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How to Delete the WannaCry software from the computer


In mid-May, the WannaCry attacks created havoc worldwide. The ransomware entered in poorly maintained systems and encrypted the data for which the hackers then demanded money to decrypt it. If you do not want to give in to the blackmail, you can remove the malware but you will lose all your encrypted data.

To get rid of WannaCry, install the program RKill (Download Now) and start it up. RKill will now stop all active malware processes.

How to Delete the WannaCry software

Important: Restart your PC after the completion of all the following steps. Otherwise, the malware processes will start their destructive work all over again.

Install an anti-virus software (For example, Kaspersky Security Cloud, MalwareBytes and so on) and without restarting the PC, start a complete virus scan, which may take a while. Move all viruses found to the quarantine.

Then, in the settings of the Malware Scanner, activate the option “Search for Rootkits”,
let the tool scan your system completely and move all the malware found in the quarantine. Now, restart your PC and let the Malware scanner run for a second time. After that, WannaCry should finally disappear from your computer.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to decode the data encrypted by WannaCry at present. But this could change if you have a bit more patience. This is because, with the larger number of ransomware cases happening, clever programmers have developed a so-called Dycrypter that can remove the encryption. This means you should wait before formatting
the hard disk.

Hope my article “How to Delete the WannaCry software from the computer” helps you to delete Wannacry software from your PC. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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