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How to Design A Proper Logo for Your YouTube Channel with DesignEvo


How to Design A Proper Logo for Your YouTube Channel with DesignEvo

Business is not easy. For starters, YouTube is a great starting point to begin a business and promote brands. As we all know, a logo is of much importance. An effective logo makes potential clients instantly discover how the business organization behind this logo can serve them. For YouTube channel logo, this is no exceptional. A fabulous YouTube logo brings in more visitors, and therefore, increasing purchases of your products.

For a variety of netizens and kickstarters, lacking experiences in graphics design field is a dead end to DIY a YouTube logo. Actually, this isn’t that hard if we seek help from top free logo makers.

Today, we are about to present you an online logo maker that anyone can use to create a compelling YouTube logo. DesignEvo is the tool that we will cover in the rest parts. Given the standard size for YouTube logo is 288px*288px, DesignEvo can be a free tool for YouTube logo creation.

So where do you begin? Finding a good idea for your YouTube channel takes time. Why not start with some YouTube template?

DesignEvo is a such a free logo maker that supports template retrieving. Begin your design journey from its homepage:

Find YouTube Logo Idea

Hit [Make a Free Logo], you will find massive well-drawn logo templates. Click one if you peak a good logo idea for your YouTube channel. Or, input a keyword that comes to your mind, DesignEvo will retrieve you dozens of related logo templates for inspirations.

Click whatever you prefer in next moves.

Change Font Style

Mouse click a logo text on the canvas, and change it in the top functional bar. As long as you’ve made a change, you can view it instantly and decide whether it’s what you want. Our font recommendation for a product YouTube channel is to pick a plain font, since it will leave your audiences an impression that your products are trustworthy and practical.

Customize Your Logo

Select no logo element, and go [Icon] and [Shape] to add your own creative elements onto your logo design. Spicing up your logo with cute YouTube symbol can’t be bad. Literally, you can move any logo elements on the canvas, change the style, size, color, outlines and much more until a neat logo is assembled. The customization steps are extremely easy: drag, drop and select.

Examine Your Logo

DesignEvo has a [Preview] mode, which you can take advantage of and examine your logo design in real life scenarios, like T-shirt, business card, website header, presentation wall and etc. It’s useful to compare your logo design with other channel competitors’ without real prints.

In All

Making an awesome YouTube channel logo with DesignEvo is simple. The templates are quite delightful and easy going. For most of YouTube beginners, the result from DesignEvo designing YouTube logo is a pretty happy ending. For those lacking design ideas, DesignEvo’s template is a huge plus.

Perks In The End

For iOS users, DesignEvo for iPhone and iPad is indeed an additional FREE plus. The user experience of running it is a bit different from the online DesignEvo, but fresh. Also note that it’s a shrunk-down version of the online version.

2018 Mother’s Day Coupon for Basic and Plus – DEMD55CPF

DesignEvo is running an exclusive Mother’s Day campaign, offering 82% OFF on the Plus logos and 70% OFF on the Basic logos with the coupon – DEMD55CPF. It will be valid from May 10th, 2018 – May 17th, 2018. So if you are looking for a high-resolution solution for logo or an SVG logo for YouTube channel, try this perk.

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