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Digital Strategies That Support Student’s Reading and Writing


Many teachers from different parts of the world are asking students to read and write online. And thanks to technology, the means to enrich how students read and write is improving at a tremendous rate. “Technology has made it efficient and convenient to look for tools and techniques students can use to understand reading with ease as well as to write without any stress,” mentioned Joel Donnelly, an academic writer at essaykitchen. Students can work on their writing pieces from home or at school. Additionally, teachers or instructors explore collaborative writing tasks and synchronous editing with students. Also, there are many digital tools which offer support to students as they learn to read in-depth, take down notes, and navigate the writing process.

With the vast improvement in technology, teachers and instructors find it efficient to permit students to write and submit their tasks online. However, not all students or teachers want to embrace the use of the same tools. Hence, a compilation of resources was put to use to enable teachers and students to have access to tools which fit their needs. Additionally, teachers and students need to be aware of the tools they are using so that they can meet their requirements. This is because some use them for specific purposes such as bolstering their writing and building their skills while others do not.

Every student needs to think in a metacognitive manner about what they ought to do to excel in school and advocate for it. As aforementioned, students do not like using the same tools. However, there are numerous powerful tools that can help you be successful. And according to EssayKitchen, below are some reading and writing strategies you can use to achieve your success.


An ideal method teachers use to support students to brainstorm ideas and organize them into consistent arguments is through graphic organizers. However, some students do not find them to be exciting or inspiring. Hence, it is essential that there is a development of new tools to help students organize their thoughts and ideas. For instance, some students organize their thoughts and ideas by drawing them on paper. And, there is no reason for them to stop doing so regardless of their ultimate writing product being digital. As a student, you can take a snapshot of your thoughts and document them in a digital manner. Or, you can download various visual templates or use a digital tool such as Answer Garden to create a word cloud.


Writing is not an easy task. Hence, the majority of students who struggle with it often get stuck when it comes to jotting down the first ideas in their articles. However, with the help of a teacher through the various writing tools for students such as drafting, you can jump this hurdle. Voice typing, one of the examples of writing strategies is efficient. You can talk about the topic, draft it, and then spare some time for editing.

After jotting down your ideas, you can spend time restructuring your sentences and enriching the vocabulary. Always have something to work with to simplify the writing process. Content writers from https://essaywritingservice.ca are sure that this will help you to see multiple drafts and editing as significant parts of writing. Drafting as a strategy is essential for ideas and editing as you will work to ensure all those ideas are correct. Do not focus on correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes at this step.


In this stage, your work is to ensure your sentences are crisp and clear. Additionally, you can use high-level vocabulary and phrases to express your points. You can do this by checking on the list of synonyms on Google Docs by right-clicking on the word. You will get a list of synonyms you can use in place of your choice of word. Also, this is an opportune time to turn on the spelling suggestions and eliminate any mistakes.

Your teacher can look at the full version history of your document to note your progression and the changes you have been making.


When it comes to writing, your work is not yet through until its publication. One of the main goals of writing is to communicate your message to the audience. And to do this, you need to embrace the digital writing strategy of publishing. The readers can note and honor the strengths and weaknesses of your writing skills if you publish your piece. Additionally, the significance of publishing as one of the digital writing tools is that it is an artistic illustration and audio description alongside your writing. The audience may not understand your strength through the illustration, the description, or both.

Writing as a skill is crucial. However, honoring your strengths gives you the confidence that the readers will comprehend your ideas.


Evaluating is one of the essential strategies for reading and writing for both students and teachers. As a student, you need to identify the authentic sources like essay writing service and comprehend the online authorizations as they work on writing. Teachers evaluate a student’s work while assessing the accuracy of online sources. And if they do this in an online environment, they have a big advantage. This is because they can note the revision history and comments about your modifications.

So, you need to know what you need to do. And to achieve this, your teacher can embed a rubric or create it using Rubistar at the bottom on your Google Doc.


Online reading tools help students and teachers scaffold texts they cannot access. And having a list of Chrome extensions gives you access to dictionaries and pronunciations you do not know much about. There is also audio support for students who do not know how to read a text.

Most complex words are in technical subjects such as Science. But, with the Rewordify tool for reading, you can paste a link and get feedback on simple words and sentence constructions you can use in your work. Hovering over highlights of original and richer text enables you to build up your vocabulary and familiarity with complex words and phrases.


Research is a primary skill for students when it comes to writing. However, your teachers do not give you the analysis, synthesis, and critical thinking you require to conduct ample research. But, with the appropriate research-based writing strategies, you can use many sources, analyze them, develop an idea, and connect with the readers. Research tools such as Instagrok can help you find the information you need for your article.

In conclusion, teachers from different walks of life ask students to read and write online. And with the vast improvement in technology, students can enhance their reading and writing skills by embracing the use of the various tools for reading and writing above. So, you should not worry if you are unable to comprehend the meaning of a particular word or if you can substitute it with a simpler word. Use the digital strategies for reading and writing above and get to develop and nurture your reading and writing skills.


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