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Designing a Business Logo? Check Out These 8 Awesome Online Logo Makers

You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget and hire a branding team to design a business logo. There are a range of logo makers online that make it relatively easy for you to create your own business logo even if you don’t have a lot of experience with graphic arts.

How Do Logo Makers Work?

Logo makers are programs that use artificial intelligence to help you create a sleek, professional business logo. Once you provide input regarding your chosen design and color scheme, the programs will help you mix and match colors, shapes, and designs to create a logo that will meet your needs with tech solutions for business management.

You don’t have to pay to start designing your logo; what’s more, you can abandon a partially designed logo on the app at no cost if you aren’t happy with the way the program is working. However, if you do want to use your new logo, you will need to pay for the design. Once you do so, it’s copyrighted and no one else can use it without your permission.

Why do I Need a Logo Anyway?

Creating a logo is well worth the investment of your time and hard-earned cash. Customers expect a professional business to have its own logo; failing to display one will give potential clients the wrong impression of your firm. What’s more, a logo can separate you from other, similar companies so consumers won’t confuse your business with another.

Designing a Business Logo? Check Out These 8 Awesome Online Logo Makers

A logo can also help customers remember who you are and what you do. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” In today’s world, many potential clients have a short attention span and a lot on their minds, so an easy-to-remember logo is a must if you want to generate sales and profits long-term.

Logos also foster brand loyalty. When consumers see your products, they’ll know who made them, and they’ll know what to expect in terms of quality and service. Additionally, logos help you stand out when promoting your business on social media and via email marketing.

Which Logo Maker is Best?

While some logo makers are arguably better than others, in most instances the best logo maker is the one that best suits your needs at the time. The nature of your business, your target audience, and your budget are some factors you’ll want to consider when choosing which logo maker to use when creating your business logo. Following is an overview of the top eight logo makers on the market, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Logo Shuffle

Logo Shuffle is priced in Euros, a clear indication that it’s a European company made to serve the European business market. However, that should not put off designers from other countries as the site has much to offer. Unlike many other logo designers, Logo Shuffle creates original images based on the information you provide about your business, so you don’t have to worry about someone having a logo that closely resembles yours. The site is easy to use, and you can use the service freely before purchasing the logo of your choice.

Logo Shuffle offers three logo creation packages. The Starter Package only provides a low-resolution image and costs 29 Euros. The Complete Package is 79 Euros and offers logo design downloads in various formats along with other amenities. The Professional Package at 99 Euros is the best deal for serious business owners and offers lifetime access to Logo Shuffle’s logo design services, high-resolution image download, and more. 

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DesignEvo is a 100% free logo maker with over 10,000 templates and 100+ fonts. You can download your new logo in any size without worrying about the image becoming pixelated. What’s more, you can store your logo on the DesignEvo cloud for an unlimited period of time in order to make adaptations in the future should the need arise. 

The downside of using DesignEvo is that, because it’s free, you won’t be able to take advantage of other services typically provided by logo creation companies. There is also no customer service to call on if you run into problems.

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Logopony is an AI-based logo design company that specializes in creating logos of all types for all industries. Once you put in your information, the logo creator will get to work offering a range of options based on your specifications. After you select one, you can run it through the editor to make modifications to ensure your new logo is as unique as your business.

Logopony offers two payment packages. The basic package is only $20, but it’s not worth the cost as you’ll only receive a low-resolution image of your logo. The premium package, which is usually $99, is pricey but offers lifetime access to a range of great services and amenities. These include multiple high-resolution file types, professional watermarks, business card design, and free images and icons. It’s not a cheap service but can be perfect for businesses that need a specialized, complex logo design service.

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Tailor Brands 

Tailor Brands offers a logo maker in addition to its other branding services. You can sign up for a free trial account and try out making a logo to see if you like what the site has to offer. If you do like your new logo, you pay for the design, after which you can download a high-resolution image of your new logo and start using it.

Tailor Brands gets high marks for offering a range of great services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. The logo maker covers 30 different industries and niches. It offers 42 logo color combinations, and you’ll be able to see various designs side-by-side, so you can easily pick the one you like best. What’s more, if you buy your logo from Tailor Brands, the company will create branded assets such as letterheads and business cards, at no extra cost. Perhaps the only downside is that it’s hard to know up-front how much it all costs. The only information provided is that it costs $3.99 per service, per month.  

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Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr offers a host of digital marketing and branding services to help you grow your business. Its logo maker is unique as the designs are created by freelancers and then suggested based on an AI reading of your preferences. You can use the design as-is, customize it in the program’s editing service, or contact the freelancer who created the image to have it professionally adapted to suit your exact needs. 

The logo is sold as part of a package and costs vary wildly depending on the additional services you need or want. You can pay as little as $5.00 for a reasonably good logo or pay hundreds of dollars for a professionally customized logo along with other branding services. The logo design tool is very user-friendly, but you can’t save your logo for later adaptation and the quality of logo design is slightly lower than that of other professional services.

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Logo Orbit

If you need outstanding, top-tier logo design, a team of professionals you can count on for expert service, and great customer assistance, Logo Orbit is the company to work with. It offers not only logo design but a host of professional branding services to create a winning marketing strategy for your firm. The designs are original, and the company can work with any industry to help you create a unique logo that will appeal to your target audience.

Perhaps the biggest and only drawback of using Logo Orbit is that it costs far more than other, similar services. A high-resolution of your new logo will set you back at least $99.00. If you need an editable EPS file, more than six revisions, and/or other services, be prepared to pay anywhere from $139.00 to $189.00 for one of the more expensive logo packages. 

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Logomaster offers over one hundred templates you can work with to create the perfect logo for your business. It’s not much compared to other logo design companies, but you can see the templates even before providing the company with your information and signing up to create a logo. 

Logomaster offers relatively affordable service. For $75.00, you can download a high-resolution image of your new logo, along with resizable vector files. You can also make changes to your logo and download it again at no additional cost. A full-service package is $125 and offers amenities such as a professional watermark and social media assets.

Logo makers come in all types to make it easy for you to obtain the services you need at a cost you can afford. If you still aren’t sure which one is right for you, try out a few of the ones listed above to see which program can best meet your company’s needs. By taking the time to generate your own unique logo, you’re making a long-term investment in your business that will serve you well for many years.

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Logo Crisp

Logo Crisp offers 10,000 designs that can be customized to create the logo that best meets your needs. You can create your logo for free, but you’ll need to pay for it before you can start using it. There are various packages at different price points to pick from; costs range from $9.95 to $99.00. 

While Logo Crisp gets high marks for providing a user-friendly logo creation service, the company does not offer much information on which services are included in each business package. Another problem with the service is that your designs could be inadvertently used by another business if you don’t customize them enough.

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