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9 of The Best CrossFit Apps To Track Your Fitness

These days, you can find an app for everything. Whether it is related to cooking, music, gaming, and exercising. The same can be said about CrossFit. It is mainly involved with workouts and high-performance exercising. 

The term CrossFit associates itself with fitness programs that are ideally meant for athletes. But, the general population can also consider using it for the wellbeing of themselves. When society as a whole is healthy and fit, then the surge of illnesses and health complications is drastically decreased. 

The need to hit the gym regularly is not there when you have apps like these to help you watch your weight and programs. The main reason why many athletes and people, in general, fail to accomplish fitness goals is that they lack a form of support. 

That void is filled in beautifully by CrossFit. The best CrossFit apps are the ones that can help you incorporate different kinds of exercise programs for your regime. 

When you are involved in a short, but high endurance workout regime, it helps you build and develop your muscles and strength. The need to work out for several hours at a stretch like a professional athlete is not required. 

Why are CrossFit apps popular?

Anybody can use and adapt to the CrossFit program as it is that simple and flexible. You could be anybody, an athlete, a working professional, or a student. At times, you find yourself so involved in your studies and work that it leaves with little or no time for exercise. 

Going to the gym can be slightly intimidating for some of you, as watching all powerlifters quickly making a mockery of the weights in there. 

If that is a problem, then you might want to try these best CrossFit apps. They can help you exercise, anytime you want. Secondly, you can find a barrage of apps claiming to be the best fitness apps. 

But, is it true? 

Famous sports athletes and players also endorse some of them. Are they worth that much money?

The best part about the CrossFit apps is that they are cheap but effective. You need a workout program that can help you achieve your weight loss program or fitness regime. You would be delighted to know that a few of them are also free of cost. 

Before you delve into these amazing apps, we would want you to have some accessories that can improve your workout and make it worthwhile. You can consider a smartwatch, fitness tracker, and a chest rate monitor if possible. 

The data does not lie. Whether you are a 20-year-old who has recently joined university or a 40-year old working professional, these apps and accessories offer you accurate data. 

Best CrossFit Apps: Our Top Pick 👌

Let us dive into the best CrossFit apps and find out which one is ideal for your requirements.

1. Beyond the Whiteboard (btwb)

Beyond the Whiteboard is one of the most reliable CrossFit apps in the market. The product has been around for two decades now and is getting better each year. You can analyze your workout routine. 

Best CrossFit Apps

This helps you to ensure that you follow them to the dot. Not to mention, once you are done with your regime, you can analyze your results. This helps you find out if you are doing well or lagging behind somewhere. 

You can consider doing your own workouts. Depending on your convenience, you do so as it helps you motivate yourself to achieve your fitness regime. Apart from that, you can also watch out for body fat based on the food that you consume. 

When you are ready, you can compare your results with others on CrossFit. This helps you find out where you stand. Ideally speaking, this feature is mainly meant for professional athletes. But, it never hurts to know where you actually stand in the real world in your fitness goals. 

You can learn a thing or two using Beyond the Whiteboard like you can analyze your repetitions in weight lifts. Do you want to try 1,3, 5, or more? It also helps you find out your movements on your power movements and the ones that need some working. 

We felt that the app has the ability to motivate oneself. If you are somebody who is easily let down, then you can gain motivation through this app. You know your direction using this app because it provides accountability. 

Your accomplishments are highlighted through the app. When you go through the results, you push harder to do better. Unfortunately, numbers are not everything. They do not tell you whether you are moving ahead or back. 

At times, you can feel disheartened when you are not able to achieve your fitness goal. Some people can have emotional breakdowns. These factors have to be considered before stepping into the world of fitness. 

The best way to beat those flaws is to put in the positive energy and motivate yourself to do better in the next workout. 

You can access this app on your android, Apple, and online devices. So, the question of accessibility is out of the question. It is priced well too, at just $5/month and $50/year. Both sound good for usage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. CrossFit WOD Log

CrossFit WOD Log is another of the best CrossFit apps that we will be discussing here. The app comes with some notable features that make it prominent among users. You can track your regular WODs by editing the details on the calendar. 

You can find out your skill levels and weights. Not to mention, you can post your pictures on the app. It comes with more than 130 preloaded WODs that enable you to have the best update to date list.

You can enter the results on your app that help you keep an eye on the data. Users can also share details of their workouts on social media like Facebook. You can decide on your regime through the exercise present on the app. 

The best part about this app is that it keeps a backup of your data, in case you have lost it. You do not want to run here and there to find them. Users are overall happy using the app. 

You can make use of some additional features, like generating a profile for you, if you are an athlete or want to have one. It comes with complete data analysis. Not to mention, you receive the scales of your personal records. 

You can view your progress and have your workout program. The specialty of the WOD Log app is that it comes with StopWatch, Amrap, and Tabata. Backups of records can be saved on the cloud. Yes, this app can be used both on Windows as well as macOS devices. 

The app is affordable as it costs just $5. You can also make use of the money-back policy if you are not satisfied with the product. Does it come with any drawbacks? 

There is no smartphone access to this app. You have to use it on other devices, which we felt might be its undoing. It is such a great app, and we have no idea why that is so. 

According to one user, the app offers ample features for any kind of workout. However, one user said that it tracks only a single PR per movement.

Yes, it does take some time to get used to the app. If you are not familiar with Excel, then be patient or seek the help of somebody. You can get used to it once you practice. The more you keep using the app, the more comfortable and familiar it becomes for you. 

You can use the CrossFit WOD Log because it is easy to navigate and simple to use.  Some users have felt that it is difficult to use, but that is not the case. The layout is clean, and you can edit your personal scores with ease. 

Download on Google Play Store

3. myWOD

myWOD is another exciting app we found just for you. This list of the best CrossFit apps is here on this list because it comes with a barrage of exciting features that we will discuss briefly. We felt that this app is simple and easy to use. 

Best CrossFit Apps

Typically, we cannot say that about most of the CrossFit apps mentioned in here. But, this one takes the cake. 

You can keep track of your routines and body movements. That is crucial for ensuring that you are moving in the right direction. If at all you notice any lag, you can work on it the next workout. 

This also helps you understand the kind of weights that you should consider using. Depending on your body weight and condition, you can make use of the right type of weights.

You can follow and save any number of feeds that you want in your box. That should not be difficult to do. You can review, sort, and search the ideal workouts for you using your calendar. 

You can save and create your own regular workouts. We were literally stunned at the number of workouts present on the app. You have more than 150 exercises. So, you can find your apt choice. Not to mention, you can add your training’s RSS feeds. 

Using the app, you can find the gym that is closest to your region. This helps you find the best place to do your workouts because you get to meet like-minded people. In workouts, you must have the right kind of people around you who can motivate and push you to achieve your goals. 

It comes with a wide range of videos, which can help you understand the app better. Not to mention, you can also navigate better through it. You can sync records with devices. Your information can be shared on social media. 

The app is priced at $5 on Google and $4 on iTunes. So, you can choose based on your preference and choice. This app is available on both iPhone and Android devices. Some users have felt that there are a few bugs that need rectification. 

Do you want to use myWOD? You should consider yourself lucky to have found an app like this with so many features and customizations. It can definitely motivate you to push harder, achieving your fitness goals. 

Download on Google Play Store

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4. WODBook – Workouts Tracker

WODBook is next on our list of the best CrossFit apps that come with some exciting features that we will read about. 

You can see your activities using the box and then compare the results. This enables you to have an idea of your actual performance. Using this data, you know where you stand among your peers. 

9 of The Best CrossFit Apps To Track Your Fitness

Like other apps on the list, you can make use of the WOD feeds. You can create your own list or join your box. Once you have loaded your activities into the calendar, you can keep track of them and work out likewise. 

You can take pictures of yourself working out and share them on social media. Perhaps, some of your friends, colleagues, or family members might become motivated. You can also base your physical regime using the search activity. 

You can manage your personal records using the app. With the help of the user profile, you can find several vital information for your exercise regime. There are also calculations for your exercises. 

There is a wide range of videos that provide you with instructions on how you must go about things on the app. 

The data that is stored on the app can be sync on any device you want for further analysis. You can make use of the timers for your workout sessions, including Tabata, Stations, StopWatch, Amrap, and EMOM.

The app does have a few issues that we hope the developers will rectify to make it efficient. Some users have claimed that it cannot be used without an internet connection. The best part about this app is that it is free to use. 

When you are on the lookout for a feature-rich app that is free, then WODBook is your choice. Apart from that, the app comes with a wide range of features. You can use the features as a guide for achieving your fitness regime. 

It works on several android and iOS devices. So, you can access it anywhere you want and how you want. There are plenty of videos to guide you on how you can develop your muscles and body fitness. 

Download on Google Play Store

At the time of our research on Best CrossFit Apps To Track Your Fitness, we found a video about “I Did Murph Workout for 30 Days, Here’s How My Body Changed” which is worth watching. 🤴

I Did Murph Workout for 30 Days, Here's How My Body Changed

5. WODster  – Functional workouts!

WODster is an interesting app that can help you achieve your fitness goals. The app comes with a few features that we will see. The best way to motivate oneself is by seeing yourself in good condition. 

Best CrossFit Apps

That is precisely what you can do with the photo feature in the app. You can attach pictures of your workout or after sessions. You can also use the timers during your workouts. There is an option for selecting from the WOD benchmarks.

It is not surprising to note that users have rated it highly. However, the EMOM timers do not come with the seconds. Hence, your exercise timings have to be based on minutes. 

Download on Google Play Store

6. Wodzilla

Wodzilla is another exciting app that we are pleased to introduce to you. The app is just priced for $5. 

It does not have any purchase required once you log on it. That is a good thing. Another aspect of this app is that there is no advertisement. It is a clean app. You can make use of the tutorials that are available on it to find your way through it. 

Setting goals in Wodzilla

For example, you can learn how to save WOD, using the RM, and so on. 

Not to mention, you can also view your records once you feed them. Users have claimed that this app is user-friendly and comes with excellent customer service.

Download on Apple App Store

7. SugarWOD

Lastly, we have SugarWOD on our discussion of the best CrossFit apps. This is an app that is solely dedicated to athletes. However, those of you who are planning to hit the gym might want to consider this one too. 

It comes with a wide range of features like tracking your activities, helping you to plan up, and analyze your fitness programs. You will be impressed that it comes with more than 800 workout tools that can aid your workouts. 

SugarWOD - Raise Your Workout Experience

You can also connect with members of CrossFit and record your WODs. It is not necessary that you have to be a pro athlete. You can be anybody who wants to implement a healthy lifestyle and motivate others in your family, friends, or others in your neighborhood. 

The app helps you achieve your fitness goals in many ways. As you know, participating together enables you to push each other and motivate. The manner in which you are able to maintain your physical workout consistently is more crucial than mere exercising. 

The app was designed to develop your interaction with others. This helps you to learn and understand your fitness goals and, more importantly, achieve them. You can also get to know some high-profile athletes and find out how they keep fit. 

You can prepare your workout, enter the details, and even motivate other participants in this app. When top athletes open the app six times a day, and it comes with an excellent 4.9 rating on top-notch stores on Google and Apple, you know that this app is exceptional. 

Not to mention, data has shown that more than 20 million workouts have been logged by pro athletes’ world over. It is safe to say that SugarWOD is an ideal fitness app for athletes but suitable for those who want to keep an eye on their weight. 

At the moment, SugarWOD app has more than 3, 50, 000 athletes on its platform. It comes as no surprise that SugarWOD is gaining prominence in the United States of America and is giving top CrossFit apps like Beyond the Whiteboard a wild run for their money.

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8. CrossFit Games

CrossFit, Inc has designed CrossFit Games, and you see the best there is as far as CrossFit is concerned. You get a clear idea of what workouts are, how they should be done, submit your scores once done, and also track your rankings. 

This provides you with an enhanced version of the fitness regimes. As a user, you can customize the leaderboards and rankings. When you have decided on your exercise workout, the app reminds you of the scores and offers you alerts of events. 

The event is viewed on the app. You would be delighted to know that the website is quicker than other devices. So, you might consider using the website. You can use the app on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. 

The main features are:-

  • You can discover several workout routines that are already preloaded. Scores can be submitted, and you can keep track of them. The leaderboards can be customized depending on your requirements. 
  • For those of you who like to share your results, you can do so using social media. Reminders and alters can also be created. Finally, you can watch live events using the app
  • The app is quite simple to use. Users have felt that this app helps them keep their bodies in shape and fit. It offers you excellent context and robust leaderboards.
  • You can enjoy the videos provided to you. This is a free app and does not cost you a thing. However, you need to download it and then use it.

Sadly, you need to use a gym near your home so that you can compete with others. This way, you are pushed to your limit to achieve your exercise goals. 

CrossFit Games is the best app when you want to make it huge in your fitness goals as it does not cost you a dime. The only thing is that you need to have the latest iOS 8.0 version on your device and start downloading it.

Download on Apple App Store

In conclusion

Hope you enjoyed our discussion on some of the best CrossFit apps in the market. You can make use of them to keep a weight check. As you know, health ailments can cost you a small fortune. 

Hence, it is imperative that you keep yourself in the best of health. These apps can enable you to do so with their simple and easy-to-use features. Not to mention, most of them come with the community allowed functions for more interaction and motivation. 

These are some of the best CrossFit apps. They can help you make your decisions and download them. 

A quick search online can provide you with a wide range of apps for download. We would like to mention here that some of the apps mentioned are not affiliated with CrossFit. 

The simplicity and usage of the app are crucial, and you would want to think over that before purchasing and downloading them. 

There is no harm in trying out a few apps that are free of cost until you find something that aids your physical workout. These CrossFit apps provide you with discipline and the structure that you need for your physical workouts. 

We can guarantee you that you can achieve your fitness goals and keep your weight in check faster, using these exciting apps.