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19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives


With the current rise in technology and the need for data storage, many programs have been built to convert soft data into hardware. This hardware could be a physical disk or a virtual drive.

Amongst these, the Daemon tool has been a favorite choice of most people as a disk imaging program for both Windows and Mac users. But, its use is dominated by Windows users at a 76.5% rate as of 2020.

The mounting file is a process in which an OS (operating system) makes files on a storage device. This device could be a hard drive, CD/ DVD, or network share) It is a beneficial application and is significantly chosen to convert ISO images into physical CDs and DVDs.

However, some users find it challenging to work with, and they start looking for Daemon Tools alternatives.

It is software that helps to store data in a virtual drive format. Daemon provides a guaranteed perpetual space to its users. You get a function of hardware that is difficult to find in other hardware storage tools- yet, it is not that difficult to find alternatives. It is designed for the current market and helps users create virtual drives for their images.

Need of Virtual Drive, Storage, and Daemon Tools

Virtual drives are also called virtual disks and are software components that mimic an actual disk drive, such as a floppy disk, hard drive, etc. To put it in simple words, these are used to make a clone of the original files.

You must have images and other types of files that may be vulnerable to disappearing. Data loss can happen with any mishap and cost you important work files even.

It is always a wise decision to keep hard copies of your files for safety purposes. This way, even if you lose your data due to incorrect format or crash, you will have the hard drive to recover the files.

Programs like Daemon Tools detect image types-.MDX, .IMG, .ZIP, .CCD, .VHD, and more. After detecting, you can mount these on a virtual drive and make copies.

Inversely, users can also make copies of the existing physical disks into virtual ones. This way, damages that can cause broken files can be prevented. It is a to and fro function.

There are certain limitations to using Daemon Tools. It is not free, and hence many dont opt for it. The free version is named Daemon tools lite but contains ads. This disrupts the workflow. Moreover, you can mount four virtual drives in it. So, as a free user, you are bound within its limitations.

This is why you need Daemon Tools alternatives to help you out so that you can enjoy the same purpose with a better deal.

Issues with Daemon Tools

Even though Daemon stands firm in the market with its popularity because of regular updates and reliability, there are multiple reasons why it is feasible and wise to look for Daemon Tools alternatives. Specific issues with this program are-

  • It takes up massive space in computer RAM. This makes it difficult to run multiple programs smoothly.
  • It makes the computer lag if the configurations are not according to its primary requirements.
  • The premium version is pretty expensive.
  • The free version has limitations and lacks in several aspects.

Best Daemon Tools Alternatives: Our Top Pick

You need to think about your requirements and opt for any of these. Daemon Tools seems to steal thunder online with some of its features, build-up of trust, and brand name, but does not necessarily give out the view of perfect image mounting software. That is why trying out this variety of listings will surely be the right choice for you.

1. WinMount

WinMount (Download Here) is one of the similar Daemon Tools alternatives. The only difference it holds is its user-friendly programming for less-techy users.

Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

You dont need to be an expert to use WinMount. Apart from mounting images, it also compresses and decompresses data. It has been proven to be a valuable program for large files.

The features you will get with this:-

  • Suitable for saving disk space and running time
  • Enables direct extraction of all files to allow mounting of .ZIP, .RAR, .7Z, .MOU into virtual disks
  • It is an excellent converter for files to MOU.
  • The image mounting into virtual disks is fantastic on WinMount and supports many formats.

2. Alcohol Portable (Portable Virtual Drive)

Alcohol Portable (Portable Virtual Drive) (Download Here) is a free alternative to Daemon Tools. It does not ask you to download the software on your computer; instead, a folder is created when you click the set-up file.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

This contains all the program content. You dont need to keep the set-up folder, and it can be deleted with just one click.

If you dont want any of your mounted files to leave any trace- click on File, then select the option of Edit + Remove Device Driver and Service. This is a good option for security and privacy.

Alcohol Portable does not require any mastery to work with. Simply drag and drop the file you want to be mounted inside its panel, and the mounting process will begin itself.

You can unmount an image or set its drive letter by right-clicking on it. ISO and MDS file formats never face any issue on this application. While some virtual drives on Alcohol Portable seem not to let you locate a support list. This is the only downside to it.

3. Alcohol 120%

This is a famous software and an alternative to Daemon Tools. It is free of cost for personal usage. But, if someone has commercial workload needs, the premium version of Alcohol 120% (Download Here) will probably be a better idea to opt for. Its current price is $55.

But, it is terrific as it is a one-time purchase, and you will keep receiving updates for free. You do not need to pay a single penny more than the mentioned cost for your commercial purposes.

It can create data backups. It is beneficial for those who have the requirement of fragile data. Users are given the freedom to create a duplicate from the original disk file.

More than 30 file formats can be supported in its virtual drive. Disks like Blu-ray, HDD DVD, and more are also supported in Alcohol 120%. Users can mount any file format they need to.

4. WinCDEmu

WinCDEmu (Download Here) is one of the open-source programs and leans closer to the list of Daemon Tools alternatives. You will experience a minimalist interface when compared to the latter.

Best Daemon Tools Alternatives 2

There is a drive letter policy that you will find in the settings. You can choose your language and opt-in or out of UAC (administrator rights) for the image mounting process.

It might not support as many formats as Daemon Tools does, but most of the major formats are readable, including. BIN, .CCD, .ISO, .IMG, and more.

There is a portable WinCDEmu version available online as well. Both of these do not require any installation as the build is not special in the market. It only asks for a speedy and simple driver install.

You get an unlimited amount of drives and a fast mounting of images. Its CD, BD, and DVD emulator are fantastic. An optical disc image can be mounted within seconds in Windows Explorer, and all it requires is a simple click.

Users can also work with WinCDEmu if they need to use a downloaded ISO image in a blank disc without going under the burning process.

As this software is licensed under LGPL, it does not cost anything to its users. WinCDEmu is an emulator that can handle heavy mounting processes. As mentioned earlier, the user interface serves as an additional perk to using it. Moreover, It comes in 20 languages worldwide.

Features youll find in this software:-

  • It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit across all versions from Windows XP to Windows 10
  • Access to unlimited virtual drives
  • It only needs 2GB of your disk space
  • It also comes in a particular portable variant
  • Completely free

5. Virtual CloneDrive

Users love this application (Download Here) as one of the Daemon Tools alternatives. It has a simple interface and can mount images from both hard disks and network drives.

It works similar to when someone accesses a file from a hard disk like CD or DVD. Surprisingly, like some applications, it does not practically exist in a device either; thus, the name.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

During installation, it will ask you to agree to associate with some mentioned file formats. You can set your permissions according to your needs. This is similar to how WinCDEmu is programmed. Both are somewhat similar to each other in terms of functioning.

This application supports numerous file formats, including CCD, ISO, and more. The navigation process is also relatively easy in Virtual CloneDrive.

It serves as one of the fantastic image mounting programs in todays market. And what is remarkable is that this program supports up to 15 virtual drives at the same time.

Features youll find:-

  • Has a history listing of recent images that you mounted
  • All the standard formats of a file like DVD, ISO, IMG, etc. are supported
  • An image can be mounted and unmounted with a single click and eject button
  • It is completely free
  • Integrated with Window Explorers context menu

6. HDClone Free Edition

Even though the developers mentioned that this free edition (Download Here) is only for temporary use, it still makes an excellent freeware choice of Daemon Tools alternatives. You will discover different versions of this software, and they all do not stop improving.

However, the higher editions of HDClone require a bit more professionalism because of the more extensive functioning. Additionally, the premium version does not cost a lot; it is affordable.

Although, the free version is quite enough for some users as most of the basic requirements are covered. Many users stay with the free version and work with it.

The hardware has the ability to support CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. And just like WinCDEmu, this software is also available in numerous languages, including German, French, and English.

The features it provides:-

  • Supports and has a table of SCSI controllers
  • Hassle-free functionality with smooth running speed
  • Requires almost the hardware speed for RAW images
  • There are no software limitations on copy speed

7. Windows 10 Mounting Feature for ISO

If you do not wish to install any third-party application for just mounting images, you can try the in-build Windows 10 Mounting feature that you will find within your software anyway.

How to mount an image on this software:-

Step 1- Right-click on the ISO format image and select the Mount option

Best Daemon Tools Alternatives 4

Step 2- Double click on the image and simply mount

Step 3- Click on the image > press on the Disc Image Tools tab > select Mount.

8. Virtual CD ROM Control Panel

This (Download Here) is another kind of Daemon Tools alternatives that works similar to the functionality of the above-mentioned in-built Windows 10 Mounting feature.

Although, this requires installation. It is a free utility tool for some Windows users, including Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

One of its outstanding features is the recovery of backup files. It also helps to install the software. Microsofts mounting program has proven immensely helpful to many worldwide.

Features youll get:-

  • Available on Windows as a drive letter
  • Helps to browse
  • Easy for copying files
  • It has Install Driver and Add Driver buttons
  • It is designed for vigorous usage
  • Works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7

9. Phantom Drive

Phantom Drive (Download Here) is the most versatile option within all alternatives and works with all operating systems across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Many Linux users especially find it challenging to search software for mounting and other image-related tasks, but Phantom Drive makes it easier for them.

Best Daemon Tools Alternatives 6

Its versatile nature has caused it to be one of the Daemon Tools alternatives and renowned mounting software globally. It supports various discs, including CDs and Blu-ray, without any troubles. It offers both free and a very affordable paid full version than most of the programs available online.

10. Brasero

This software (Download Here) is not quite famous in the sector of the mounting process. Its developers have designed this program for operations systems that are Unix-like.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

The interface is user-friendly and very easy to learn. Menu options do not make a fuss with a lot of choices; instead, it is pretty handy and uncomplicated.

You dont need to be a professional techy person to work with Brasero. It supports the mounting of CD and DVR file formats. You can manage the content inside any disk and also copy and edit the file names. Many other valuable functions have also been included in the program for related purposes by the developer.

11. MagicISO

This software embraces simplicity. The interface is fundamental yet highly functional. MagicISO (Download Here) is another free option of Daemon Tools alternatives and performs the mounting process very well. It is a powerful program that users should have on their computers.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

The bin and ISO files can be back and forth converted without hesitation. All the forms of image file formats can be mounted on it. Although, this program can support a maximum of 10 GB of file size. This seems appropriately convenient for many.

12. CDBurnerXP

It has similar yet better functions to that of Daemon Tools. It is entirely free and available for the Windows versions of 2000 and later. So, the users who have older versions of Windows can use CDBurnerXP (Download Here) very smoothly.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

It allows the burning of different formats of disks. You can create a virtual disk as well to burn it with ISO format. After the completion of the disk burning process, a data verification process is often proven necessary while using this software.

Moreover, it is available in many different languages to suit users from all parts of the world. This multilingual feature helps many.

13. ImgBurn

This program is free (Download Here) and conveniently burns files into many disk formats like HD DVD, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. It also follows a multilingual nature with up to 39 languages for users.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

Its main attraction lies in its lightweight processing. Usually, an image mounting on most of the software asks for a heavy load on the system, but ImgBurn does not let anything hamper your system.

You will notice no lag during image mounting. The only downfall to using this program is the advertisements. There will be ad content popping up. Also, make sure that the installation process is done very carefully.

14. ISODisk

It is a free (Download Here) and powerful alternative to Daemon Tools for storing images on a virtual drive. It permits the creation of up to 20 drivers. You will be able to mount images in formats of DVD, CD, and other hardware.

Best Daemon Tools Alternatives 11

There is no hassle or abruption from storage hardware upon creating ISO images. You do not even require the installation of any additional virtual drive program. It is an excellent mounting program if you are looking for a robust mounting process.

Features youll get:-

  • Up to 20 virtual drivers are allowed
  • It occupies 64 MB of your computers memory
  • It can mount Local Area Network ISO images
  • The interface is very straightforward and convenient to work with
  • Quite powerful when it comes to functioning

15. ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

It creates a virtual hard disk by utilizing the operating systems memory space. The developers of ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver (Download Here) say that they designed it focusing on Windows, ranging from Windows XP to the top Windows 10 series.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

There is no system reboot needed for its installation process. Even the uninstallation does not ask for any rebooting. This gives it a convenient touch.

The interface design is plain and easy to navigate. As one of the Daemon Tools alternatives, you receive a very smooth functionality on this program.

One disadvantage is that not all disk formats are supported on it. Shadow copying is also not available for users on it. But, many users are indeed happy using it as they find no difficulty while running the program. But, it makes the cut for this list.

16. UltraISO

Its reliability cuts as an alternative to Daemon Tools. Image mounting is effortless on it. Many software have a lower success rate with the same process. But, UltraISO (Download Here) shows complete success and excellent support with image mounting procedures.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

With an exceptionally thoughtful interface, users never tend to face any issues with mounting image files. It accepts many image formats and gives users a probability of high success during the whole process.

17. FarStone VirtualDrive

It is one of the programs with both free and premium versions (Download Here). Users who require it for personal use can opt for the free version and enjoy excellent functionality. Big companies usually purchase the premium version, which comes with a price for commercial use. And it is worth buying.

VirtualDrive can run on the operating systems with Windows versions of Windows 7 and above. Its probability is relatively high as well.

Up to 23 virtual disks are supported on this, which marks itself as a beautiful feature of this software to go for. It can accommodate this number of disks and still run completely fine.

You can perform the process of CD burning in a physical disk. Moreover, you can play games at a 200x speed without any physical disk like DVD or CD. All of this can happen simultaneously. Its power is remarkable, and the functionality is very smooth.

18. Nero Burning ROM

This is software (Download Here) with a high reach amongst users. As one of the Daemon Tools alternatives, it supports numerous disc image formats, including NRG files.

It is available for Windows and Linux. Mac OS users do not seem to get a chance to use this. Although it is a complex optical disc authoring tool, the functionality is somewhat similar to PowerISO.

There are free trial periods at first, but you should pay for the full version after them. It can perform many tasks, including edit, create, copy, and burn any content.

The files on this program can even be shared over the internet. Many file formats are supported on it, and the burning process is pretty smooth. You can configure the compilation properties too.

The files can be dragged and dropped quickly between the disk window pane and the inbuilt folder. These options act as a savior to many for fast working. After this, you can select the image you want to burn and choose the burn option for the process to start.

With such advantages, Nero Burning ROM also comes with some challenges. Users need to install authoring software such as Nero Vision to support the file conversions on it.

You would be asked to install other supporting programs available on Nero Suite for different tasks on this software. It is almost like the workability of plugins in any computer-based application.

But, in a broad area, Nero Burning ROM is a worthy image mounting software for various computer configurations. Also, it is a solid choice as one of the Daemon Tools Alternatives. You will surely love working on this program for professional usage.

19. K3b

It is another powerful tool and completely free. K3b (Download Here) is built for the Linux environment. All the basic features are included in its package and contain fantastic customization options.

19 Of The Best Daemon Tools Alternatives

Users can rip and copy CDs. They can enjoy its three main features of copy medium, audio project, and data project.

The only downfall to this software is that it takes a much more extended-release period for updates. Since 2011, there havent been any updates; hence some bugs are left unsolved.


Daemon Tools might be suitable for some people, but a few computer users find it a troubling experience. This software does not tend to suit them.

But the listings of alternatives here serve the proper purpose. All of these listed Daemon Tools alternatives have their features and functionality.

Choose whether you want to use a program for personal or commercial use, and then look for the ones with the exact editions.

Usually, this software will be free of cost, but the commercial tasks ask for a specific price. This is so because personal usage does not need any high-level multitasking. However, commercial use demands a much larger work profile.

Being keen on such computing programs always pays off in the technical field. And today, with a massive library of file formats, it isnt easy to find programs that can support them all. This also sets a bar for your selection. Certainly, mounting images can never be this easy with the above programs.