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19 Best DeepFake App and Websites in 2022


The use of deep fake videos and Audio integrations have increased over the years with the use of AI and machine learning technology. We have come a long way with the advancement in these technologies and the implications have been of great use to mankind.

However, it can be a lot more dangerous than one could ever hope for. Who would have thought that people can think of something such as DeepFake and create havoc?

You must have used the face swap feature by Snapchat where you can take up the face of your friend or anyone being on the camera at the same time. Well, DeepFake videos aren’t the same but on a much-advanced level.

However, such videos and audios are being used only as a part to prank or in a harmless manner. But no one knows when this can take a much more dangerous turn if it gets into the hands of wrong people.

With the widespread nature of such activities, a lot of social media platforms have banned anyone who is found sharing such forged videos or audios.

They have been taking proper measures so that it does not reach the mainstream platforms and create an impact over the world and the lives of other people.

Let us learn more about DeepFake and its impact.

What is DeepFake?

DeepFake is the combination of two words i.e. Deep learning technology such as Machine Learning and AI along with the word Fake to create false information by forging the actual data.

What is DeepFake

These are synthetic media such as Audio and Videos where your face or even your voice could be replaced by someone else to create a false portrayal.

Such actions are created by the help of deep learning and generative neural network architectures, such as autoencoders or generative adversarial networks (GANs).

There have been numerous such media being circulated all over the web and are being used in multiple illegal activities such as fake news, hoax, cyber fraud, financial fraud, videos, revenge po#rn, and a lot more similar activities.

A lot of such cases had been reported the last year 2019 and the Government had taken the decision to limit the use of such technology so that it causes no further damage.

How does DeepFake work? 🤔

We all know now the technology used by DeepFake works but it is not as easy as the Face Swap feature. This is a lot more complex since it uses the neural network architectures and makes the necessary changes using the encoding and decoding pattern of the Image.

The architecture mostly commonly used here is the autoencoders that handle both the encoder and the decoder.

Here the encoder tends to use the source of an image and reduces it to a lower-dimensional latent space. On the other hand, the decoder has the ability where it reconstructs the image that has a lower latent space.

The main aspect is the face structure that is taken care of by the latent representation. Furthermore, the target image’s information is superimposed on the original videos and replaced by the source. All of this can be a little too complicated to understand by everyone and hence it has not entered the mainstream media yet.

However, this is only the traditional method that was followed earlier. Currently, people have been using the much more advanced tech i.e the generative adversarial networks (GANs).

It was introduced in 2018 by Ian Goodfellow, who was a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Montreal. This technology is not a piece of cake and thus could not be as troublesome as it may look like.

In the most non-technical aspect possible, this is not an easy job to carry out by any random person. With the availability of technology and machines, you can easily get the right device to create such DeepFake at your home. But it requires a ton of effort and long hours of work. 

From gathering multiple images of the source face. It needs to be available at every angle and a similar aspect goes for the actor or person in the original video so that they can be swapped or replaced to make it look legit.

DeepFakes Explained


What is Audio DeepFake?💁

Audio DeepFake is the process where the original voice from any video or any media can be easily altered or swapped. Unlike the DeepFake Videos on the internet that are being circulated, such audio manipulations have not gotten enough attention as it should.

These alterations in someone’s voice can be a potential threat on multiple levels. You will find multiple such examples where the company can create accurate human voices of anyone and add it to either the original video or even create one with just an image.

DeepFake Audio Example – Neural Voice Puppetry

Neural Voice Puppetry is one such example that will help you understand how easy it is to forge anyone’s voice and add it to someone else.

It can be you, me, or even the President. This project or better say concept shows an Audio-driven Facial Reenactment that works on the neural network technology that employs a latent 3D face model space.

Neural Voice Puppetry: Audio-driven Facial Reenactment (ECCV 2020)

Here any Image of a celebrity can be picked up and with the help of neural leverage, it can be controlled with the source head movement and facial expressions. Also, either the source voice can be added to the image, or with the help of text-to-speech technology, you can even add the voice of the original person in the image.

It is an impeccable technology demonstration however can create a huge impact if it falls in the wrong hands. Apart from creating Audio DeepFakes, here is some other application of these projects that includes audio-driven video avatars, video dubbing, and text-driven video synthesis of a talking head.

Such technology of forging someone’s voice has been underway in the past as well when people used to receive calls for fraud.

But currently, the scenario has taken a much further step and it has become even more difficult to distinguish between real and fake.

It’s Getting Harder to Spot a Deep Fake Video

The above video created by BuzzFeed clearly shows how far we have come and how easy it is to create something that you can never know is fake or real. This is one such example while there are a lot of such videos and apps too where anyone can create such videos.

DeepFake Videos:-

The most common results and the application you might have come across have been in the terms of DeepFake Audios. Not only have the celebrity videos been forged and tampered, but also it has been illegally used in po#rnography where a celebrity’s face has been seen swamped in some of these videos.

Apart from this, the most dangerous of all is the revenge pron where people are harassed by using their images to use them in videos in order to take revenge.

Since it is very difficult to recognize the fake videos from the real ones, criminals have been using them for quite some time now posing a bigger threat in the foreseen future.

There have been multiple such cases that were reported in the year 2017. In fact, according to a cybersecurity startup Deeptrace in the year 2019, 96% of all the DeepFake videos were Po#rnographic.

On the other hand, such videos are also used in Politics as well. Even though these might not be used as often, still the words are hardly something one can trust and with this technology, things can take an ugly turn pretty quickly.

DeepFake Video Example:-

Here is a quick example that will help you understand more about how these videos look like and the impact it has on the viewers. The video below shows the compilation of the most famous and viral Deepfake videos on the internet. 

3 Deepfake Video Examples That Will Blow Your Mind

It shows how easy it is to simply swap the celebrity faces with a different one and make it look legit. Not only can you make the face swap as clean as possible but it fits in perfectly well with the help of neural networks technology the voice change-over works as well.

There is no way one can even understand if it is real or not. Hence, the time isn’t far away when the world might witness the effects on a global scale which can be quite troublesome.

Applications of DeepFake

Some of the major applications that have already been implemented for years are listed below. It is not only limited to celebrities or po#rnography but in multiple sectors as well. Here it goes:

1. Politics

One of the major applications of DeepFake technology in the current scenario has to be by swapping faces or the voice of powerful politicians.

It has become a huge sense of worry since anything can go wrong and it becomes very difficult to know what could be true or not. Some of the examples that had happened earlier are as below.

  • The Belgian branch of the Extinction Rebellion used DeepFake and published a video of the Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès on Facebook in April 2020. A lot of people believed the video to be legit and gained thousands of views.
  • In Jan 2019, A DeepFake video of Trump had been circulated by Fox affiliate KCPQ.
  • In April 2018, a public awareness against DeepFake technology had been created by Jordan Peele in collaboration with Buzzfeed where the video was based on Barack Obama.

All of these are only a few of the examples you might have already come across and a lot more are available on media platforms as well.

2. Film Dubbing

Well, not all the applications of DeepFake need to have a negative impact. One such could be the use of it in Film Dubbing. A video had been created starring David Beckham to spread the message and to end Malaria.

The video features the famous footballer speaking in nine different languages. He is seen simply moving his lips whereas a female voice-over comes in as well while depicting him behind the voice.

In such a case the DeepFake technology has been used to change his facial movements and voice.

David Beckham speaks nine languages to launch Malaria Must Die Voice Petition

This particular option shows the opportunity this technology can bring to the film industry and how it can be used for social experiments. In fact, in the future, it can be used to dub films in multiple languages to make it available all around the world.

3. Po#rnography

One of the most disturbing negative effects of DeefFake Videos is po#rnography. Imagine the use of this technology and how it has been implemented to alter the faces in the videos with that of celebrities. Most of these have been of female celebrities without their consent. Such a video started circulating from Reddit in 2017.

Other than this, there have been reported cases of revenge po#rn where people have used DeepFake is the sense to harass anyone or take revenge. There have been several cases related to such incidents both in 2018 and 2019.

4. Education

Another positive aspect of the Deepfake videos that one cannot implement is by applying it to the education sector. Have you ever wondered about the impact if any of the historical people would tell their own story someday?

Yes, it can be made possible. Using this technology and simply an image, one can create the words said by some of the famous personalities who are no more among us. It will change the way we perceive things and also the history classes will finally not be boring anymore. 

How to detect a DeepFake Video?

It is not an easy job for anyone to be able to detect such fake videos or forged media. Some of them are way too unrealistic and can be easily understood if one looks closely enough.

However, some of the videos we have shared stand no chance that anyone with the first look could have detected that it is in fact not legit. With the use of AI technology and neural network, these videos have started to look a lot more legit than the original ones.

Some of the common signs that people tend to detect are, by the way, the DeepFake faces blink and even the shadows of these fake videos.

Earlier, the issues while creating such videos included lip-sync, blinking, etc but as of now the use of GAN’s technology has made the videos look smarter and more real.

New technique for detecting deepfake videos

Apart from all this, some of the common mistakes that you can make out from the videos are flickering around the edges of transposed faces, hair, eyes, and all the small details on the face.

Best DeepFake Apps or Websites 👌👌👌

Apart from everything that has been around the internet with the use of Deepfake videos and audio, there is a lot to learn about how it can be used for something positive.

Well, that is a long road, however, you can find multiple apps on the web where you can try this out as well but only for fun purposes. These apps or websites can be utilized to learn more about Machine learning and AI. Let us get on with it.

1. Deepfakes web β

Deepfakes web β is a web-based software that uses a machine-learning algorithm to face-swap the subject with another. The process is pretty simple here to use the application.

Simply upload your video and make the changes as needed. Further, wait for the video to be recreated. However, it is not as easy as it does sound. The app takes about 4-5 hours in just learning the video and another hour makes the swapping.

[Faceswap Web] Demo

Once your model is trained from one video, you can reuse it again for other projects as well. This will save you time and also give you the results much faster. Deepfakes web β is not a free site and requires a small amount as you need to pay to use the service.

2. Zao

Zao is currently the most advanced Deepfake app that has been created by a Chinese company and has taken the internet by storm. However, it is not available for the entire world. Only those living in the country can access it on their smartphones.

What is DeepFake

The video created on this app is a lot more authentic and legit than any other apps or websites you might come across. It hardly takes seconds to create your desired video and the process is pretty simple as well.

The app allows users to swap celebrity faces and even make voice modulation. It already has a library where you can easily find hundreds of clips from series, movies, Images, etc that can be used directly for face swap.

However, it may not be the best one for people outside of China since it has been trained based on their faces.

3. REFACE: face swap videos

Reface is a face swap video creation app available for both Android and iOS users. It is more inclined towards using it for fun purposes and not anything that can be in harm’s way.

19 Best DeepFake App and Websites in 2022

Anyone can use it since it is free of cost. You can use this app to create hyper-realistic videos and Gifs by simply uploading your image. Create new videos every day by swapping your face on the celebrities or any GIF and sent to your friends for fun.

It has been loved by users everywhere and follows every privacy norm considering the use of the Deepfake concept.

This app is powered by the Reface AI that has been known for its impeccable implementation of ML/AI technology for face swap and the algorithm that makes it possible.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

4. FaceApp – AI Face Editor

FaceApp is powered by AI Face Editor that uses the most advanced neural face editing technology. This deepfake app can help you make gender swaps, hair styling, modification, creation, and other free & fun features. 

19 Best DeepFake App and Websites in 2022

Some of the features of the app are changing hair color & style, applying makeup, adding a smile, replacing the background with a single tap, trying old and young filters, add tattoos, and a lot more activities.

The app had created a huge buzz with people all around the globe with its gender swap feature. It looks highly realistic and makes the switch very smooth without any errors.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

5. AvengeThem

Are you a Marvel fan? If yes, then you are going to love this deepfake website. You can easily use the list of GIFs on the home page and swap your face with it. Although the entire concept isn’t directly related to Deepfake but rather a static 3D model of your face.

Best DeepFake Apps or Websites

The face app looks pretty cool and legit as well. Anyone would hardly be able to make it if you are wearing a costume or it is photoshopped.

As of now, there are in total 18 GIFs on the site of the most popular scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can choose your favorite character and make the swap. Simply choose the GIF, upload your image, and click on submit. That is it.

6. Wombo: Make your selfies sing

With the advent of new technologies, everyone is getting more creative with how they use their selfies. Now, you can take your singing selfies to the next level with a new app by Wombo.

With this deepfake app, you can create animated selfies that you can sing into — making fun videos that will have everyone laughing with delight and awe.  

Wombo lets you turn your selfies into lip-sync videos. With only a few taps, you’ll create the funniest memes possible.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Wombo will generate videos in an instant — no editing work required. You can choose from several preset voices and have tons of fun with your friends!  

Using Wombo is so easy you’ll do it every day. Wombo lets users create playlists by selecting a song, an image, or a video. Once users have selected their content, the app constructs the playlist and instantly plays it.

WOMBO - Make your selfies sing (PROMO)

Users can then share their playlists with friends, family members, or anyone who wants to see what they’re listening to. Watch your photo’s mouth move as it sings, dances, or even reacts to the music.  

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

7. MyHeritage: Family tree & DNA

Your old photos may be a treasure trove of childhood memories, unending laughter, and family gatherings. MyHeritage wants you to relive these moments with Deep Nostalgia, the first AI-driven feature on the market to animate faces in old pictures.

Powered by current facial recognition technologies, Deep Nostalgia lets you recreate your past with photo animations that bring back forgotten smiles and bring forward new ones.  

19 Best DeepFake App and Websites in 2022

Family trees can be used to trace a family’s lineage, family history, and genealogy. MyHeritage is an all-in-one solution that offers you a way to create a family tree by simply inputting the names of your relatives.

The smart matching technology will automatically find other members who are related to them, and your family tree will start growing with potential relatives. 

With MyHeritage’s photo editing app, you can transform your black-and-white photos into color pictures with a click and make them look colorful again.

The neural network, along with human curators, helps solve a few common image editing problems like faded colors, watermarks, and blurry faces — improving the quality of your family photos. 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

8. FaceMagic: Face swap reface videos

FaceMagic is the app that lets you have fun putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Whether it’s a celebrity, your BFF, or someone you just met, FaceMagic can put you anywhere.

All you need is a photo of yourself and the face you want to swap with — after a few simple steps, your new look is ready. 

Facemagic is a powerful and fun photo editing app. Face swap is only the beginning of its capabilities: you can make selfies jump out of their frames, insert a friend’s face into a celebrity’s headshot, or morph your friend’s visage between two states. 

FaceMagic App | Teach you how to play face swap

Facemagic ‘s Swap button lets you immediately morph yourself into your opposite gender-swapping genders, changing ages, and altering your appearance are now as easy as using the Swap button.

All you need is a selfie and Facemagic. You can then swap your face with anyone else’s, be it male or female, adult or child. 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

9. B612 -Free Selfie Camera, Photo Editor & Video App

The B612 photo editor remains to be one of the most widely used editing apps in 2021. With its simple user interface and a multitude of functions, it continues to attract users from all over the world.

The app is designed for both iOS and Android devices, so you won’t have a problem accessing it anywhere you go. 

B612 is an app that lets users experience the fun of combining multiple photos into one — a photo editor with unlimited possibilities. With dozens of tools and features at their disposal, users have unlimited possibilities to create images that are completely unique.

Best DeepFake Apps or Websites 4

The app is available across all mobile platforms for free. Users can also access filters and other online editing tools to create memes on the go or to improve their digital footprint by making it look better on social media sites. 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

10. Face Swap Booth 

When Face Swap Booth finds your face, it replaces the image with a comical face-swap. This is a simple process that lets you add funny faces to selfies, turning your boring office pic into an extraordinary one or integrating somebody else’s face into a family photo. 

Face Swap Live lets you switch faces in real-time — swap the face of your best friend with a celebrity or change your facial expression to match something entirely different.

Best DeepFake Apps or Websites 5

With an intuitive interface and advanced editing tools, you can edit photos without having to use a computer. Your photos stay wherever you put them (not in some cloud), so everything is easily accessible from one location. 

Face swap is a must-have app — it’s powered with a sophisticated face detector and lets you swap faces in photos with celebrities!

Every photo you take is automatically scanned, and the app chooses the best celebrity face to swap with yours. You can also add your own celebrity faces and swap them – the options are endless! 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

11. SpeakPic – Deepfake

With their ability to speak and recognize words, photos can now transcend the boundaries of dimensions.

SpeakPic brings your pictures to life by allowing them to recreate human speech and features a wide range of trendy fonts and customization options that bring the app’s features to the next level. 

SpeakPic - Make your photos speak

SpeakPic lets users create their own giggle-inducing deep fakes using its in-app translator. With dozens of narrator voices to choose from, you can pick different effects, and even add special effects like a low voice for an episode of a bodybuilding show or a comedic American accent for reenacting all of your favorite movie scenes.

The app’s translator includes multiple languages so you can find a voice in your language as well as different genders. 

Download App on Google Play Store

12. DeepFaceLab 

DeepFaceLab is a powerful tool for creating deep fakes. It utilizes novel neural network models for face replacement and has become the go-to tool for anyone looking to create believable fake videos.

Its easy set-up process, detailed development documentation, and free on-demand cloud computing allow anyone to experiment with deep fakes.  

Over 95 percent of deep fakes — highly realistic videos that are indistinguishable from the real thing — are created with DeepFaceLab. It is used by several popular YouTube channels, including CtrlShiftFace, iFake, and Shamook, to create convincing deep fakes for their audiences.  

19 Best DeepFake App and Websites in 2022

DeepFaceLab is a versatile face recognition tool that allows users to access model weights and existing source videos to create accurate face masks and custom models for future analysis.

Developed by Facebook’s research division, the DeepFaceLab tool was made available online free of charge in 2016. The tool offers users a simple interface, explains how to use the software with clear instructions, and gives users a step-by-step guide on how to download their custom model. 

Download App on Google Play Store

13. Jiggy: Full Body Swap Videos & Reface GIFs

Jiggy is the best free deepfake app for pranking your friends with realistic, digital stickers and videosYou can even use them as your profile picture or make fake videos of yourself. 

Jiggy is a full-service solution for your photo animation needs. Aside from full-body swaps, you can also use its library of GIF stickers to add life to dull photos and videos.

With over 100 unique dances and face morphs, you can instantly add these goodies into your images, saving you the time and effort of manually editing them with Photoshop or GIMP. 

Engaging with customers is easy as one, two, Jiggy! Using advanced AI and a simple drag and drop interface, you can encourage users to share your creations across social media channels.

Laughter is the best medicine for any brand — let Jiggy provide it at your convenience, so all you have to worry about is creating the funniest content on the internet. 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

14. Doublicat: Face swap videos and memes with your photo

Doublicat lets you meme your face. Choose from a library of pre-memed faces and memes, or pick from one of the many readily browsable hashtag streams, to make a quick meme you can share with your friends.

Poking fun at your favorite celebrities? Want to share a funny picture from work with your friends? Whatever you want to the meme, you can meme it on Doublicat.  

Seeing your face do the things your dog already does, is powerfully entertaining. You can share the footage with your friends or your social media.

The app is still in its experimental phases, so if you’re a user, you must understand that it isn’t yet fully developed and may not work perfectly every time.

The developers have stated that the app only saves the face itself and deletes the image afterward. 

Download App on Google Play Store

15. Reflect 

Reflect is the most widely used deepfake app to date. With its face-swapping AI capabilities, Reflect allows users to superimpose their own faces on images with just a few taps.

Reflect is an incredibly versatile photo editing tool that can be used in any number of applications, from personalization to memes. With Reflect, you can create your face photo art — from makeup transformation to face swap.

Best DeepFake Apps or Websites 7

Use the app for fun at parties or as a useful tool for editing pictures before you share them online.

Your app is free to download and use, but you can subscribe for additional features: remove ads and unlock fantastic tools like the crop tool (limited to one per session) and stickers that help you perfect your Art. 

Download App on Apple App Store

16. Copy Replace Face Photo Editor 

An excellent face-swapping app with distinctive features will delight all users looking for a creative application that allows them to swap faces and become stars.

Cope Replace Face Photo Editor is an easy-to-use and fun app with lots of great options to choose from — it’s a great solution for those who want to dress up and become famous Hollywood stars.  

Cope Replace Face Photo Editor lets you beautify your celebrity photos using on-the-fly technology that lets you cut out your most-liked celebrity face from any photo and replace it with your own.

19 Best DeepFake App and Websites in 2022

It’s super easy to use — just open the app, choose a photo of a celeb, and tap on your face in the photo to replace their face. 

Copy Replace Face Photo Editor lets you create a face photo that looks just like the person. This multifaceted application lets you create your own style by adding features such as mouths, eyes, noses, etc.

You can replace your face with anyone’s, and the retouched photo will look like you. The program includes various wigs and filters to let users choose the one that best suits their mood or the image they want to portray.  

In addition to its filters and masks, Copy Replace Face app features a publishing tool for both iOS devices. Once edited images are captured and uploaded with the app, users can share the photos on any of their social media accounts. 

Download Apple App Store

17. Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter

Deep Art has the potential to be one of the world’s first art apps, but it doesn’t yet have a large audience. Currently, it focuses on deep fakes of celebrities and is part of a growing movement to make these clips accessible for anyone on social media.

With a small but active user base, Deep Art is a project that can bring digital tech into the future of Art.  

Deep Art is the world’s first app to use AI in generating artworks. The app takes its inspiration from famous artists like Van Goh and Picasso and uses a combination of stylistic elements and unique images to generate one-of-a-kind artwork.

Best DeepFake Apps or Websites 9

Each image is generated using an advanced algorithm after the user inputs their desired output — users can get started by choosing between different filters, adding effects, or adjusting the style of the final result. 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

18. MixBooth 

Face swapping has been around since the days of the film industry, and MixBooth is the easiest way to experience the magic of body-swapping in real life.

Using this app, you can see what your mom looks like with your dad’s face or what your best friend would look like with your own nose — and you can even customize the experience by changing hair color. 

19 Best DeepFake App and Websites in 2022

The MixBooth application takes any two pictures that you choose and blends them together. You can now create your own photo manipulation with your own images within minutes! The MixBooth app is the first application in its class that allows users to combine photos of superstars and easily share them with friends online.

The app lets you combine two or more photos without access to the Internet, select the pictures from your camera roll, add a caption, and share it directly to any social network. 

MixBooth is a surprisingly simple photo booth app for Android that lets you take and share hilarious pictures. It’s quick, easy, and free. 

MixBooth takes advantage of the power of your phone’s camera by combining multiple images with sophisticated algorithms to create great results.

It makes it look like you have more than one person in the photo, or that you are tiny and standing next to giants. 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

19. Snapchat 

Millions of people around the world use Snapchat not just because it’s easy to use, or because it looks good — they have come to love the app for what it represents.

People use Snapchat to send goofy selfies to their friends, share videos with their followers, and talk about the things that matter most to them. 

Over 10 million Snapchat users swap faces and try on masks every day. They can send their friends their Snapchat stories, which are photos and videos that last for 1 to 10 seconds.

Snapchat automatically adds cool features to the photos, such as filters that make you look like someone from an animated movie.

This year, the developers of Snapchat gave users the ability to send messages without leaving the application using the built-in messenger. 

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

20. MachineTube 

MachineTube lets you create high-quality videos and images in real-time, using just an image or video as a reference.

It can process the data and deliver realistic products in 3D, with an interface user find simple to navigate. No advanced experience or expensive equipment is required — you just need a GPU system and at least 2GB of RAM to get started.  

Furthermore, the face and voice swapping works quickly on most machines with mid-end to high-end video cards.

Upload a video or image sample that features you or someone else in order to get started, the algorithm will start working its magic, and when it’s done be sure to check out the results if they’re good — MachineTube has a simple and user-friendly interface. 


Here is everything you need to know about Deepfake and how it has been influencing the current world and what foreseeable future it has.

There are a lot of issues related to its applications however, we cannot ignore the good aspects as well since it uses the most advanced technology i.e. AI and ML. Also, there is a lot to be learned from such applications since it can be used with tons of other aspects as well.

However, the government is strictly monitoring any false image or videos being circulated on the web so that it poses no harm to anyone. There is a lot to come in the coming days where the actual implementation of this technology will be seen on various platforms.

Even though it is being monitored but still it is not possible to get rid of all of them with billions of people in the world. You can visit multiple sites that will help you learn more about the technology behind it since it surely isn’t as easy as it looks to create Deepfake videos or images.