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Difficulties In Constructing a Web Scraper Using Beautiful Soup. 

After assessing a problem, one of the primary tasks is data collecting in a data science project. Despite the fact that there are various ways to acquire data, creating a universal web scraper can be a bit challenging.  

Web scraping, alternatively referred to as web/internet harvesting, uses a computer software to gather data from another program’s display output. The primary distinction between conventional parsing and web scraping is that the latter’s output is intended for display to human readers rather than input to another computer.  

What is web scraping? 

Difficulties In Constructing a Web Scraper Using Beautiful Soup. 

Web scraping is the process of obtaining data from a website and storing it in a structured format, such as a CSV file. For example, if you want to forecast Amazon product review scores, you might be interested in getting product information from the official website. Always note you are not permitted to scrape data from all websites. 

Understanding The Benefits of Web Scraping 

Many innovations are available on the internet, and new information is continuously being added. Definitely, you would probably be interested in at least some of this information, and one of the best ways to extract this information is through web scraping. Whether you are soliciting for a job or want to download all of your favorite artist’s lyrics, automated web scraping can help you get there. 

Suppose you try to gather the information you need manually. In that case, you may spend a significant amount of time browsing, scrolling, and searching, especially if you require big volumes of data from websites that are often updated with new content. Manual web scraping can be time-consuming and stressful. . 

Instead of wasting your time scraping the internet manually every day, you can use beautiful soup to help automate the monotonous elements you desire. Web scraping with beautiful soup can be used to automate the data collection process easily by inputting your code once, and it will retrieve the information you require multiple times and from multiple pages.  

Which is the most popular web scraping tool? 

BeautifulSoup is a Python package for extracting data from HTML, XML, and other markup languages. If you open any website and realize that there is a lot of data you need to collect, the website provider does not provide any mechanism to get that data.  

BeautifulSoup allows you to extract specific content from any web page; all we have to do is remove the HTML content and only grab the relevant data. It is a web scraping program that allows you to clean up and parse the documents you have downloaded from the internet. 

Beautifulsoup’s Web Scraping Challenges. 

The internet grew naturally from a variety of sources. It blends a wide range of technology, styles, and personalities, and it is still evolving to this day. In other words, the internet is a shambles! As a result, when scraping the Web, you may face several difficulties, some of which are as follows: 

  • Tracebacks

Websites are always changing. Assume you’ve created a gleaming new web scraper that automatically selects what you want from your resource of interest. When inputting your script for the first time, it works perfectly. However, when you run the same script a little time later, you are met with a depressing and extensive stack of tracebacks!  

Because many websites are in active development, unstable scripts are a genuine possibility. Your scraper may be unable to explore the sitemap correctly or find the required information if the site’s structure has changed. The good news is that many website modifications are tiny and gradual, so you should be able to update your scraper with minor changes using beautiful soup.  

However, keep in mind that because the internet is dynamic, the scrapers you create will almost certainly require ongoing maintenance. Continuous integration may be configured to perform scraping tests on a regular basis to verify that your main script does not break without your notice. 

  • APIs as an Alternative to Web Scraping 

Some website providers provide application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable you to access their data in a certain way. You can skip processing HTML by using APIs. Instead, you can directly retrieve the data using formats such as JSON and XML. HTML is largely used to visually present content to visitors. 

We know that when you’re creating code, you’re bound to run into problems, and those errors have different forms. Similarly, when we use BeautifulSoup for online content scraping, we run into exceptions of various types. So, when we fetch online material, we must be aware of the exceptions. 

Exception in HTTP 

What happens when you get trapped somewhere, and there is no one around? Similarly, if we provide a link or URL that is not present on the server, we will certainly get caught in an error. In simple terms, if we offer the incorrect link during the request to the server and subsequently execute it, an error or exception Page Not Found will be displayed. 

  • Exception to the URL . 

If you begin coding web scraping scripts, this exception will occur if you deliver or provide the incorrect URL to the request. This occurs when we request the incorrect website from the server in layman’s terms. 

If you look at the exception in the compiler, you’ll notice that it always displays the server has not found the problem. 

Varieties of websites 

Every website is unique. While you may meet general patterns that repeat themselves, each page is unique and will require personal treatment if the necessary information is to be extracted. 

People create websites utilizing a variety of teams, tools, designs, and parts, which makes each website unique. This means that if you create a web scraper for one website, you’ll need to create a different version to be fully compatible with the other — unless they have very similar content or your web scraper employs clever heuristics.  

  • Websites’ designs and structures change on a regular basis.  

The longevity of a beautiful soup web scraper is a crucial issue. You can activate a web scraper that works perfectly today, but it will appear to break suddenly because the website from which you are extracting data has updated its design and structure. As a result, you’ll have to make updates to your scraper logic on a regular basis to keep it functioning.  


In a nutshell, rate limiting is a technique that limits the amount of traffic processed by a system by establishing usage caps for its activities.  

When scraping a significant amount of data from multiple website pages, rate-limiting becomes an issue, which is why using beautiful soup with python will assist you in scraping and cleaning the data. 

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