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How to add or Create profiles on your Amazon Fire TV stick: Alexa voice profiles

Amazon has significantly created new tech devices which benefit and simplify life. Digital devices have transformed the ordinary entertainment world. It is adding new ultimate fun through online streaming platforms.

Amazon Firestick is a simple, unique device that connects the user to the world of best videos, movies, live shows, and best channels.  The device is not limited to preinstalled features but allows users to install apps such as Kodi. The app comes with different addons such as movies, kids’ entertainment, sports, live shows, and more. This makes the user enjoy Kodi Firestick as it provides free online streaming channels for all users.

Amazon Firestick channels have a price tag that is paid monthly o per the subscription.  The channels offer different tags hosting various content per the subscription. However, for jailbroken Firestick, one can download third-party apps. To enjoy free online streaming content from popular channels.

The majority of users strive to learn how to download Kodi on Firestick and get free content. Kodi media player is compatible with different devices. It works well with Amazon Firestick making it easy to download.

What new with Amazon Firestick or Fire TV stick?

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Amazon’s latest tech move is the introduction of a new Fire TV user interface. It’s a significant step for the company as it provides unique features, simplified menu, access or finds tabs, user profiles, and Alexa voice profiles.  The project is known as the “All-New Fire TV experience.” The Firestick update has created multiuser support.

Users can add or create Fire TV profiles; the company allows for six user profiles, where one is a default setting and five additional profiles. The profiles are general, covering adults and Kids.

The profiles offer a personalized experience where family members and friends can make different watch lists.  The Kid’s profile is manageable through the parent control features. Everyone gets the right content based on age and preferences.

The profile features offer an exclusive facility as it’s compatible with the Alexa voice profile. One needs to link it to the Firestick profile.The device will recognize user’s voices and switch to the particular user profile. The new updates are set to take effect from the third-generation Fire TV sticks, Fire TV stick lite, and other Fire TV devices. Today we learn how to add or create users’ profiles and settings Alexa voice profiles.

How to add new user profile on Amazon Fire TV stick

The new user interface has various ways of adding Fire TV profiles as follows.

  1. Users can add from the start-up screen once they turn on the Firestick.
  2. Using the center navigation menu>profiles.
  3. Through setting section>accountand profile settings>profiles.
  4. Using the Alexa voice profile and saying “profiles” after pressing the voice button on the remote.

The applicant can use either of the channels to create or add a new profile.  Open the profile page using the steps below.

  • Open the Firestick settings and proceeds to the option “who is watching Fire TV.”
  • Next, click the tab “add profile” > select the tab “enter name” for an adult of the tab “this is a child profile.” The child profile is for children under the age of 12 years.
  • Now enter the name using the remote to type on the keyboard. You can also use the voice button and say the name.
  • For the child profile section, enter the child’s name and date of birth.
  • Click the tab “profile” to add a new icon.
  • Now choose from the options provided on the page.
  • Select add button, and the profile will be listed on the section “who is watching Fire TV.”

How to create Alexa voice profiles on the Amazon Fire TV stick

  • First, download and install the “my Alexa” app on your smartphone.
  • Next, select the tab “more” followed by the option “settings.”
  • Click on your profile and proceed to the “create” option next to the “voice” button.
  • Now tap on the “continue” button.

How to delete Fire TV profiles

The facility enables the user to create and delete profiles. Using the three sections where you can add new profiles. The user can manage the profiles deleting and also editing if needed.

  • On the start-up screen or homage under the settings tab.
  • Go to the section “who’s watching Fire TV?”
  • Using the remote, select the button edit icon under the tab “profile.”
  • Next, click “remove” to permanently delete the profile.
  • The system will ask whether you’re sure about the option. Confirm to complete the action.
  • Now you can add or delete a user profile on the Amazon Fire TV stick anytime.

Features of the All-new Fire TV stick experience

The new Fire TV experience update has various features which make it easy to use.  The user interface is easy to maneuver. The update gives each user the best viewing preference and recommendations from the OTT apps. The content is described under the “popular Movies and TV shows “section, and it’s different based on the user’s history.

The facility has new features such as the “find” tab under the Home and live options.   The option is designed to help the user search for content. You can easily filter content according to the category using the find button. The Alexa navigation, live TV, and library are the new features that come with the All-new Fire TV stick experience.