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Digital Marketing Trends in 2022: Geoservices, empathy and privacy

We live in an extremely amazing time. Everything around is developing rapidly. This is especially evident in the field of digital marketing. After all, it is not uncommon here, as you know, when the book you are reading is already outdated.

And most of the information on it is not relevant. A similar story with digital marketing tools. To adequately withstand competition in the market, it is necessary to constantly engage in selfeducation and be aware of all the news about new technologies.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2022: Geoservices, empathy and privacy

Marketers in 2022 look back on present marketing and business trends while also adapting them to make the client’s life more comfortable and business affairs more noticeable and to increase the business leads list as well. Which digital marketing tendencies should be highlighted to develop a successful strategyread in this article.

This is more suitable for direct appealing to clients, however, some of these techniques can be successfully implemented in b2b marketing.

  • Privacy

The refusal of cookies and the focus on anonymity is a tendency that began in order to win the user’s confidence and trust. Google, for example, will start to deny 3rdparty cookies that gather data about user interests and prospecting in mid2023.

Marketers are likely to struggle with tailored advertising. However, it is assumed that rejecting cookies will increase user confidence, and that consumers will then wish to share data with businesses in exchange for valuable information, loyalty programs, consulting, and so on.

  • Dialog Marketing

Chatbots are a marketing technique that is rapidly spreading, since both businesses and consumers are interested in input. Companies are seeking easy online feedback options to do this.

The chatbot enables the consumer to obtain answers to his queries at any time of day. This enhances audience loyalty, and the request is resolved quickly.

Chats can be both simple, for example, builtin messengers that respond with prepared replicas to possible questions, and more advancedwith artificial intelligence like Siri from Apple, they take into account the context of the dialogue and answer questions more accurately.

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  • Geomarketing

Geomarketing is an instrument for the business owners, with which you can make a product announcement to a local audience, that is, to customers who are located near the location that the business needs.

This is working with geoservices, where you can create an attractive card for each location and work with customer reviews. Geomarketing is suitable for any business that has an offline point: for example, shops, pharmacies, cafes, beauty salons, car services.

  • Voice search

In the era of digital technologies, voice commands have become a familiar techno tool. People utilize voice commands to purchase goods, as well as find information about local companies, businesses, restaurants. Statistics show that more and more clients each day are using voice to proceed with search issues.

In 2022, it is important for businesses to adapt to voice requests: for example, to optimize posts in geoservices for voice requests. Many brands include voice search technology in their strategic development to make the sales process even more efficient.

  • Geofencing

A prospective customer or purchaser will get push alerts from the app or a note in a messenger or an email in case using email marketing tools according to the GPS data when inside a serviced geofence. For example, if a person walks by a particular shop, he will be notified of special offers or discounts. This strategy will enhance the frequency of spontaneous purchases and attract new clients who were previously unaware of the offline location and increase the number of new potential business leads.

  • Video marketing

The success of YouTube merely indicates that the demand for media content is not going down. Tik Tok’s impact influences video lengths of up to 3 minutes in 2022. Other social networks have responded to this trend as well, for example, by increasing the reach of users who make Reels.

  • Automated advertising

Advertisement automation is one more online marketing concept. Earlier, this was utilized by novices who could not grasp the contextual ads setting. Google, for example, provides new automated systems while disabling manual bid control. According to the experts, while using autostategies, it is just to provide objectives (max budget, ideal converting cost, or target return on marketing spend) — and the platform will do all possible to maximize conversions and minimize advertising expenses.

Auto strategies do not need continuous analysis and a huge number of experiments, saving the marketer time. Based on the current competitive scenario and the objectives you’ve selected, the algorithm will choose the optimum bid sizes, the most effective keywords and advertising, and how to best distribute the money.

  • Storytelling

Strong and memorable content is still an effective sales technique. Do not underestimate the capacity to communicate basic human tales about your organization, product, or user experience.

as well as customers Storytelling, by the way, may be employed in videos, so this approach of brand marketing will be especially important in social networks and video hosting.

This is how Nike builds its marketing strategy according to the canons of storytelling . In social networks and on the website, the brand tells about athletes and ordinary people who strive for their goals, overcoming obstacles in the form of injuries, criticism, doubts, external forces. The stories are based on such scenarios, where the audience gets acquainted with the hero, the main problem, and then learns about overcoming obstacles and winning.

  • Empathy

Highprofile world movements, a lengthy pandemic, stressa society surrounded by such difficulties need a fresh approach to consumer communication. The audience wishes for genuine feelings, sympathy, support, as well as a nontoxic atmosphere. How to apply it in advertising? Determine the public’s painful issues and focus on the customer demands. For example, you may develop material that explains confusing concepts in clear language, illustrate the company’s everyday life and exchange user input, and include interactive contentall of this will elicit a reaction.

Resume: how to create a marketing strategy, taking into account the digital trends of 2022

Innovations in online marketing in 2022 are aiming towards the latest techniques such as automating and process simplicity. Clip thinking creates a tendency for video material, and the smaller it is, the better, and classic forms like maps and GPS use are perfect for discovering ways of attracting clients.

As technology advances, ethical and psychological difficulties arise, such as privacy protection and the use of personal data, as well as empathy, understanding of consumer issues, and the need to be comprehensible and downtoearth. Brands seek to acquire loyalty and trust while remaining discreet and invisible.