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Create Personalised Video Based On Your Prospects Behavior For Your Gmail Emails

Marketing techniques have undergone considerable transformation in the last few years. There are multiple new and interesting ways to advertise, from pamphlets and newspapers to the recent internet pop-ups. The advent of digital marketing has further revolutionized the approach towards target-oriented marketing techniques.

Despite this, there exist specific approaches that are conventional and yet massively popular even today. Amongst the many options available, one such marketing technique is Email marketing.

However, the challenges to it are many, and to combat these challenges, more advanced and modern methods have sprung up in recent times.

Methods such as personalized video emails are much more efficient as they increase the target marketing techniques’ reach.

It has also facilitated a much more effective way of getting across to the target audience. All of this has contributed to the high conversion rates of the leads generated. The embedded videos also improve the efficiency of conventional email marketing.

Create Personalised Video Based On Your Prospects Behavior For Your Gmail Emails

Personalized email marketing techniques were becoming redundant because of many problems. One of which is that these emails almost inevitably get ignored and land up in junk or spam folders of emails. The more straightforward remedy to this issue is personalized video content that incorporates the prospect’s behavioral trends.

What Are The Advantages Of Personalized Videos?

Personalized Gmail Video and Video Selling is hugely beneficial in approaching the right target audience because of the following reasons –

1. Higher Response

Most Gmail videos are created in very simple and easy steps. These videos are easily embedded in the email and help perform easy sales demos and presentations for a lucid sales pitch. Most platforms offer built-in extensions and other facilities to embed videos with just a click of a button.

We often feel that an email has not evoked the necessary response that could otherwise be generated with personal dialogue. A video format compensates for the boring textual reading, with a more comfortable and more interactive format. A higher response is also generated because personalized videos offer an interactive and engaging space for a one-to-one sales pitch.

2. Engaging and Interactive

Email marketing for sales involves long textual content and is often followed up with detailed and elongated attachments. This creates a negative response as it cannot catch the prospect’s attention, let alone engage the person. Certain products may require demonstrations or visual aid and cannot be explained contextually.

Video selling enables you to showcase your sales pitch in a much more lucid manner. Interpersonal skills are known to be much more effective when it comes to marketing. Embedded videos in your email facilitate engaging and highly interactive content.

3. Behavioral Tracking

Gmail videos help you to gain valuable insights by interpreting the prospect’s analytics. They help ensure proper quality control mechanisms and regulate factors to further the efficiency of content. Most video selling formats also offer analytics in real-time, which helps gain a much better insight into trend analysis.

Behavioral tracking features help you to monitor the overall reports with the help of timely notifications every time a video is opened, played, or shared. Simultaneously the play rate, share rate, and engagement rate factors are stored in the analytics report, facilitating better conversions.

4. Lead Generation and Conversion

Lead generation is the crux of email marketing objectives. Lead generation occurs after a prospect is interested in engaging sales techniques. Lead generation is vital for the company to popularize its product and services and augment sales.

The sales team, through follow up emails and other techniques, must pursue the generated leads. A video sales pitch that has generated positive responses and created leads is bound to make a difference. The analytics reports also keep a record of the converted leads and the generated leads.

5. Better Reach

Marketing techniques always depend upon the reach of the target audience. Marketing strategies are finalized after taking into account the prospective audience and calculating the reach of the intended technique. The better and broader the reach is, the more effective a marketing technique becomes.

Embedded videos in Gmail capitalize on the broad reach of email marketing and combine it with multimedia effectiveness. Therefore, this ensures that marketing is strategically engaging and can generate a better response. Better reach also helps in better analytics reports that can be analyzed to manage the strategies for more personalized content.

6. Traffic Generation and Direction

Embedded links in the email might not generate the requisite response alone. However, if an email contains an embedded video explaining everything and is accompanied by the right links, it differs. In the latter, what is told is understood, and embedded links within the video further augment their interest.

This creates a good backlink plan and not only generates traffic but also directs it to relevant pages organically. Video selling, therefore, is a great tool to augment and sustain online traffic to websites.

7. Better Relationship Building

The underlying objective of any marketing campaign is to reach through to people. Why people? That’s because marketing, in its essence, can not function without relationship building. Relationship with the customer is the underlying base on which the success of any marketing campaign depends

The video format encourages a one-to-one communication with the prospective customer and therefore is so highly rated. Another significant benefit of the embedded video in email marketing is a better and more comprehensive understanding.

For example, it may be one thing to tell you what to do in SEO processes, but the message is not clear. If search results are shown, and then the ranking system is explained, only then the message becomes more evident. This way, the video format helps in better customer relationship building.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is necessary to remind ourselves that any marketing technique’s effectiveness relies heavily on strategizing. A good market strategy can control and better monitor all the factors. This leads to good sales and increases turnovers exponentially by monitoring leads and pursuing them with follow up emails and conversions.