possible. As you know, the internet takes care of all our tough jobs these days. It also aids in creating an avatar from the photo.

Let me ask you! What does the first thought come to your mind when you hear the word Avatar? You are right. It is a cartoon-like image of a person. If you ask me what flashed my mind when I heard this word.

Well, I remembered the blue-skinned character featured in the science fiction-based movie Avatar. Funny right!

In earlier days, photos were black and white. With the advancement in technology, unstained grainy photos got colours. Furthermore, heavy editing software enabled you to beautify the photo.

Unlike the early days, today, you don’t visit the photo studio to give a new look to your photo. It is quite simple and easy to turn photos into an avatar. I have another question for you. Have you ever seen the avatar image of someone? No. It is impossible.

I will help you to recall if you have across an avatar image or not. If you have played online games present on the internet or PlayStore and Appstore, then yes you have seen avatar images

Avatar images are widely used as profile pictures while playing games available on the internet. There is an ample number of random unknown people playing the games that people don’t opt to put their actual image on instead upload the avatar.  There is a wide range of online tools and websites that create avatar from photo and without it.

If you are curious to get a basic understanding of how to create avatar from photo or scratch, then this article will help you to create your first own avatar.

Step-By-Step Process To Create Avatar From Photo

To start to create avatar from photo, you will need two things: the right photo and the right app.

Step 1:- Find the Right Photo

You need a high-quality photo to create an avatar. Grab a beautiful photo of yourself so that the base of your avatar is of high quality. It will surely give you positive vibes to go further.

Step 2:- Choose an Avatar making app.

There are thousands of apps available online on PlayStore or Appstore. It isn’t effortless to choose the right app. You may end up picking up the wrong app on the first go.

You can search the app using the keyword like an avatar photo maker in the search bar of your Play Store or Appstore. You can use the same keyword in the search bar of any browser like Chrome, Mozilla if you want to use the website to create avatar from photo.

The ease of using the app and cost-free will be the first critical criteria while selecting an app. Along with different editing options, the availability of different cartoon characters should be considered while choosing an app or website.

Almost everyone prefers carrying Android or IOS; I will demonstrate using the Cartoon Photo Editor app (Download Here) to create avatar from photo.

Create Avatar From Photo

However, there are other apps on Playstore that create an avatar like Cartoon Photo by PixeLab, Avatar-Avatar creator & Emoji Me by IdeaLabs. You can choose any one of your choices.

If you are using an iPhone, then IOS has apps like ToonCamera, Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker, Sketch Me! Sketch & Carton. All these apps either involve cost or are free but offer in-app purchases.

After you choose the app, the next is to download and install the app.

You will get many options in Android, like Cartoon photos by PixeLab.


To kick start avatar creation, open the app. For the first time, the app would request access to your camera, gallery, photo, media, and files.

How To Create Avatar From Photo [Step-By-Step Guide]

Allow appropriate permissions to create avatar from photo without any hassles.

Create Avatar From Photo

Cartoon Photo Editor provides a flexible, easy option to opt between editing a photo that exists in your gallery or takes a new photo from the cell phone camera to work. Several ads pop up every time in the free version of such apps.

 To get rid of these ads, you can also upgrade your app to a professional version. However, it is your choice to deal with the app along with ads or chose the professional version, which requires cost.

create avatar from photo

For our purpose, I am using a stock photo that I have downloaded from the internet.

For our trial, we will use the photo available in the Photos. So, we will tap the gallery to opt for a picture that we want to transform into a cartoon.

How To Create Avatar From Photo [Step-By-Step Guide]

Well, please ignore the fruits and other stuff in the gallery. After you choose the photo from the gallery, you will get the photo in-app with multiple filter options to apply.

How To Create Avatar From Photo [Step-By-Step Guide]

The app also provides more control to edit the photo after the filter is applied. You can adjust the color, exposure, contrast, brightness, and other related properties of the image by clicking on the second icon appearing at the bottom of the screen.

Create Avatar From Photo

You also have the flexibility to reset the changes if you are unsure of the editing. Once you are done with the changes, save your work.

Step 5:- Save the avatar

Once you feel you have created the cartoon-like you wanted, click on the downward pointing download icon present at the bottom of the screen to save in the gallery of your mobile phone. You can also share the cartoon online without saving the photo by tapping the icon with three dots instantly.

You have created your first avatar. It isn’t so simple! It is just a few clicks and your avatar is ready. I hope you like your appearance in the cartoon.

How To Create Avatar From Photo [Step-By-Step Guide]

You will be amazed to know that you can use these avatars as emojis. You can post a comment or messages using personalized emojis. You have your emojis, gifs, and stickers to pick and express your emotions on various posts and messages.

What will be more amazing than your emojis when you are on a personal chat with your close ones. It will be real fun. You will need to integrate the emojis to chat messenger of your cell phones.

If you are lazy to download and install an app on your cell phone, instead, you want to try hands-on on the browser. There are plenty of online web-based applications available at your disposal to create avatar from photo.

Let’s try step by step on these options to see how a web-based avatar looks similar. For our purpose, we will try different applications like  BeFunky, Cartoonize.net, LunaPic converter.

BeFunky is an easy single-click converter with ample features to edit a photo. It provides a single-click option to create an avatar. It provides multiple options to create an avatar so you can always play around to create a new version of yourself. Isn’t it exciting?

Cartoonize.net is similar to BeFunky, where again, you can apply multiple filter options.

You can either web-based services or applications on mobiles to create an album of different avatars of yourself.

If you are looking for a pro application To Create Avatar From Photo then I will recommend you to go for the Picsart (Download here).


If you want to Create Avatar From Photo with Photoshop, follow the below tutorial.

How to Turn Photos into Cartoon Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

Create your avatar without a photo:-

Till now, you used a photo from your gallery to create an avatar. You would like to attempt to make an avatar without it. You are thinking about its possibility! Yes, it is possible.

These apps don’t require any of your images or creativity. Instead, it offers characters that you can pick that best suit you.

Currently, do you know avatars are also trending on Facebook, Bitmoji, and other social media websites?

Avatar on Facebook

Recently Facebook integrated the avatar feature where it offers different animated facial features. Instead of animating your image or your face, animated facial features like face shape; color, hairstyle, hair color, nose shape, eye color, and even glasses are available at your fingertips to choose and create an animated avatar of yourself.

When you try the avatar feature on Facebook, you will observe that it provides a wide range of colour for the eyeglasses frame. You will indeed get the same colour of glass frame which you are wearing.

It will sound amusing, but it also has whacky shades of lipsticks and eyelashes. Girls! Hurry up!. Get ready to get some bomb avatars of yourself. 

How To Create Avatar From Photo [Step-By-Step Guide]

There is one more exclusive feature on Facebook while creating an avatar; you can click to open your selfie camera by clicking on a mirror-like icon. This feature will enable you to compare facial characteristics and body features while building an avatar.

We all know very well our body features are so intricate that it is impossible to choose the right option for yourself.

You will be surprised to see that you can also choose the outfit for an avatar. It is commonly said your first impression is the last. Profile pic surely gives the first impression of one’s personality. This customization option will help you to make an appealing avatar.

There is a variety of different outfits, accessories like earrings,s, and headgear to further beautify the avatar. To further give you an idea, when you use these avatars as emojis while posting a comment or message; you can customize your avatar based on the weather condition.

I mean you can edit the avatar wearing a woolen outfit. Isn’t it cool? If this many of flexible options will be offered, then one will undoubtedly relate the avatar to himself. Am I right? If you haven’t tried yet on Facebook? It’s time to refresh yourself with the new cool feature of creating doppelgangers on Facebook.

Note:- You may like to explore our guide on 15 Of The Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps.

Safety and entertainment at your ease

In present days whenever anything is invented, security and safety is always one considered parameter. Either the development would provide the benefit of security, or it will have one of the inherent features.

On similar terms, avatar also offers the privacy of the identity of an individual. I hope you got the hint. Yes! Most of us don’t want to put every detail of our personal life on a social platform.

Thus, when you don’t want to reveal your original photo and need to conceal individuality, the avatar will play its best role. You know very well logos, activities, places, and people in the images and pictures often disclose the signs of your personal information, whereabouts or your acquaintances.

We don’t realize; however, this information is usually compromised for fraudulent activities. It will be of no surprise that bullies use this critical data to torture and harass individuals.

Do you know parents indulge themselves in this creative feature to protect their child against such bullying activities? Parents kill two birds with one stone by picking up this creative feature.

What I mean here is parents create an avatar to entertain their kids and safeguard them by concealing their identity as well by choosing their favorite superhero. Consequently, kids too have a fun time with their superheroes and cartoon characters without constant monitoring.


To conclude, these days, all the camera-supported phones also have various filters to apply to photos. You can use the filter feature before landing on any application.

With multiple tries, there is a chance that you might also come across similar filters provided in a different application.

Nevertheless, you certainly have options to use the apps or web-based services to cartoon yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Use the above app or any other app for your choice. Also, do share your best cartoon with us online.

Many people are rolling down to the rabbit hole to live the life of a favorite superhero by cartooning and overpainting their selfies on a social platform.  Avatar has gained so popularity that recently a cartooning competition has come up. 

Have you heard about the Toonme challenge?  It is one of the hottest creative challenges brought up by famous artist René Córdova. Do you know you can participate in the Toonme challenge and share your toonme meme?

Create and present your best avatar in #toonme challenge. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Before it is too late bring out the best of creativity hidden within yourself to start cartooning. Create avatar from photo and have fun.