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How to Create a Custom Word List in Window 10


The wordlist is a collection of different words having alphanumerical character’s, words and combination of words, which is used in penetration testing and also used in the Brute force attack and Dictionary attack scenario. mostly people are using Kali Linux tool Crunch to generate worklist but you can also generate word list in Windows 10.

Create a Custom Word List in Window 10:-

Using PWGen:-

PWGen is a professional password generator capable of generating large amounts of cryptographically-secure passwords—“classical” passwords, pronounceable passwords, pattern-based passwords, and passphrases consisting of words from word lists.

It uses a “random pool” technique based on strong cryptography to generate random data from indeterministic user inputs (keystrokes, mouse handling) and volatile system parameters.

PWGen provides lots of options to customize passwords to the users’ various needs. Additionally, it offers strong text encryption and the creation of random data files (which can be used as key files for encryption utilities, for example).

Open https://pwgen-win.sourceforge.net/ and click on current release and click on the Setup.exe to download this program.

Create a Custom Word List

and select your password length, Character sets, multiple password list and click on the “Generate Password” option to create a password word list.

How to Create a Custom Word List in Window 10

If your password size is bigger in length, it will not open properly with UltraEdit (Download Now),

UltraEdit is built to edit the large files that causes other text editors to crash. People who deal with databases and large log files absolutely love our product for this very reason.

Video Tutorial:-

How to Create a Custom Word List in Window 10

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