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All You Must Know about Creating Email Drip Campaigns


Are you aware of the technique that is called ‘a drip campaign’? Have you ever subscribed to a newsletter? On subscribing to a newsletter, you receive a number of emails from time to time. Say it is of an online bookstore, you will get a welcome email about their new books and advancements. This effort to attract customers is done using a tool that enables marketers to send such emails to the potential clients. These tools are called drip campaigns.

In this article, we are going to share everything about building a drip campaign by Snovio.

Step 1: Start the email campaign creation

The first step is to name the campaign. Make sure that it is understandable for you and you won’t misrecognize it.

If you use multiple email accounts for business, choose one to send emails. Now, the point is to categorize your clients. So, choose the list of prospects for this particular email drip campaign.

What if the recipient on the email list has got two or even more email addresses? Will he or she get emails to all the email accounts or just the to the first one on the list? It’s up to you, mark the item you need.

Another thing to keep in mind is the point of who will not get the emails. If you don’t want to send the messages to the unverified email addresses or the catch-all ones, just unselect those emails.

Step 2: Delayed and triggered follow-ups

At Snovio, they ensure that the drip campaigns tool sends a follow-up after the trigger is activated. You might wonder what’s a trigger? It is an action that a customer performs on getting an email from you. For example, on clicking the link in the email or opening the message.

Snovio makes sure that these triggers are always followed up. It focuses on setting the triggers, scheduling the time, and adding the next email to be sent. While sending emails, the best trigger should be chosen and it would be good to differentiate their formats.

Coming to delays, it is essential to set the delays properly. It is to confirm that the potential customer does not get an email just after taking an action (trigger). You can choose from two options – schedule it by days or hours.

Step 3: Create personalized emails

Try sending email drip campaigns or drip emails that are properly personalized to compose special emails. Make sure you add a human touch to the drip email to make it look as if it was specially customized for the user.

As soon as you personalize the drip email, the chances of the user to open it increase ensuring you will have a higher CTR and, hopefully, reply rate. Customize the subject line with the body of the email.

Save each and every template for future use and correct them whenever necessary. You can even use these templates while creating different other email drip campaigns. Do not attach files of size more than 3MB and add valuable links allowing the users to have visualized informative data.

Additionally, you can use email templates composed by the Snovio marketing department. They are unique, personalized, and available for use even if you have a freemium account.

Step 4: Attach all the elements

After designing personalized emails, start linking every element one by one to get the arrangement functioning. Remember drawing a line between all the elements before clicking the START button. The first personalized email will be sent to the clients you select and the next emails will follow automatically depending on the trigger actions performed by the users.

Step 5:  Have all the statistics update

To ensure the drip campaign processes well towards benefit, you should follow the statistics in particular: the opens, clicks, and replies. This way, you can add more clients to the list and they will also start getting the drip emails.

Also, you can have the details on every recipient: how many emails were sent to this person, how many times the email was opened, the link was clicked, and how many replies from this recipient you’ve received. For a user who replies to you, the drip

In a nutshell

One of the most important things to understand is that by creating email drip campaigns you can have the benefit of customer satisfaction, their affirmation, and feedback. More importantly, you need to make sure that when you reach a customer through emails on a larger scale, you don’t miss out the special ones.

To do this, start defining the customers in categories. You might want to send some gift cards or offers to a selected number of customers excluding the rest. A drip campaign is a tool that allows you doing this developing a proper balance between the firms and customers.


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