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How to customize sounds on windows 10


If you are in any way like me, then you are tired of hearing the same sounds every day on your windows 10. Personally speaking, whenever I acquire a new device, one of the first things I do is to customize the sounds. I tend to think most factory customized sounds are boring and make my devices a touch less cool.

Luckily Windows 10 comes with great personalizing options and includes sound effects for system and app events. These events include notifications, errors, battery alerts and more. I will work you through the ropes on how I customize my Windows 10 sounds.

Step-by-Step Process to customize sounds on windows 10

Step1:- Open setting and navigate Personalization > Themes > Sounds



Another way to do this is by right clicking on the sound icon at the taskbar and clicking sound settings from the options. This opens a window for the sound settings.

Step 2:- Once the sound settings window is opened click the “sound” tab. Here you can disable the system sound completely or customize it all together.

To disable the sounds, select “No sound” from the sound scheme drop-down menu, selecting “Windows default” enables sound.windows sounds3

To change the sounds of specific events, Under “Program Events,” search for the event you need to customize, click on it. Next using the drop-down menu select a sound from the list. Once this is done, it is safe to click test after selecting a sound to be sure what it sounds like.

There is also an option to browse for a new sound not included by windows 10. This is done by clicking the browse button and navigating to select the new sound. Note that this will only work for .wav files.windows sounds4

Step 3:- Click apply and click OK.

Before clicking apply and Ok, this process should be repeated for all the events you need to be customized. Once this is all done, Windows 10 uses this new custom configuration. Also, note that some windows themes will include custom sounds that will override whatever changes you make.

The save as button also comes in very handy when customizing your sounds. If you are using plenty of custom sounds, saving with the “save as” button creates a custom sound scheme. This means you if you ever need to revert to the defaults, you just have to select “Windows default” from your sound scheme.

To use the save as button, finish selecting your sounds, click “save as” this brings a pop up for you to enter the desired name. Name the scheme and click ok. windows sounds5


If you hope to create a totally customized sound scheme then you will have to change every sound to your desired sound. This may be time-consuming, but the trick around it is using pre-configured sound schemes. Windows 10 themes can be found in the windows store. Many of this themes come with their own set of sound schemes and are often free.

So basically, choose to do it yourself or get a theme whichever works for you as long as you feel ok with the sounds on your computer.


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