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Digital Marketing Automation: Top-tools And Trends

In less than a couple of decades, we have come to realize just how much of an influence technology and the Internet has on us, in general. What started as a craze, quickly spread and today, it is one of the most powerful tools to exist.

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With digitalization and the aid of the Internet, we have created something called digital marketing. If you are still in the belief that it is not a real thing — you cannot believe what you are missing out on. Traditional digital marketing ways are getting obsolete, quickly getting replaced by this new form of marketing.

If that was not enough, we have technology bumping it up further to make an even more powerful evolution in it — digital marketing automation. Now, you do not even need to repeatedly focus on doing it; it will do things itself.

Therefore, keeping that in mind, today we will be looking at digital marketing automation, what it is, how it helps, and some top tools and trends that you can refer to if you are thinking of getting started with it. If you are ready, let us start!

What is digital marketing automation?

Just as the name suggests, digital marketing automation is software that allows you to effectively plan, control, and execute marketing strategies on various online platforms while automating many of the repetitive actions. 

 These tools not only help to have better control over the strategies but also help simplify communication with clients by managing all these multiple channels all through one tool. Digital marketing automation allows marketers to take better control of various segments of the marketing scene, thus proving effective and proficient. 

The automation feature ties it all up in a nice little bundle that makes all the work easier, efficient, and productive. Digital marketing automation is gaining more popularity as this business is expanding and being recognized by more and more industries. Given how automation is helping out in every industry, the rise of digital marketing automation is no surprise. 

Digital transformation of business processes is aimed at ensuring that all departments make decisions quickly, quickly adapt their work to the requirements of the current moment and meet the needs of customers.

Digital process automation software might help here. Due to features like workflow management and intelligent automation, this software helps IT teams and business users build applications, implement integrations, and more to ensure enhanced business processes and connectivity and accelerate digital transformation in large organizations. This solution will help automate marketing processes like marketing and collateral campaign approvals, brand management and market research.

How does digital marketing automation help? 

We have understood what digital marketing automation is, so it is only fair that we move on to how it helps. If any business wants to switch to a new tool, it is always necessary to first assess how good these tools are and how exactly they will benefit the business. Therefore, take a look at the benefits that digital marketing automation can offer you:

Better transparency 

The system lays out the processes of the activities clearly and transparently. This allows the team to understand who is accountable for what and helps give proper credits and acknowledgment. 

Reduction of staffing costs

The software helps cut down staffing costs as it automates most of the repetitive tasks while optimizing marketing activities. This reduces the need for human resources to take care of marketing tasks as the tool handles it all. 

Enhanced effectiveness

Of course, with automated features, digital marketing automation enhances effectiveness. Now your staff can invest more time in the important matters, instead of wasting time and effort after repetitive and mundane tasks. Also, due to automation, there are fewer scopes of errors. 

Boosts ROI

Digital marketing automation allows the automation of upsells, cross-sells, and follow-up. This boosts return on investments and revenue by increasing deal sizes. 

Allows more creativity 

Marketing is a lot more creative than what people think. Now, with digital marketing automation taking care of the repetitive tasks, your team will have more time to invest in coming up with new ideas and getting their creative side on. 

Top digital marketing automation tools 

We have safely made through what digital marketing automation is and how it can help you. Now, we shall move on to some of the top digital marketing automation tools that you might be interested in if you are looking to invest in one.


If you are looking for an everything-in-one solution, HubSpot is your best shot. It calls itself an ‘inbound marketing software’ and has a little bit of everything to offer to you. Therefore, if your motive is to get a tool that will offer you an all-rounder digital marketing solution with automation — HubSpot is your best shot.


Eloqua is the grand digital marketing tool that every company wishes for. It is loaded with every digital marketing feature you can imagine. One other reason to opt for this? Their excellent customer service where they are willing to go out of their way to educate their clients on how to make use of their app in the best way possible. 


Another ace of the field, Marketo, is one of the most mature marketing software out there. With features that prove helpful to both the marketing and sales team, it is definitely worth an investment. It also offers great integration features for smooth functioning. 

Top digital marketing automation trends 

Lastly, let us conclude with some top trends in this field that you might want to look out for. We have learned about digital marketing automation, its benefits, and the top tools. Now, with these trends, you can get your digital marketing games up and strong. Let us take a look: 

  •     If you are still worried about how well digital marketing automation will be doing in the future — rest assured, it has a bright future. Not only has digital marketing automation been rising in popularity, but surveys also show that it has steady growth possibilities in 2021.
  •     Chatbots have been making quite the uproar. But do not give up on it just yet, as they will continue to do so in the future.
  •     Personalizing content will be more favorable in the future and will continue to be so.
  •     Automation will seep into social media marketing as well, so keep a lookout for that.
  •     Mobile marketing will keep on growing and will take prime focus. Therefore, keep working on your mobile-friendly interface.

So, that is all there is to digital marketing automation. It is nothing but a great investment for your company that can help you bring your company out the best way possible in the digital world.