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DearMob iPhone Manager: A reliable iTunes alternative to transfer and backup iOS / iPadOS data


Photos, videos and memoirs, these are the things that last forever, remind us of good times whenever we feel low or whenever we need a warm virtual hug. Our contacts are the network we rely on and gain over a long period of time, our calendar gives us the very well needed data and our phone SMS, mostly has a lot of vital information that should be kept safe and with us.

But then again, it does get difficult over time to keep track and not lose out on information. Most of these memories and data are always with us on our phones, kudos to digitalization. But then again, overtime our phones get old, storage gets full and we need to rely on back-up to save the day. There are various softwares that work differently for each device. Windows has One Drive to help while android gives us the Google drive. But with iOS and Mac, the game is totally different.

Now, to back up iphone data is a major problem, especially if you have a iDevice, be it an iPad, iPhone or iPod. Sometimes itunes gives up on us, starts malfunctioning or the smart device starts slowing down. Hence, sometimes, it’s good to have a good application around to help out and ensure a safe and easy way to have our back-up in place.

What are we talking about?

DearMob iPhone Manager is an appropriate application that works to benefit its users beyond expectations. It works to help people migrate iphone data quickly and efficiently without any lags. This way, one not only clears storage but also revives old phones if needed. Moreover, the struggle with iTunes errors is real for iphone or ipad users and DearMob acts a substitute for that software.

Is DearMob iPhone Manager good enough?

DearMob iPhone Manager has a plethora of features and benefits for one to decide if it works for them or not. To talk about them and give a brief idea,

  1. All-in-one solution

DearMob iPhone Manager keeps things simple but yet exhaustive. It supports all types of files i.e photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars, SMS, ringtone, app, ebook, voice, non-iTunes/iTunes purchased files, etc. In Fact it easily manages, imports, exports, organises, converts and encrypts all such content.

It further ensures to have quality options for the user’s requirements, for example, DearMob has an option to convert contact/messages to PDF/DOC/TXT, then a preview feature & another conversion option of HEIC to JPG while exporting. Easy conversion, easy transfer and top notch quality back-up, that’s what DearMob iPhone Manager gives.

2. Keeps things flexible

DearMob iPhone Manager while already managing your need to migrate iphone data, it also ensures that you can choose well. There is an easy option for a two way transfer between the device and computer both for back-up and restoration. Also, when one is transferring data, there is an option to be selective and transfer in batches. It even lets you install apps not in app store if needed without the jailbreak problem. It handles camera roll photos, live photos and syncs pictures as well.

With the entire list of features combined with simplicity, the application doesn’t let anyone down. You have your own choices, there is no lagging and the application puts quality over quantity.

We also discovered many more features that were interesting –

  • It can mount the iPhone as a USB Flash Drive where you can Store anything, share freely.
  • Easily share Safari bookmarks with Edge, Chrome, and other browsers whenever needed.
  • You can manage Pages, numbers, keyNotes, GarageBand, etc. on iOS 13 & later as per convenience
  • The app can create ringtones with iPhone music as per selective preference.
  • It can Support auto rotate videos to fit iOS full screen in case of video recording issues
  • Talking about imports, it can m auto convert any video/audio /ebook to the right format for sync to iPhone, iPad.
  • Exporting SMS as PDF files on your computer to keep storage is also an option.
  • Encryption of your data, protecting it with passwords and giving 100% safety is the prime role of the application.
  • Use of a calendar, editing, deleting and adding dates to it too!

Looking for a better view on DearMob iPhone Manager’s operations? Take a look at this video, embedded below:

DearMob iPhone Manager has crazy reviews and gives away a good image after a trial run. It works well, keeps things in check and has its priorities sorted. Customers, their safety and security comes first for the app. History says, only trust those that return the trust back, put effort where there is an initiative and DearMob iPhone Manager ticks all the right boxes.

To add-on, it has two offers. A few trial version for and totally worth it priced version for Mac which again, as a 30-day money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Get this iphone manager free, today!


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