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Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor: The Definitive Comparison Guide

Saving your files and documents in the cloud is the new rave. It is an extra layer of protection and backup for the files saved on your devices.

Though cloud storage providers have their own security, further protection and encryption of your files are sometimes necessary. This Cryptomator vs Boxcryptor comparison will give you the tools in choosing between two of the best encryption services.

Cryptomator and Boxcryptor are amongst the best when it comes to encrypting files. They are both zero-knowledge providers, which means that no one apart from you has access to your files or passwords.

Before I dive into the comparison, I will give brief introductions to what Cryptomator and Boxcryptor are.

What Is Boxcryptor?

Boxcryptor encrypts the sensitive files and folders in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud storage services. Since its creation in 2011, it has grown to be one of the most popular encryption services in the world.

Its popularity is largely due to the way it combines highly secure encryption with a user-friendly interface. Its security was even confirmed by an independent code audit done by an independent, third-party body called Kudelski security.

Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor
Boxcryptor encrypts your sensitive files and folders in Cloud Storage

The data in your device is encrypted before being synced with the cloud storage provider of your choice. You can access Boxcryptor on the web or in their free mobile app, and you enjoy free services that allow you to sync to one cloud service on two devices. For more expansive services, paid options are available.

The services are available for both personal use and teams.

Boxcryptor Pros:-

  • Vast choice of cloud services supported
  • Easy to use
  • File sharing is available
  • Customer service is available
  • Two-factor authentication available
Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor: The Definitive Comparison Guide
Your Benefits with Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor Cons:-

  • Not free
  • Limited free version
  • Limited Linux version
Boxcryptor Video: How it works 2022

What Is Cryptomator?

Cryptomator was launched in 2016 by the startup, Skymatic GmbH. It is one of the most popular and widely unacclaimed encryption solutions for cloud storage. They aim to put your data security in your hands, giving you greater control over your security.

Your data is encrypted not only during transmission but during storage. Unlike many encryption services, they do not keep the keys for decrypting your data, making them more secure because the keys cannot be stolen, copied, or misused.

Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor 1

Your data can be accessed from all your devices. In addition to that, you can do it all for free. They provide top-quality services at absolutely no cost.

One other unique feature is that you do not have to create an account to use. All you need to do is to create a vault for your files and folders to be kept.

Cryptomator Pros:-

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Open-source
  • Unlimited devices and file size
  • No need for account creation

Cryptomator Cons:-

  • No file sharing
  • Limited cloud service support
  • A limited number of cloud service providers

Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor: A Comparison 🤷‍♂️

Cryptomator and Boxcryptor are certainly household names when it comes to encryption of your data for cloud storage. They have good reputations based on their relatively easy-to-use interface and security.

On both Cryptomator and Boxcryptor, no one has access to your files, not even the software companies themselves. This is the layer of security many people have been looking for.

I will now dive into in-depth analysis and comparison of the two encryption giants. I will compare their account setup model, their approaches to encryption, pricing, and other distinguishing features between them.

1. Account System

In this Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor comparison, I would love to start with the basics for opening an account. To use Boxcryptor, you need to have created an account.

In the account creation, you can then choose a secure password, so only you know it. Note that you have to be careful in selecting a password because there is no password recovery with Boxcryptor.

Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor

Cryptomator takes a completely different approach to things. You do not create an account with Cryptomator. Simply download Cryptomator and you’re almost ready to use it.

Rather than create an account, you open a vault that is hosted on a virtual drive. You then choose a password for this virtual drive vault. This vault can then be accessed from the Cryptomator interface.

Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor

Everything in your vault is secure and synchronized to your cloud service provider. So, you do not have to worry about accounts, cloud access permits, or keys distribution when using Cryptomator.

2. Supported Platforms

If you’re wondering if you can use Crypomator and Boxcryptor across a wide range of platforms and operating systems, the answer is an emphatic yes.

The web version of Cryptomator is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition to that, you can use it on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Boxcryptor is also available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and the mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Boxcryptor however has limited features on Linux.

3. Supported Cloud Providers

The reason many people are interested in Crypomator and Boxcryptor is because of their utility in providing an extra layer of security for their documents kept in the cloud. So, it is important to know what cloud providers are supported. 

The documents kept in your Cryptomator vault are synchronized to your chosen cloud service. There are about 20 cloud services that are supported by Cryptomator, and these include OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Web Dav-based cloud storage providers.

Boxcryptor also supports these cloud storage providers mentioned above. In addition to that, they support others such as SharePoint.

If there is a cloud storage provider, there is a good chance that Boxcryptor supports it. I believe in the Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor comparison, Boxcrypto slightly edges out Cryptomator on supported cloud providers. 

4. Encryption

A major part of the security provided by Cryptomator and Boxcryptor is the encryption they provide to your files. Cryptomator uses AES-256 to encrypt file makes, headers, and content saved in the virtual drive (vault).

It utilizes Dokany on Windows, and FUSE on macOS and Linux as the front end. If unavailable, it reverts to the use of WebDAV.

Boxcryptor on the other hand uses AES and RSA encryption. On the user’s device, the password is hashed and configured differently before being sent to the Boxcryptor servers to be hashed a second time. What this means in layman language is that your password is secure, and not even Boxcryptor has access to it.

5. Security

Apart from the encryption services provided, there are other security measures designed to make your files safe. Boxcryptor supports 2-factor authentication. Cryptomator on the other hand does not yet support 2-factor authentication.

However, on Cryptomator, security keys that comply with the WebAuthN standard on Windows and Mac OS are now supported.

Also, Cryptomator is open-source software, which means that anyone can review the source of the software. It makes it extra difficult for backdoors to be created to access your data.

Though Boxcryptor is proprietary software and does not have this advantage, they prove themselves on being very open and transparent with their software.

6. File Sharing

For many people, saving their documents is only half of the equation. They also want to know if it is possible to share their files, and documents with others. Cryptomator and Boxcryptor go about file sharing very differently.

On Cryptomator, file sharing is basically giving someone access to your drive. You do this by sharing your password. However, this file-sharing can only be done with other Cryptomator users.

File sharing is available to Boxcryptor users. You can share files by mail and other conventional means. However, you can only share with other Boxcryptor users.

To share files with non Boxcryptor users, you have to use Whisply, which is an end-to-end file transfer service developed by Boxcryptor.

7. Pricing

Finally, in this Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor comparison, I take a look at the pricing.

It often comes as a surprise to many that Cryptomator is free. Their top-notch services are of the quality that is usually associated with paid services. Cryptomator offers free services, though they accept donations.

You can use all their services in free mode, though dark mode is reserved for those who have made donations. The mobile version however requires you to make a one-time payment of $9.99 to use.

Boxcryptor on the other hand has both free and paid options. In the free option, you are limited to one cloud storage and two devices.

To enjoy all Boxcryptor has to offer, you should subscribe to their freemium pricing model which had a $48/year personal plan and a $96/year business plan amongst others.

Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor: The Definitive Comparison Guide

This infographic on Boxycryptor vs cryptomator is really helpful. have a look.

Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor: The Definitive Comparison Guide
image Source: www.educba.com
Final Thoughts On Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor and Cryptomator are household names when it comes to encrypting files and documents for cloud storage. They provide a high degree of security making them important regardless of what cloud storage provider you are using.

In this article, I have introduced Cryptomator and Boxcryptor. I have talked about their differences and given a detailed analysis of what they both have to offer.

Deciding on which one to use is a matter of preference, for instance, you may love the free, quality services of Cryptomator; while another may like the file-sharing capability of Boxcryptor. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed quality encryption for your files. 

Of course, I will love to hear your thoughts on these tools, and let me know which is the winner for you in this Cryptomator Vs Boxcryptor comparison.