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9 Of The Best Dancing Apps To Learn New Dance Moves

Looking for the Best Dancing Apps To Learn New Dance Moves? 🤔

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In this guide, I’m going to explain the Best Dancing Apps on both Android and Ios platforms To Learn New Dance Moves.

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Do you like to dance, but can’t master some dance moves despite trying hard? Are you seeking an easy way to learn new dance steps and moves?

What if we told you that you could master several new and exciting dance steps using your smartphone?

Thanks to modern technologies, there are now numerous apps available for you to learn new dance moves.

In this article, we will be review 8 of such apps available for Android and iOS users. With these apps, you will be able to learn how to dance. Finally, you can impress your friends and others with the new dance steps that you will learn from these apps.

You can also challenge your family members, friends, and others to dance after learning the steps from these apps. If you are ready to get your dance skills started, then download one of these apps to get started.

We’ve reviewed these dancing apps with enough information to help you understand what each entails. We’ve also highlighted the features of each to help you make the right choice of the one that best suits your needs. Take a look at them:

Best Dancing Apps To Learn New Dance Moves 👌

1. Crazy Flamenco

It is not a coincidence that Crazy Flamenco has made it to the top of our list of best dancing apps.

It is worth the hype it has received in recent times, and if you know anything about dance apps, then you would know that this is one worth having on your phone.

App: Crazy Flamenco Dance - New version with video sharing feature!!!

It is everything you would want in a dance app, and to top it all; it is free to download. Celebration weekends and public holidays with friends just got better.

With the fantastic features that this app has, you can expect to have a whole weekend of total fun; whether you are spending it alone or with someone.

Dancing Apps

One reason why people are running after the Crazy Flamenco app is that apart from the fun it offers, it will also help you to learn new dance skills. There’s just so much to talk about this app.

Get to show your friends the level of skill you possess in dancing with this app. You will also love how attractive you look with a Spanish hat and a full dress.

How it works:-

The application supports the use of your phone’s camera and once installed, it will be easy to find your way around. The intuitive nature of the app makes understanding and use pretty easy.

Use the phone’s camera to take a photo of yourself. Once done, place your face inside the silhouette and begin dancing as if you just made it to an authentic Spanish Flamenco stage. You will enjoy the guitar sound as well as the hilarious music produced by the app

It also features a virtual store where you can purchase additional costume packs. You will get the right costumes to either dress yourself as an exotic Flamenco woman, a funny Flamenco baby, or as an adorable Flamenco Grandma. 


  • Social Media integration
  • Free to download in android and iOS stores
  • Premium costume shop for purchase of extra costume
  • Intuitive and easy to migrate.

Overall, this app is made to make catching fun with friends and family easier. You will love everything that the app offers, from the polished interface to the animations and graphics by Spanish artists. Everything is just on point to give you an enjoyable experience.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. ElfYourself 

It’s never too early or too late to install and enjoy a good Christmas app. The ElfYourself is one such app that helps you make the best out of your Christmas holiday. With so much on offer by the app, you can be guaranteed total fun and enjoyment.

EYS 2018 Promo Video 2018

The app works well on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, giving you a way to create a hilarious animation is yourself or just anyone of your friends and family members.

If you are yet to hear about this app, then it is one you should, in fact, try. You will be amazed by how quickly the app hooks you, as you begin to create dance steps after dance steps.

One fantastic feature of this app is that it is free to download. Hence, it has become an annual tradition for most people and families. With the app, you will be able to elf yourself in some very hilarious manner.

Dancing Apps

With the app, you will be able to create a customized dance video with dancing elves in it. That is the whole essence of the video. The whole fun of it starts from you trying to place a picture of you on the dancing elf so that it appears as if you are the one truly dancing.

The app gives you the ability to personalize up to 5 elves per video, meaning that you can add family members, friends, and even the family pet if you want. The app allows you to either take your photo from your Facebook photos or your camera roll. 

The app also allows you to share finished dance videos with friends on Facebook or via email. Whatever means you choose would not drop the quality of the video or the fun it is going to bring.

The app comes with plenty of customization features, starting with the choice of elf face. As we’ve stated earlier, the app allows you to create up to five dancing elves at once. You will also be able to select a dance theme you want. 


  • Free to download on iOS stores
  • In-app purchases to increase your experience with the app.
  • Easy to use.
  • Creation of up to five customized dancing elves.
  • Facebook, and email integration. 

Overall, this is an app worth downloading when you have very little work to do. It keeps you busy for a long time and even helps you to learn new dance skills that will improve your clubbing experience.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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3. Dance School Stories 

This is another dancing app worth making it into our list of dance apps to own this year. It is a top-rated app, so you might have heard about it before.

Beyond its popularity, however, Dance School Stories offers so much fun to keep you busy and entertained throughout any weekend or holiday. The app is available for both Android and iOS users, so you can grab it for your smartphone now.

Dance School Stories | Game Trailer | TabTale

There’s nothing as heart-warming as dancing with the feeling that you are doing so on a live stage with thousands of people watching you. Well, that is precisely what this app offers you, so you can expect so much fun with it. 

The app is not only designed for people that want to catch random fun. It is also designed for even experienced dancers to use when they are looking to learn new dance steps.

9 Of The Best Dancing Apps To Learn New Dance Moves

You will be able to impress your teacher by how quickly you are learning new dance steps if you have the app installed on your phone. Enough of the hype, let’s talk a bit about the features to expect in this app.

The app lists different dance styles for you to choose from. It is up to you to select one which you prefer at a particular time and dance away feeling like you are on a live stage in your dream country. 

How it works:-

The game begins to offer you so much fun from the moment you download it. The goal is usually to reach the top of the leaderboard and establish yourself as the best dancer in your academy. 

The game begins by showing a little video of an incidence where someone would cut the stage light, so it falls on you.

You can even start from the very scratch by creating your dancer and teaching her different dance steps.

At first, your dance will be pretty inexperienced, and by then, it will be hard to get your instructor’s compliment. In the avatar build more, you can select simple features like eye color, head shape, and eyebrows.

Once you are done creating and naming your dancer, you will be sent to class to meet your instructor. Learning begins immediately as you will be tasked to follow the instructor’s lead. 

When you start, the lessons will often feel easy, but as you grow into it, it becomes longer and more difficult. 

By the time you get to the big stage, you will be able to choose from the dance moves, you have learned throughout the semester to create your performance.

Overall, this is one game worth having. It gets better as you continue to improve. With the options of dressing up your dancer and the ability to dance in the gym being unlocked, you will be happy at the level of fun being offered.

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Download on Apple App Store

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4. Just Dance Now 

You will be surprised if we finished reviewing our best dancing apps and didn’t include the Just Dance Now app, wouldn’t you?

This is an app that has gained so much popularity among professional and amateur dancers in recent times, and there are good reasons for the level of popularity it is winning.

People are in love with most of the amazing features that the app brings to the mix. With recent updates on the app, you can expect it to be a total bliss to any fun seeker.

First, it is an app available to android and iOS users. With its level of functionality and the inclusion of a decent smattering of songs that you can dance to, you can expect that the app will get you dancing with ease. 

You either play by yourself or gather some friends or family members to play with. You play by picking a track, then follow the dancers on screen as they perform different dance routines.

This is one of the few dance apps out there that allows you to learn the dance routines physically and in real-time. The bottom corner of the app’s screen shows you prompts that you are supposed to follow, and you must do it in time with the star dancer showing on your screen. 

9 Of The Best Dancing Apps To Learn New Dance Moves

With time, the prompts get faster and more serious, but different steps will be repeated a few times so that you can get the hang of it. You are awarded points based on how quickly you learn the steps, and depending on the game mode you play.

The reward includes either coming out as the winner or earning currencies which can be used for unlocking additional songs.

The “Just Dance” mode is the easiest mode to start with. 

Below are some of the features of Just Dance Now that earned it a spot in our list of Best Dancing Apps.


  • Different dance modes to dance to depending on the level of dance expertise.
  • Free to download for Android and iOS users
  • Ability to unlock several new songs
  • Social media integration.

Overall, this is a game designed mostly for casual audiences and people that might not want their dance move scored. For a start, you will get a little over 40 songs, but with time, you will be able to unlock more to increase your enjoyment of the app.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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5. Baby Dancing Apps

This is a 3D baby dancing game app that is designed specifically for kids. If you want your kids of any age to learn how to move their bodies to certain songs, then this is the perfect stuff for you.

9 Of The Best Dancing Apps To Learn New Dance Moves

It is designed with your kids in mind, with an interface that helps them learn new dance steps. The baby dancing app is an exciting no-WiFi game app that can be used on Android and iOS devices.

The main goal of the app is to help your kids enjoy their leisure time, although it also incorporates some serious dance lessons that will help them get better.

The different dance steps of the game are easy to learn and can be learned almost instantaneously while playing. In other to take the enjoyment of your kids to another level, the game incorporates some other game-playing options along with dancing.

This is so for your kids to show off their new skills on the app. This is especially great for you if you want your child to pick interest in show business. One thing is sure: it is a full pack of entertainment and a fun dancing game app for kids. 

The makers of the game understand how busy your schedule can be at times; hence, they’ve made the app’s interface pretty intuitive and straightforward, so that your child can operate it by himself and learn on the go when you are to busy to teach them.

If, however, you have minutes to spare, the app can also serve to improve family bonding time.

How it works:-

The working process of the app is easy and straightforward. Just go on to your Appstore to download. After installation, you will need to complete a few registration and access allowances.

Once that is clear, you will move directly to the class session, where an onscreen instructor will be available to teach you different dance steps. The goal of it is to make your kid better in the various dance steps before allowing them to host a show of theirs.

They get to present the dance that they’ve learned over time in the show. The good thing about this game is that kids grow into it as they continue to play. They get to earn coins for every dance step they learn and present successfully.

Nothing beats leaving your kids at home with the knowledge that they have something to keep them busy and from rough plays till you get back. That is exactly what this game offers.

Download on Google Play Store

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6. Pocket salsa 

If you are interested in learning how to dance Salsa right in the comfort of your home, then this is the app for you. The Pocket salsa is designed to you some cool Salsa moves and get you in tune with trends in the Salsa world.

Learn to Dance with Pocket Salsa

Pocket salsa has developed over time to become one of the best-rated apps that’s available for those that want to learn Salsa. With over 120 video lessons contained in the app, you can expect to learn a lot in a few days. 

Users get to download the lessons one after the other, and once a video has been downloaded, users get to view it at any time they want, even without an internet connection.

The video library featured in the app has different clips organized by level, so you get to learn new steps depending on your present level. 

Dancing Apps

There is also a Rhythm section that allows users to get familiar to the Salsa beat, so it is not just about the dance steps, but the rhythm also. 

There is also a video clips section where you will find real social dances from around the world. Many users are impressed by the completeness of this app.

It is one of the complete Salsa learning apps on the internet, offering users everything they need to get better in their Salsa skills. Users will also find that the app provides them with an option to purchase additional video packs, in case they want to learn advanced moves. 

Below are some of the features of the Pocket salsa that earned it a spot in our list of Best Dancing Apps.


  • Premium package for Android and iOS users 
  • Easy to use
  • More than 120 dance videos are available to learn from
  • Airpod support allows you to watch and learn from the videos on TV.
  • You can download videos and watch them at any time, even without an internet connection.

Overall, Pocket salsa has everything to teach you how to get the inner dancer in you out. You will be amazed by how quickly you will get to bust some impressive Salsa moves when the need arises. Get the app today to begin your journey towards learning new Salsa skills.

Download On Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

7. Face dance 

With this app, you can think about the dance revolution, but for your face alone.

This is a music facial recognition based game that is currently going viral across Asia and other continents because of its content of some seriously funny gameplay videos.

9 Of The Best Dancing Apps To Learn New Dance Moves

The game comes very simply and is direct to the point, but with enough fun stuff to keep you glued for a long time. The game is designed in a manner for you to mimic different emoji faces that will be shown to you on the screen as the music beats go on.

For example, the app might show you an open mouth and closed eyes. You will have to replicate the face in its exact form to score points.

The app’s developers claim that it uses facial recognition technology for detecting the facial expression of the player. Hence, the game can tell if your face matches the emoji or not.

It is essential to state here, however, that while reviewing this app, we found it to be more reliant on motion than on facial expressions.

So you can cheat the app by just dramatically swinging your face from side to side, and the app will successfully register your move and award your scores.

Besides that, it is a fascinating app available for both Android and iOS users. Given how viral the app has gone after just a few months of its creation, you can easily tell that it is an app worth checking out.

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8. NinjaMe

NinjaMe is another viral dancing app that’s worth being on our list of best dancing apps for this year. This is a game that has gained popularity over the past few years for its axing motion tracking technology.

Dancing Apps

It is available for Android and iOS users and is a great app to own if you want to learn some new dance skills for yourself.

It comes with an inbuilt motion sensor that’s designed to correctly score your dance moves and teach you the correct dance steps in areas where you miss them. Its photo upload option allows you to make dancing videos of yourself online and offline.

You can also challenge your friends to a dance competition on the app after learning different routines.

There you have it, eight dancing apps that are worth owning if you want to have fun while learning new dance steps.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store


Get these apps to teach yourself how to be better on the dance floor, and you will be glad you did. Each of them is available for download on your App store or just click on the links to begin downloading.