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Digging in to the text messages for truth


Phones have many things to hide. It is like those secret diaries of ancient days where people use to hide all their feelings and emotions and the biggest secrets. Even the diaries were not as safe as the smart phones are. Finger print unlock feature, face detect unlocks, pattern unlock etc. makes the smart phones difficult to break through. Jail breaking a phone is not legal when the phone is registered under someone else’s name. In case one arrives at a situation where breaking in to the phone and tracking each and every thing that is being done over the smart phone is the only alternative left for getting to know the truth out of someone’s life then one can take help of the various applications that are designed that helps people in spying on a device with ease.

There are different apps for meeting different needs. Some apps cover the entire features of a smart phone whereas some apps covers only targeted areas. The working principle of all the apps can be divided in to two basic types. The first category of apps works with instant and uninterrupted internet connection. It sends data then and there and hence in case the internet connection is lost or interrupted or if the signals are weak then there is no guarantee of error free data sent.

The positive characteristics of this category are that it helps in a smaller action time and one can act fast in crucial situations. This can be very suitable for GPS tracking as one can know the location live. The disadvantage is the data received when the internet connection is interrupted. One might end up getting misleading information that makes either no sense or some sense that is not true entirely.

The other category of text message spy works on the phenomenon of gathering information from the device that is being tracked and then send it as a whole to the tracking device when there is an internet connection detected. This category ensures that the information sent is error free and one can trust the data sent blindly. The only disadvantage is that that the action time gets slower because one does not get the data instantly. Both the categories have their own pros and cons and are suitable for people with varying needs.

Hence, one can chose the type of text message spy app depending upon the sort of requirement one has. Most of the people these days, especially youngsters, rely upon texting and chatting rather than phone calls. Hence, spying over the text messages and instant messages can reveal a lot about the whereabouts and things that are going on in life. Not all people are habituated in deleting the chat history but even if they do the text message spy app collects data before they are deleted and keeps them intact and hence one can read the messages and go through the files that have been already depleted by the sender and/ or the receiver.


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