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How To Create a Custom HotKeys in Windows 10 using HotKeyz


Does it ever happen with you while gaming, you accidentally pressed a set of keys which leads to the rotation of the display of your computer screen? Or you might be knowing certain keyboard shortcuts to open up any application just like alt+ctrl+delete to open task manager. This happens because accidentally pressed a combination of HotKeys.

In Windows 10 you might come across a no. of keyboard shortcuts, but each one of them is not a HotKey. So, what are hotkeys? A Hotkey is a keyboard key combination. When these keys are pressed at a time, one can quickly access specific menus or applications using only the keyboard.

A HotKey is a combination of alt key with any other key’s which most of the time is a letter or a number. The second key in the combination is a defined key to each menu. Now, let’s learn how we can create our HotKeys.

HotKeys in Windows 10 using HotKeyz

To create custom HotKeys, you need to follow the steps given below:

1.Download and install the LeoMoon HotKeys. Once the application is installed, LeoMoon acts as a system-wide HotKeys manager.

2. Right-click on its system tray icon and select Settings. You will see some predefined hotkeys are already enabled which are pretty handy too.


3. Click on Add New fore creating new HotKeys.

4. Now, you may see multiple options for creating a HotKey. Click on Select a special action.

5. From the list of actions, select the one you want as per your wish. Select the combination of buttons you wish to use to run the action.


6. Click on Add. The newly created HotKey will be added to the list shown on the application.

7. Now click on save.

8. Now press the combination of keys you wished to use, your service or the action will be up and running. It’s easy, isn’t it?


If you want to edit any existing HotKey then double-click on it and perform the changes needed. Or if you want to delete one then you just need to select one from the list and click on Delete Selected.

Now, if you do not want your custom HotKeys to work every time your PC is booted then you can enable/disable it either from the system tray icon or press the keys ctrl+win+2. It is a portable program, once downloaded, you can move it to another directory or drive too. The best part is you can create an unlimited number of HotKeys without any huge no. of steps or paying even a single penny.

Here you go, create some new and helpful HotKeys for your easying your day to day work, share with us too. Let us know in the comment section below.