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13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

In today’s dynamic world, everyone has to stay updated and plan their daily activities to avoid last-minute dilemmas. To Stay up with time and plan out the day’s activities, one needs a digital calendar that has a futuristic approach. 

A digital calendar is way more advanced than a standard calendar. With a digital calendar, you can plan your day-to-day activities, which will help you properly utilize every second.

You can even set a reminder for every remote work using a digital calendar.

Now, there are many digital calendar applications available for desktops and smartphones. Many of the applications are worth the download, while others are spam. One such unique and great digital calendar is the DAKboard.

DAKboard is a well-designed digital calendar that assists you in planning your day with ease. It also helps you to know the world around you.

However, every well-designed application has certain flaws that make us search for a better alternative, similar to DAKboard, which lacks some features of a digital calendar. 

If you are looking for a switch, don’t worry because here in this article, we have listed the 13 best DAKboard alternatives.

Check out the article and decide which digital calendar suits your the best. 

Best DAKboard Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

As mentioned earlier, DAKboard is a marvelously designed digital calendar that plans and alters how you display your photos, dates, days, weather, and news. DAKboard helps you track your time and plan your day well.

With DAKboard, one can easily schedule appointments, work, and much more. It changes the way you plan out your day. 

However, DAKboard lacks some of the essential features of a digital calendar, making us think of switching. 

Not every digital calendar application is meant to be perfectly designed or fit every sector or individual. Even DAKboard as a digital calendar has some flaws; if those flaws are rectified, its performance can be improved. 

But for now, DAKboard alternatives are the best option for the users. With the alternatives, you can do more than your regular scheduling.

Moreover, DAKboard does not allow the usage of google products or applications, which is a major drawback and makes people search for alternatives. 

If you are looking for more features in digital calendars, there is a better chance that you can find the perfect digital calendar from the alternatives we have listed in this article. 

1. CalenGoo

Nowadays, most of us schedule our meetings and appointments through email, so we want to sync our email IDs with our calendars to set a reminder for the event.

For this reason, Google calendars are efficient and most popular among users as they remind us about all the past and future events once they are synced with emails. But, Not all users like the Google calendar for some reason or another. 

So, here is an alternative for you – the CalenGoo. The CalenGoo is a digital calendar and one of the best DAKboard alternatives designed by Gunia UG.

It is one of the finely designed digital calendars with all the features of the Google calendar and, in addition, has certain unique features that even the Google calendar lacks. 

Best DAKboard Alternatives

The CalenGoo is a unique and futuristic application with a worldwide reach and can be accessed on every device out there.

CalenGoo can be used even without the internet, which gives it a significant advantage over other digital calendar applications. 

With CalenGoo, users can set uncountable reminders without facing any limitations. One can even sync the application with Gmail and other applications of Google to schedule appointments and meetings.

CalenGoo uses attractive colors and a user-friendly interface to make the application interesting for its users. 

You can download and access all the features of CalenGoo on desktops and smartphones. For the desktop application, the company offers a month’s free usage.

Furthermore, the application is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store for a reasonable price.  

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

2. Rainlendar

Do you often prefer using a desktop or a laptop? Do you want your PC’s calendar to look more attractive and innovative? Then Rainlendar is the best digital calendar for you.

Rainlendar is an innovative and well-designed digital calendar that works only on desktops and laptops. The Rainlendar application provides options for widget display, a unique calendar feature. 

Best DAKboard Alternatives 1

With the Rainlendar application, you can quickly look at all your scheduled meetings, events, and works that you have set in the Rainlendar calendar.

The application lets you customize almost every feature that’s available on it. The significant advantage Rainlendar has over DAKboard is that you can set the alarm on the Rainlendar app for every task you add. 

Rainlendar also allows sync with other apps to send notifications for all the events mentioned there. You can opt for Rainlendar as an Alternative because it consumes less storage space and works in the background with minimal battery usage. 

A significant drawback of Rainlendar is that it does not work on any smartphone device. However, you can download the Rainlendar application for your desktop or laptop and enjoy its easy-to-go calendar features.

3. Synk

Adding to the list is one more amazing DAKboard alternatives – The Synk app (Download Here). The Synk is a futuristic calendar application that lets you synchronize all your day-to-day activities in the application and reminds you of those activities at the set time.

With the Synk application, users can do more than see dates and days; they can keep track of their meetings, appointments, and even special dates. 

Best DAKboard Alternatives 2

The Synk application is designed to help you cherish all the memorable and auspicious days of your life. The application provides a user-friendly interface and allows users to customize in-app features. 

The Synk app helps you keep the schedule of all your favorite Television programs, essential days, and even your school and college events.

The application is so built that it enables users to add files and other attachments to their event list.

This feature makes the application stand out from other digital calendar applications. The Synk application is only confined to IOS devices, which is a significant drawback.

However, it is an excellent application for IOS users, and if you too use an IOS device – Download the Synk application and experience the features of a futuristic calendar.

4. DigiCal+

DigiCal+ is a powerful and innovative digital calendar designed by Digibites. DigiCal+ is the best-suited option for those looking for a commercial or business calendar.

The application is built for those who want to keep up with time and record all their work, meetings, and other events.

13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

The DigiCal+ application helps you stay ahead with exciting features, such as time management, scheduling tasks, task reminders, a lunar calendar, and other features.

All these features make DigiCal+ a worthy alternative to DAKboard. 

If you are searching for a more professional and classy digital calendar for your enterprise, you should go for DigiCal+.

It provides not only innovative functionalities but also enables complete customization control for its users. With DigiCal+, you take your standard calendar to a level with increased efficiency and better performance. 

DigiCal+ comes in two versions – one is a free version, and the other is a DigiCal+ pack. If you want all the features of DigiCal, then you better opt for the plus version.

The DigiCal+ application is available on Google’s Play Store. However, the developers have not designed an app for IOS devices, which is a significant drawback.

Features You get with DigiCal+:-

  • You get innovative and attractive widgets to make your device look more fun.
  • Using the application, you can quickly locate leisure time and busy periods throughout the year.
  • Forty-two colorful and attractive themes to make your calendar look beautiful.
  • And with the plus variant, you also get an ad-free application experience.

Download the App from Google Play Store

5. Month: Calendar Widget

If you are among those searching for ways to make their device’s home screen look attractive, Month is the best calendar widget application for you.

Month: Calendar Widget is an amazing and popular application developed by CandI Apps.

The Month application is way ahead in its approach and has a more futuristic design than other digital calendars. 

Best DAKboard Alternatives 4

The Month application is a collection of numerous creatively designed and attractive calendar widgets that are quick and easy to access on any device.

The Month application will help you easily schedule and complete your task with all its interesting functionalities.

Using the Month application, you can easily manage your day’s activities, schedule appointments and meetings, set reminders for important dates, and do many other tasks. 

The developers have integrated the Month application with Google Calendar, making it more convenient for users to track and keep records of events saved in Google’s calendar. 

Download the Month: Calendar Widget application to make your device’s home screen look more exciting and attractive.

The features you get with the app:-

  • Beautiful and innovative widgets with up to eighty customized themes.
  • Widgets instantly blend with the home screen and give a detailed view of your task list.
  • Display important events and dates.
  • You can get quick access to your daily schedule with the widgets.

Download the App from Google Play Store

6. Jorte

Searching for free and enhanced DAKbooard Alternatives? Jorte is the most suitable option you can get. Jorte is a simple yet advanced digital calendar application developed by Jorte Inc.

The Jorte Application is packed with numerous features making it more enhanced than your standard calendar. 

Jorte Application is designed to suit almost every user, whether an enterprise or an individual. It has got some great customizations for the users making it popular and user-friendly.

13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

The Jorte app enables users to customize the mini menu available in the app, and the user can decide what to display on the mini menu. 

The app even comes with numerous templates for widgets and themes that make your home screen look more beautiful. With the built-in widgets of the Jorte application, one can get quick access to their task list, making it convenient to use.

The Jorte Calendar is available for both IOS and Android devices. You can download the application from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 

The features you get on Jorte:-

  • Jorte App syncs with other applications, such as Microsoft 365 and Evernote, to allow a better user interface.
  • You can even download different fonts available on the application to make the calendar look more attractive.
  • The Jorte’s Diary function lets you attach photos to the calendar to make your day memorable.
  • The Jorte Cloud lets you sync and back up all your data to access other devices.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

7. Google Calendar

Google LLC, as an application developer, needs no introduction. Google comes up with innovative and fun-to-use applications for all. Google LLC products are ahead of their time and have an advanced approach.

Google Calendar is a beautifully crafted digital calendar application designed by Google LLC. The Google Calendar application is compatible with Android and IOS devices, making it more popular among netizens. 

13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

You can do much more than just schedule meetings and events using Google Calendar.

With Google Calendar, a user can set reminders for even small tasks, add photos to the reminders, set the alarm, and add a location to the tasks, a unique application feature.

Most of us have our mail IDs on Gmail, and the best part is we can easily sync our mail ID to the calendar to schedule meetings and appointments, which is a convenient reminder method. 

With over One Billion plus user base, the Google Calendar is one of the best free DAKboard Alternatives available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Download the Application now can explore the amazing feature of Google Calendar.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

8. Time Tree-Free Shared Calendar

As netizens, we love sharing photos and memorable events with our close ones. Sometimes people even love sharing their day-to-day activities over the internet.

If you, too, are among those who like to share your day-to-day tasks with your friends or family, then Time Tree is the best digital calendar for you. 

Time Tree is an advanced and finely designed calendar that enables users to communicate with their family, friends, and colleagues with its futuristic communication tools and social networking features.

Best DAKboard Alternatives 7

You can even create and save multiple calendars for various groups of people. You can create a different calendar for family, professional, and personal life.

For this very feature, Time Tree overtakes DAKboard to become the most downloaded application over the internet. 

Another amazing feature of Time Tree is that it allows chatroom features for app users. In those chatrooms, the users can share their thoughts and ideas with other people, which is a great initiative.

With all these fantastic features, the Time tree can be one of the finely crafted Alternatives. You can access the Time Tree application on almost every device – download the Time Tree calendar and enjoy hassle-free activity planning.

The Features you get with Time Tree:-

  • The calendar’s full month view displays all the past and future events on particular dates, making it convenient for the users.
  • You get to share pictures and other files in the chatroom feature of the application.
  • The application has a memo feature that allows users to add notes and lists to events making it helpful in scheduling appointments and meetings.
  • You can create and save multiple calendars for various individuals or groups and even for different events.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

9. Business Calendar 2

Most of us require a professional calendar to schedule all our business-related meetings and appointments.

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur searching for a professional calendar to organize all your business activities, then Business Calendar 2 is a practical application.

Business Calender 2, developed by Appgenix, is a digital calendar application with every feature you need to organize and schedule your day-to-day activities.

13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

Business calendar 2 is packed with innovative and modern features that stand out from other digital calendar applications.

Making graphical presentations for events, stickers to increase efficiency, and integrated textual representations for tasks are some of the application’s unique features. 

The application has a sleek and user-friendly interface and a quick navigation system that makes the application work smoothly without errors. The app has a built-in widget function that enables customization for the users. 

With Business Calendar 2, you can easily manage your professional life and balance it with your personal life. You can download the application for Android devices on Google’s Play Store. However, the app is not available for IOS devices. 

The Features You get on Business Calendar 2:-

  • With Business Calendar 2, you get a schedule organizer, task manager, and Calendar with customizable widgets.
  • The app comes with six innovative views for the calendar.
  • You can sync the application with others, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, etc.
  • You can also share your calendar with friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Download the App from Google Play Store

10. Any.do – Planner & Calendar

Do you use a laptop or desktop and cell phone simultaneously? Do you access your Calender’s To-do-list from several devices at a time? If so, then Any.do would be a perfect digital calendar for you.

Any.do is one of the most advanced and popular DAKboard Alternatives as it allows the users to sync at their devices on a single platform.

It is a great application for organizing and manage your personal and professional lifestyle. 

With Any.do, one can easily make plans, organize events, and schedule meetings with others by quickly sharing all the activities and plans through the app itself.

The application even allows spontaneous communication with any person you want to make plans with, which is an innovative feature of Any.do. 

13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

Along with the main app, the Any.do calendar is also available in the widget version, making it convenient for users to grasp their events and task list quickly.

The best feature of Any. You can view the calendar and schedule alongside each other, allowing you to keep a record of your work time. 

Any.do calendar also facilitates syncing your account with Google’s calendar. Furthermore, the application is also compatible with smart devices such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. 

The Any.do application is free on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. However, we recommend you switch to its premium version for enhanced and top-notch features. 

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

11. Annual View

Annual View will be an excellent application for you if you are a businessman or an entrepreneur looking for a professional calendar to organize your work schedule around the year.

The Annual View calendar application is one of the DAKboard Alternatives and a well-organized calendar you can find over the internet.

The complete yearly view of the application makes it convenient for the users to schedule and organize their appointments around the year. 

13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

The app helps you manage all your professional activities and increase the efficiency of your work cycle. With the Annual View calendar, you can maintain multiple calendars and access them easily through the app’s Annual View Performance.

You can double-tap on it and make the necessary changes without the hassle of adding or making changes to the events or meetings in a day. 

The app is built with excellence and has some interesting features, such as beautiful colors for the calendar, numerous themes, a push notification option, and many more.

The app even supports various languages making it easier for users from different corners of the world to understand. However, the application is only compatible with android devices and does not run on IOS devices, which is a significant flaw of the application. 

Download the App from Google Play Store

12. DollarBird

For most people, managing work schedules and finances simultaneously becomes tricky. However, time management is an easy task compared to finance management.

But if you are searching for a convenient method or application to manage your work schedule and finances, then DollarBird is the right choice.

13 Best DAKboard Alternatives To Organize and Simplify

DollarBird is a unique application with enhanced and integrated functionalities that help you manage your day-to-day activities and finances. 

DollarBird is a finely crafted calendar and finance application that helps you to schedule your day’s tasks and, at the same time, helps you keep a proper record of all your financing activities.

With the help of DollarBird’s Artificial Intelligence features, one can acquire knowledge of proper budgeting and money management techniques. Overall, DollarBird is one of the most eligible DAKboard Alternatives.

If you also want to manage your finances and day-to-day activities without difficulty, download the DollarBird application on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The Features You get on DollarBird:-

  • With Dollarbird, managing money and time becomes more accessible and convenient for users.
  • With the Calendar, you can quickly access all your transactions for a particular date.
  • With the Artificial Intelligence feature of the app, one can easily categorize financial transactions, which helps in better management.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

Dakboard alternatives For raspberry pi

On a Raspberry Pi, you can utilize a variety of alternatives to Dakboard, including:-

MagicMirror:- With the help of several widgets, like news feeds, weather, and calendar events, you can build a customizable dashboard using this open-source platform.

HADashboard:- A web server like Apache or Nginx can run this dashboard utility, which was created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Wall display:- The time, the weather, and the latest news are among the widgets displayed on this straightforward dashboard utility. It is simple to set up and modify.

Screenly OSE:– This is a framework for digital signage that enables the development and presentation of interactive dashboards on a Raspberry Pi. Images, movies, and web pages are just a few of the different media kinds it supports.

Pi-hole:- A Raspberry Pi can be configured to install this network-wide ad filter. All devices linked to your network can have advertisements, and other unwanted content blocked.

PiDashing:– Using widgets called “jobs”—which may be created in various languages—this tool enables you to build unique dashboards. It is simple to set up and modify.

OpenHAB:- This is a Raspberry Pi-compatible open-source platform for home automation. It enables you to operate numerous home appliances and create personalized dashboards.

Home Assistant:– This is an additional open-source home automation system that works with a Raspberry Pi. It includes a robust dashboard function that lets you design personalized views and manage different home appliances.

Mango display vs dakboard:-

You may develop and show interactive dashboards on various devices, including TVs, monitors, and tablets, using the digital signage platforms Mango Display and Dakboard.

Here are some significant variations between the two:-

Cost:– Dakboard offers both premium and free versions, whereas Mango Display is a paid platform. Limited functionality and a small logo are present in the free edition of Dakboard.

Customization:– Both platforms have a wide variety of customization possibilities, but Mango Display provides more sophisticated customization capabilities, such as the ability to create your templates and integrate custom CSS.

Widgets:– News feeds, weather, calendar events, and social network updates are just a few of the widgets available on both platforms that can be added to the dashboard. On the other hand, Mango Display provides more widget choices, including the capacity to show information from Google Sheets and other outside sources.

Integration:- Both platforms provide compatibility with a range of tools and services, including Google Calendar and Nest thermostats. On the other hand, Mango Display provides a greater number of integrations, including the capacity to display information from APIs and databases.

Support:- Both platforms include documentation and customer help as support tools. Additionally, Mango Display provides phone and live chat services.

Dakboard vs skylight:-

Here are some key differences between the two:-

Cost:– While Skylight is a commercial platform, Dakboard has paid and free editions.

Customization:– The ability to add widgets and modify the dashboard’s design and appearance are just a few customization possibilities available on both platforms. The ability to create your templates and include custom CSS is one of the more sophisticated customization options provided by Skylight.

Widgets:– News feeds, weather, calendar events, and social network updates are just a few of the widgets available on both platforms that can be added to the dashboard. However, Skylight has more widget choices, such as the capacity to show information from Google Sheets and other outside sources.

Integration:– Both platforms provide compatibility with a range of tools and services, including Google Calendar and Nest thermostats. Skylight, however, has more connectors, including the capacity to display information from databases and APIs.

Support:– Both platforms include documentation and customer help as support tools. Skylight provides additional assistance choices, such as live chat and phone help.


What is similar to DAKboard?

The top alternatives for DAKboard are TimeTree, Dollarbird, CalenGoo, Rainlendar, Jorte, ActionTiles, Calendar Widget: Month, Rainlendar, Digical+, etc.

Is there a free alternative to DAKboard?

Rainlendar or TimeTree is a free alternative to DAKboard. Other apps like DAKboard are Nutrislice, Yodeck, Xibo, and our home.

Can you watch TV on DAKboard?

Once you link the smart TV, you will get a default screen in DAKboard. Is it possible to change your smart TV screen with your DAKboard account.

Does DAKboard require a subscription?

It offers a free version. However, there are different pricing plans to develop and support DAKboard.

Is DAKboard safe?

Generally speaking, Dakboard is regarded as a safe and secure platform.

Dakboard uses secure servers, encryption, and industry-standard security procedures to safeguard your data and prevent unwanted access to your account.

In addition, Dakboard provides a privacy statement outlining how it gathers, uses, and distributes your data.

What is a DAKboard CPU?

DAKboard or the Raspberry Pi computer is connected to a monitor for displaying a webpage with custom information.

How do I connect my DAKboard to Wifi?

The device displaying your DAKboard dashboard must be used to connect your DAKboard to WiFi.

To connect a device to WiFi, follow these general instructions:-

Step 1:– On your device, look for the WiFi settings. This is typically located in your device’s network settings or settings menu.

Step 2:– Choose the desired WiFi network’s name from the list of accessible networks.

Step 3:– Enter the password if the WiFi network is password-protected when prompted.

Step 4:- Hold off until the device joins the WiFi network. It can require a few seconds.

After establishing a WiFi connection, your device should be able to browse the internet and see your DAKboard dashboard.

If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting to WiFi, you might need to check your device’s WiFi settings or ask your WiFi provider for help.

Is DAKboard free?

Yes, Dakboard has both paid and unpaid versions. The Dakboard free version is completely functional but has several restrictions compared to the commercial version.

You can build one dashboard to display data on one device with Dakboard’s free version. A little logo is also visible on the dashboard.

In addition to removing the restrictions of the free version, Dakboard Plus includes more capabilities like the ability to build several dashboards, show them on various devices, and change the dashboard’s appearance without the branding. Access to premium widgets and assistance from the Dakboard team are also included in the paid edition.

You can select the Dakboard version that most closely fits your requirements and price range.

Is a DAKboard touch screen?

The dashboard will be touch-enabled if you view your Dakboard on a TV or monitor with a touch screen. It won’t be touch-enabled if you view your Dakboard dashboard on a TV or without a touch screen.

The dashboard will also be touch-enabled if you view your Dakboard dashboard on a tablet with a touch screen.

The dashboard, however, won’t be touch-enabled if you view your Dakboard on a tablet without a touch screen.

Generally speaking, Dakboard is made to be utilized with various gadgets and does not depend on a touch screen to work effectively.

You can select the gadget to show your Dakboard dashboard that best suits your requirements and price range.

Is there a DAKboard app?

Yes, both iOS and Android users can download the DAKboard app. You may access and manage your DAKboard dashboard using the DAKboard app on a smartphone or tablet.

You may browse your dashboard, add or delete widgets, and alter the layout of your dashboard using the DAKboard app. As long as you have an internet connection, you may view your dashboard using the app from anywhere.

You must sign in with your DAKboard account and link your device to your DAKboard dashboard to use the DAKboard app. The Software Store and Google Play Store offer the app at no cost.

DAKboard offers a mobile and web app that lets you view and manage your dashboard from any web browser.

This may come in handy if you wish to access your dashboard from a PC or other device without the DAKboard app loaded.

Does DAKboard work with Google Calendar?

The connection of DAKboard with Google Calendar is supported. You may add a Google Calendar widget to your DAKboard dashboard to show your upcoming activities and appointments.

You must go into your DAKboard account and visit the dashboard editor to add a Google Calendar widget.

Then, carry out the following procedures to add the Google Calendar widget to your dashboard:-

Step 1:- In the dashboard editor, select “Add Widget.”

Step 2:- Choose the “Google Calendar” widget from the widget selection screen.

Step 3:- Select the calendar you want to view after completing the authentication steps with your Google account.

Step 4:- Adjust the widget’s design and appearance as desired.

Your upcoming events and appointments will be shown in real-time once you have installed the Google Calendar widget to your dashboard.

Additionally, you may alter the widget’s settings to show only particular calendars or events or to show events for a given time frame.

Is there a digital wall calendar?

Dakboard, Mango Display, and Skylight are a few examples of digital wall calendars.


As we know, calendars play a significant role in our day-to-day lives, and digital calendars make it even more convenient. Digital calendars act as a tool for enhancing and organizing our lives in a better way.

With Today’s hectic schedule, we hardly find any time for leisure, but if we manage our schedule correctly, it becomes easier for us to find a break. For time management, in today’s modern world, Digital Calendars are the best option available.

DAKboard is a marvelous digital calendar application, but it lacks certain features that make people search for an alternative.

If you were searching for DAkboard Alternatives, We hope your search ended with this article.

Here, we have mentioned some of the best hand-picked alternatives to the DAKboard calendar, and you can select any one out of it as per your requirements. 

You can opt for a Rainlendar or Month calendar application if you search for better calendar widgets for your smartphone or desktop.

You can also opt for Google Calendar or CalenGoo application which works with other third-party programs to enhance your scheduling experience.

You can opt for any of the applications mentioned above and enjoy hassle-free scheduling of your day-to-day activities.