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Fixing Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10


One of the most alarming things that could happen on your Windows 10 PC is an encounter with the blue screen of death. The name on its own is enough to scare any Windows user. Sometimes when you encounter this terrifying screen you have an error message called critical structure corruption. 

There are a few possible causes of this system fail error. Just keep in mind that if you have encountered this error, you’re not alone. This problem has been reported severally by Windows 10 users.

The good news is that even though this problem could be very annoying, it is not an extremely complex one to resolve. Here I will introduce you to a few fixes to this error message.

Causes of critical structure corruption

There are two main reasons your system will encounter this problem.

  1. Corrupted hardware, such as a faulty memory card
  2. A driver that purposely or accidentally changed critical kernel code or data.

Understanding the causes helps one know what fixes to apply.

How to Fix Critical Structure Corruption

The same fix may not apply to every system, but one should try one at a time until they find a fix appropriate and that works on their system.

1. Update the video driver

This can be done manually by searching for device manager under your start menu.

critical structure corruption Click on it to open the device manager window. On your device manager search under display for your graphics card.

critical structure corruption

Right click on it and select the update driver option. Select “Search automatically for updated software driver“. This makes the system search the internet for an update to your driver and it is automatically installed on the system.

critical structure corruption

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2. Uninstall possible problem program

A few programs could cause this problem. If you had just installed a program before having this crash, it is recommended to uninstall that program first. If not there are other programs that are known to be able to trigger the critical structure corruption error. Alcohol 120%, Deamon Tools, MacDriver and Intel HAXM (Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager) could be culprits.

For any of the programs, if you have them installed on your computer, upgrade them to the latest version or uninstall them altogether.

To uninstall a program, open your control panel. Under programs, select “uninstall a program” option. In the new window that appears, search for the program to be uninstalled and click on uninstall.

critical structure corruption

3. Perform a clean boot

A clean boot ensures that your computer will run with a minimum amount of needed programs. This way, one could tell whether a certain program is problematic. to do this, follow this step.

Use hotkey Windows + R to invoke the run window. Then type msconfig and press Enter.

On the services tab, tick the box before Hide all Microsoft services and tap Disable all.

critical structure corruption

On the startup tab, select open task manager.

critical structure corruption

In the task manager, select visible items and click on the disable button below.

critical structure corruption

Click on ok on the startup tab and restart your computer.

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4. Check the event viewer

This could prove a vital fix. Especially since the event Viewer tells you exactly what happened when you had the Critical Structure Corruption blue screen of death error.

Using this tool means one has a better chance of knowing the guilty program.

Use hotkey Windows + X and then click on event viewer.

critical structure corruption

On the left pane, click Windows Logs and System. Check the mid-section for any suspicious event that happens just about the time when the blue screen error occurs. See if the certain program is the culprit for your problem.

critical structure corruption


Walking your way down with this fixes is very important. Normally one of them should correct the issue. But is it does not, you should consider seeing a qualified technician.


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