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11 Best Dialpad Alternatives Where Work Comes Together

Are you in a search of Dialpad Alternatives to connect your teams through voice, video, messages, and online meetings?🧐

We got you covered in this review article. Without any further delay, let’s explore this guide.

Dialpad is an advanced and innovative communicating platform accessing which you can get in touch with your colleagues, your teacher or student, or multiple users at once, easily. It is a voice-over-internet protocol(VoIP) service that is established on AI principles, making it a boon for major businesses across the world today. 

It works efficiently and smoothly and can be relied on, as a source of bringing multiple users to one platform to get in touch with them. All the prominent features of Dialpad can be taken advantage of by using its MiCloud app. 

Dialpad is a dual-purpose platform that can be used both for making calls at the senders and receiver’s end, along with chatting as well. Moreover, Dialpad offers an integrated video conferencing feature that leads to effective face-to-face communication or conversation with anyone. 

Usually, Dialpad suits the corporate people and big businesses, but it can also be brought into use by teachers or students. With its inbuilt chat feature, you can contact any of your coworkers super easily. It is a Multipurpose time-saving platform that unifies people at any time and anywhere. 

Dialpad can be accessed either on your computer or on your phone with absolute efficiency. Though Dialpad is an extremely impressive platform amongst its alikes, it has its shortcomings. For instance, the platform lags in time while placing an international call. This accounts to delay, spec special, especially of urgency. 

Also, Dialpad is not much reliable and efficient in terms of its speed. The functioning of the platform slows down at times, creating trouble for its users.

Moreover, a bit confusing factor the Dialpad has, is that while contacting someone, you will be identified on his/her side by your Dialpad’s number. This confuses me at times. 

As a result, there are certainly other platforms that you can bring into consideration if you are needing to have video conferencing or calls or if you need to send faxes across places. 

Best Dialpad Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. RingCentral

One of the top-ranked VoIP service providers, RingCentral is a perfect culmination of all the features that you as a user might be looking for to enhance your business. Being super-easy and efficient to use, RingCentral has attracted small businesses towards itself.

The fact that multiple and beneficiary features can be accessed in a minimal price range has made RingCentral gain most of its popularity. The calls placed through RingCentral are smooth and clean. There are no issues to be faced while making a call or while being on it.

Moreover, RingCentral offers an interactive user interface, making it troubleless to use the service provider. You can use RingCentral either on your desktop or as an app. Therefore, RingCentral becomes user-friendly in this aspect. 

Best Dialpad Alternatives
A single platform to power connections today that transform business tomorrow

For a better user experience, RingCentral provides high definition quality during your video calls or voice calls. RingCentral has more than 200 codes of different areas available at hand. This ensures that your business grows and reaches a wider arena. 

To collaborate with a larger audience, RingCentral comes with the benefit of joining 200 people at once during a video conference. Multiple messages can be sent and files can be shared with your colleagues or co-workers in no time and with absolute ease.

Additionally, all your data is completely secured and safe on RingCentral. You do not have to be bothered about the privacy of your data. All in all, with RingCentral you can effortlessly share and track files, connect to your colleagues, and have endless audio calls or audio conferencing.

Welcome to RingCentral: Simpler Communications

2. CallHippo

Managing your business can turn out to be as simple as anything with CallHippo. CallHippo is a platform that unifies a business organization by providing you with a single unique number for the whole organization. In case you require various numbers according to different departments then CallHippo serves the purpose. 

Best Dialpad Alternatives 1

This service provider works without any trouble or glitch. You can function smoothly through it. Additionally, CallHippo comes with the much-needed feature of recording a call. Any call that you make via CallHippo can be recorded for future use or necessity. 

Not only can you record the calls, but you can transfer them as well. Extraordinary features and services are provided to the users at an affordable cost, as a result of which, CallHippo demands a try! 

Sometimes, you as a user might face connectivity issues, which accounts for the drawback of the service provider. Other than that, the service provided has very prominent customer support. Usually, they respond to the issues faced quickly. 

CallHippo does not require additional training or any such pre-required knowledge for the user. It is extremely easy to operate, therefore, anyone can consider using the alternative. The extraordinary feature of the provider is that you as a business owner can access a contact number of a foreign country painlessly. 

Easy collaborations with team members make sure that the task gets done efficiently. Any calls, be they in your country or abroad, can be placed in no time via CallHippo. CallHippo can be considered a prominent and promising Dialpad alternatives.

3. Air Call

Air Call is another supportive cloud-based system that can be brought into use by business owners and enterprises to attract customers and offer reliable customer support. Air Call has well-built calling features and an interactive user interface which makes it more or less like Dialpad. 

Effective communication with over 100 countries can be established by using Air Call. In terms of the price range, Air Call is affordable, cheap, and better designed than Dialpad. 

To help you manage and modify your teamwork and growth perfectly, Air Call provides a platform to collaborate with multiple workers at once. 

11 Best Dialpad Alternatives Where Work Comes Together
For Smoother Support

All the important files can be shared and transferred with other colleagues, saving time and increasing the efficiency of an organization. The inbuilt features of the service provider are well functioning and in a way better than Dialpad. 

With Air Call, you’ll experience increased productivity and enhanced growth in your organization. Call details and call management both are in hand and painless tasks on Air Call. 

Combined and unified group meetings or group discussions can be done through Air calls. With powerful audio and video features and quality, Air Call ensures that none of your important meetings faces any kind of issue. Various tasks to all or one task to many can be shared without consuming much of your time. 

While collaborating as a team, you can also record your calls, not missing out on anything! Air Call lets you track updates regarding your tasks easily. 

Moreover, with its premium plans, you can have unlimited calls, something not offered by Dialpad. 

4. Grasshopper 

With an unlimited calling facility, Grasshopper is a well-working voice-over-internet protocol service provider accessing multiple well-designed features to several small and large business enterprises. 

Not only this, you get to have the benefit of sending a voicemail to email transactions saving an ample amount of time of yours. Moreover, the service provider is budget free and includes no hassle for the users. Grasshopper has features for all kinds of businesses, it provides complete satisfaction to its users. 

Using Grasshopper you can collaborate with many people via video calls or unlimited text chats. Grasshopper leads ahead of others in the fact that it lets you keep personal and professional calls apart from each other, reducing the chances of mismanagement and mistakes. 

Best Dialpad Alternatives 3

With sorted data, finding out the needed ones becomes an easy and handy task. Grasshopper includes no disruptions in its services and it is often considered the prime choice of small businesses and startups. 

It is a straightforward and professional phone system that requires no preset accessories or knowledge to get operated. Moreover, Grasshopper is available to its users at a not so costly price, and no matter what plan you choose, you get to enjoy the facility of unlimited calls and texts. 

Other than this, the best simplicity a user gets to acknowledge on Grasshopper is that it lets you continue using the app with your existing number. Unlike Dialpad you do not have to be bothered or confused regarding different numbers. 

Hence, Grasshopper is a prominently established service provider with a phone app and appreciable customer support. 

5. OnSIP

OnSIP is an efficient and secure source to conduct video conferencing, chatting, and unlimited calling at a minimal price range.

With OnSIP you can connect with multiple people across the world super easy and in no time. No matter if you are traveling, at home, or in the office, you can conduct a calling or video conferencing session effortlessly. 

OnSIP doesn’t include any prerequisite accessories to establish, making it user-friendly and botherless to operate for its users. The audio and video quality provided by the VoIP service during video calls or audio calls is satisfactory. 

Moreover, OnSIP has call handling rules that keep a check on whether or not your important calls are being received or not. This enhancing feature makes it convenient for a user to manage various tasks without much pressure. 

In case you are engaged somewhere and unable to receive a call at any given moment, you can always count on OnSIP. As a user, you have to pay extra for the conference bridge. This adds to your cost. 

OnSIP has a feature of sending voicemail emails making sure you do not miss anything important. Instant conference calls over any place can be made by using OnSIP. 

sayso: A Voice/Video Alternative to Text Chat

Not only this, you get to record the important calls via OnSIP, and to save your time, the service provider comes with a “dial-by-name directory”, by which you can contact a particular person easily and quickly.

With interactive features and an efficient working platform, OnSIP accounts for a reliable cloud-based phone system. 

You can access it over your computer or mobile phone, thereby eliminating the need to have an established network of devices. 

6. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is the safest and most secure platform to access the VoIP service from. With an infrastructure built on AWS, you can be sure of the fact that your data is completely encrypted. None of your privacy shall be hindered if you choose the OpenPhone service provider. 

11 Best Dialpad Alternatives Where Work Comes Together
Your business phone reimagined

The platform lets you make calls and even record them. Also, those who are usually busy and can not attend ample calls can go for its voicemail feature wherein you can send messages or important notes without having to have the trouble of texting. 

Moreover, one feature that separates OpenPhone from other sources is that it has an option to send customizable voicemail greetings to make anyone’s day a special one! This accounts for OpenPhone being a user-friendly platform. 

Along with this, you can have a free call with members of your organization. This makes OpenPhone different and more efficient than others, and also among the best Dialpad alternatives. 

It is a comfortable and convenient platform for its users because it requires no additional installments or you do not need to set any other specific device to be able to access OpenPhone. A mere mobile phone and a stable internet connection are enough to get going with the service provider. 

OpenPhone has a simple yet efficient user interface that lets you get a business phone number in no time. This ensures that your personal and private life remains separate. 

Unlike Dialpad, OpenPhone provides you with 500 minutes of free calling facility each month. This adds to the effectiveness of the service provider. 

7. Microsoft Teams 

If you are searching for a well-established and perfectly built console that offers a conferencing service, then Microsoft Teams is the platform for you. It doesn’t create much hassle for its users by separating the video and audio conferencing features. 

11 Best Dialpad Alternatives Where Work Comes Together

Easy collaborations with team members, colleagues, or co-workers can be made on Microsoft Teams. Multiple meetings, texts, or tasks can be shared effortlessly and super easily by using Microsoft Teams. 

All this leads to increased productivity of an organization or a team. It is an agreeable Dialpad alternatives. Microsoft Teams is a powerful workstation that turns out to be extremely reliable to its users. Both personal calls and company-based calls can be made with Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams is primarily a platform for large Business enterprises to conduct their meetings, video conferencing, and other day-to-day formal works with utmost ease and perfection. 

Microsoft Teams is a one-stop app for most of your tasks. Adding to the facility of video conferencing and meetings, you can also share multiple important files effectively with Teams. 

Hardly is there anything that the platform does not offer to its users. When major services are offered to the users in a single place, the user does not need to switch platforms for getting the work done. This increases the credibility factor of the service provider. 

Smooth integration with various other sources can be made on Microsoft Teams, making it compatible. The app is completely secured and fast in its functioning, its drawback being that it may sometimes confuse the user in file storage. 

How to Use Microsoft Teams Effectively | Your COMPLETE Guide

8. Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is another efficiently established cloud-based phone service provider that allows its users to have streamlined functioning. You can bring your team into easy contact by accessing the Zoom Phone. 

It offers you a seamless video conferencing facility in high definition. For better productivity, instant calls or meetings can be scheduled at your convenience. Zoom Phone does not require any excessive hardware and it can work efficiently on your usual device as well. 

Usually, the video conferencing on Zoom Phone is restricted to a period of 40 minutes which can be considered as a drawback for those having to conduct longer meetings. 

Best Dialpad Alternatives 6
A Flexible Business VoIP Phone Service

Zoom phone has modified and enhanced features that make the platform user-friendly and convenient to use. It is affordable and worth the price.

Adding onto this, Zoom Phone lets you make as many international calls as you want without any restrictions. This makes the platform extraordinary and one of its kind. 

Zoom Phone can support up to 50 participants in a meeting, with innovative chat and messaging features. Zoom Phone does not provide telephonic customer service which results in delays in resolving the issue. 

Moreover, it has a limited number of integrations, usually lesser than its competitors. This poses the question of relying on the service provider or not. All in all, Zoom Phone is amongst the best Dialpad alternatives but not completely efficient and satisfactory in itself.

9. Vonage

A modified business-oriented service provider that helps in better management of the tasks at hand is Vonage. It allows you to collaborate with the members of your team in a go!

Being seamless in its functioning it does not require much time to respond to the needs of the user. Instant messaging and longer hours of video conferencing can be super easily done on Voyage. The platform is completely compatible with communicating with a larger audience. 

With enhanced efficiency, Vonage attracts customers to itself. With an easily operational user interface, Vonage eliminates confusion and produces a better output for an organization. Mix and matching with other integrations is also possible on Voyage. This results in making the platform accountable. 

Vonage is a powerful and fast responding service provider that caters to the needs of its users. A captivating feature of Vonage is its service of creating customized channels to communicate to a customer. For instance, any member of your organization can respond to the problem of the customer, thereby resulting in promising customer support at your end. 

Another user-friendly feature of Vonage is that it provides a free demo so that you are sure of wanting to invest your money and time in it. 

10. GoTo Connect

Hardly has there been any other voice-over-internet protocol service provider that has enough features to offer as GoTo Connect. In a minimal, rather less price range you get to experience some of the best features to date.

GoTo Connect works seamlessly for both small-scale and large-scale business enterprises, covering a wider range of audiences for its use. 

It has been in the market for over 25 years, no doubt why it does function smoothly and perfectly. It is a secure and reliable source to conduct video conferencing or collaborations seamlessly. 

11 Best Dialpad Alternatives Where Work Comes Together
Professional, one-click video conferencing

Precisely, GoTo Connect provides you with live customer support that is super ready to help you 24/7 whenever a problem persists. Jive ensures that you get rid of your issues as soon as possible. With this, you will have increased efficiency and more output for your work. 

GoTo Connect becomes reliable and trustworthy with its Eveready customer service support. Jive is a promising cloud-based phone system service provider that functions fine for both iOS and Android devices. 

Moreover, you have the freedom of recording a call, therefore, you could never miss updates regarding anything important. Not only this, you get to experience an appreciable video quality on GoTo Connect. You also have access to a share screen resulting in making any presentation or meeting better understandable. 


Connecting with anyone at any point in time and anywhere has become a painless task with these platforms. Easy video calls, video conferencing, chats, or even live sessions can be conducted on most of these platforms seamlessly.

Every alternative mentioned above has unique features that make the platform worth using. Certain Dialpad alternatives are free while others are paid so you can always choose the most preferable alternative amongst the ones mentioned above. 

Being a user, you must be well aware of the features and properties of every console. It helps in making a wise decision regarding what to choose. 

To perform better, you must consider options that are easy to use and also offer trustworthy and reliable customer support. Overall, with technology connecting with people is just a matter of a single click and you as a user must take advantage of that.

As a business organization, you can always enhance and grow by bringing these Dialpad alternatives to the best use of yours.