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7 Of The Best Dirt Bikes For Teens To Buy in 2022

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Dirt Bikes For Teens To Buy in 2022? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

As a parent, there is always the tendency to push our children into doing something we did as teenagers or what we love doing. However, if you have a teen that loves speed, high-flying, mud splashing, and adrenaline adventure hobby or sports, then a dirt bike might just be up your ally.

But with so many “wannabe” and knock offs on the market, what truly qualifies an excellent build in a bike for it to survive the dirt trails.

Furthermore, with countable factors to consider when choosing a dirt bike such as the purpose – is it a daily fun activity for the teen or one involved in organized dirt bike racing. Either way, if you are getting your teen a dirt bike, chances are you do have some knowledge about dirt bikes, and how they function.

Manufacturers can only do so much when designing dirt bikes for teens, but with children growing at a different pace, parents should consider the teen’s height, weight, experience, and maturity before dropping the dollars for a dirt bike.

As mentioned, you also have to know the use of the bike (this is very important). With that in mind, lets breakdown so of the best dirt bike for teens. We will discuss the buying guide later on.

Best Dirt Bikes For Teens: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Honda CRF250X

Dirt Bikes For Teens
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Honda has the most dirt bikes on the road, and as a trusted name in mobile transportation; you will not lack a dirt bike of your choosing with Honda.

The CRF250X is the best dirt bike for your teen just taking a liking into dirt bike racing or trail racing, but as a newbie into the world of dirt bike racing, this is the bike to show you all the ropes of the game.

The CRF250X stands tall with a full 18-inch wheel in the rear and a 21-inch in front, giving you that beginner’s confidence and balance.

This wheel position stabilizes the bike, enables you to navigate unleveled terrain smoothly, and allows your foot to touch the ground in a situation where balance is questioned. The CRF250X has a solid frame and uses an electric start button located on the handlebar to start rolling, easy peasy like peas in a pod.


  • The CRF250X possesses a 250cc four-stroke engine with a broad powerband allowing you to have complete grips of the bike and control. A twist of the throttle propels you to high speeds and a smooth ride
  • The CRF250X 254 pounds weight and low center of gravity allow for even body weight distribution across the length of the bike. This makes it super easy to handle and maneuver your way across the trail.
  • For shorter riders, the CRF250X has a lowering suspension to accommodate them
  • The CRF250X is easily customized to suit any rider. The parts are readily available in the market.

Overall, the Honda CRF250X is built for the toughest terrains available. With durable parts and well-designed features, the bike is ready to take on the abuse that is found on any trail.

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2. AJP PR4

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The AJP is the first Enduro pro dirt bike all the way from Portugal. The bike was designed for the dirt trail and for shorter-frame people and teens.

As a durable, sturdy, and lightweight frame bike, it possesses all the features that will make you love dirt bike racing forever. While you have to pay top dollar to ride this bike, it is a value worth your money.

As mentioned, the AJP PR4 is designed for smaller framed individuals is a reliable bike for beginners looking to perfect their skills and understanding of the road.

The AJP is made for difficult terrains and will survive despite how bumpy the road is. The AJP PR4 is equipped with fully adjustable Marzocchi forks and Sachs suspension shook; a 233cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, and a bulletproof 240cc engine.


  • At 229 pounds deadweight, the AJP PR4 has an excellent center of gravity that centers the rider body mass, making riding easier on both the bike and the user.
  • It uses an electric kickstart mechanism and has a short wheelbase compared to most dirt bikes giving superior balance and full control to the rider.
  • A transparent fuel tank allows you to see the fuel level so that you are not stranded when the ride is getting interesting
  • Although built with an aluminum frame, the AJP PR4 is durable, reliable and one that will enable you to master your skills before the next dirt bike race you are aiming at

Overall, the AJP PR4 is a high-performance dirt bike that is easier for teen riders starting out in the world of dirt bike racing. The appeal, design, and cool-air qualities are why your teen is in love with this bike.

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3. Yamaha TTR 50

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If you have a teen that is passionate about motocross dirt bike racing, then you just found the perfect bike to perfect his skills?  Aside from coming in different elegant colors, Yamaha is a brand name that does dirt bikes like no other except for Honda.

The TTR 50 is an exceptional dirt bike for a million reasons and is a great bike for riders with smaller body frame due to it ground clearance, durability, and ability to retain its shape regardless of how many time it goes around the trail.


  • With the TTR 50, riders can limit the number of crashes as the bike has a 5.3-inch clearance from the ground also gives the rider the ability to put their feet flat on the ground for more control and maneuverability.
  • The TTR 50 has a throttle limiter screw. This feature unique to this bike allows parents to limit the quantity of fuel injected into the engine, thereby slowing down the power and speed the teen is going, this also enables beginners to dirt bike master the tricks of the process. It also limited the twist on the throttle too.
  • As a beginner dirt bike, the TTR 50 is a four-stroke engine with three gears and no clutch, making it the best learner’s bike for a newbie. It also allows them to master how to use the fundamental parts of the bike such as the brake, control, and how to balance when riding.
  • The TTR 50 employs an electric push to start button system; this enables riders to enjoy the bike rather than wasting time cranking the bike with their foot

Overall, the Yamaha TTR 50 is another perfect dirt bike for a teen new to dirt bike racing or motocross. The simplicity of the bike and availability of parts ensures that there is always a replacement in case you crash your bike or something gets spoilt.

Otherwise, the TTR 50 is a durable, well-balanced dirt bike that will take you places and win your trophies.

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4. The Kawasaki KLX 140G

7 Of The Best Dirt Bikes For Teens To Buy in 2022

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Weighing 30lbs lighter than most dirt bikes on the market, this 218-pound machine is an excellent choice for size and weight with unbelievable balance.

The KLX 140G is built with a tube, semi-double-cradle frame 78.9 inches in length with a ground clearance of 12.4-inch giving you enough room to fly over those humps on the dirt trail without crashing. The KLX 140G comes in bright green color with a six-month warranty and has a wheelbase of 54.4 inches, and a 1.5-gallon fuel capacity tank.


  • Excellent bike for new riders and light enough bike for pro riders looking to take on more challenging trails
  • The KLX 140G has a 140cc four-stroke, a one-cylinder engine that is air-cooled allowing you to cover more ground than most dirt bikes
  • It has a 5-speed transmission gearbox with wet multi-disc manual clutch and front and rear brake discs for sharp stops and a digital DC-CDI ignition system
  • The KLX 140G will support riders of all sizes including, tall riders with its low seat height of 33.9 inches.
  • Comfortable, roomy, and ergonomic design gives riders full control over the bike with less fuss
  • The KLX 140G has a lightweight chassis with a full-size wheel capable of taking on any terrain while leaving you with full control of the bike.
  • Durable, light, easy to ride, and a great dirt bike for teen beginners or professionals

Overall, the Kawasaki KLX 140G dependable and low-maintenance bike is your best buddy on the trail. Built for rugged terrains, the KLX 140G is the best off-road bike for all levels of skilled riders.

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5. Suzuki DR-Z125L

The DR-Z125L is an upgraded version of the former model with improved features hence why it is on this list of best teen dirt bikes.

Dirt Bikes For Teens

However, you can’t mention dirt bikes by calling the brand SUZUKI; they are the masters and first creators of dirt bikes. Even though there are newer dirt bikes, the DR-Z125L is also a contender and an excellent beginner’s bikes for teens.


  • With the recent upgrade, the DR-Z125L carbon steel body frame makes it super light and durable with a brightness that distinguishes you from other bikes on the trail. Furthermore, the new design features a lower seat height for smaller and inexperienced riders to enable them to handle and control the bike efficiently.
  • With a capacity to carry a bodyweight of 89 kilograms, the DR-Z125L has a wheelbase of 50 inches, ground clearance of 43 inches keeping your engine clear of the bumps and humps of the tracks. The seat height is 32 inches and the bike measures 72 by 30 inches length by width with a 16-inch and 19-inch wheel rear, and front respectively
  • The DR-Z125L 124cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 2-valve, and the air-cooled engine uses a kickstart method with a 5-speed transmission, with a 7-inch telescopic front and 6.6-inch rear suspension for a smooth and confident ride every time
  • The DR-Z125L is an incredible performance bike with a front disc brake plate, a kill switch for safe stop and exit for riders

This is undoubtedly a robust dirt bike for young riders or beginners. The Suzuki DR-Z125L is durable, lightweight, and built to take the abuse of the trail. The 4.8 liters capacity fuel tank takes you to the distance and back.

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6. KTM150 SX

Surely not the cheapest dirt bike in the bunch, but the KTM150 SX holds a big spot as being the bike for all ages, especially for teens who love the thrills of the outdoors.

7 Of The Best Dirt Bikes For Teens To Buy in 2022
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It’s a lightweight, frame, and horsepower makes this bike a great pick. Like all things too good, the KTM150 SX doesn’t come with an adjustable seat height hence not a bike for people with smaller frame individuals.


  • The KTM150 SX is designed for young inexperienced riders who learn how to control and maneuver the bike along the trails until they have mastered the skills.
  • As the heart of the KTM150 SX is a 150cc engine and a 58mm bore cylinder and crankshaft that produces the torques to power the bike through the motocross. The 6-speed transmission gearbox is a 2-stroke engine that uses a CDI ignition control unit for smooth starts.
  • The new sleek and lightweight design of the KTM150 SX allows the bike to push through any weather and terrain giving you enough time to fall in love with the beauty, power, and style of the bike.

Overall, the KTM150 SX ergonomic I-beam design keeps the front and back of the bike in a straight line making the bike more stable and well-balanced for new riders.

7. Kawasaki KLX 110

7 Of The Best Dirt Bikes For Teens To Buy in 2022

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As one of the most popular bikes for motocross enthusiasts, the KLX110 was a smaller bike but received, an upgrade as dirt bike grew as a sport. Currently, the Kawasaki KLX110 is the most customized bike on the planet hence the ideal dirt bike for you to scoot around.


  • A small bike with great potentials, the Sporty style high-tensile frame has a seat height of 26.8-inch and ground clearance of 8.5-inch gives your bike room to jump over bumps without affecting the engine
  • The KLX110 engine is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke air-cooled engine with 112cc and 7.3 horsepower. It has a 4-speed gearbox (return shift, automatic, centrifugal, and wet) with an automatic clutch.
  • With no clutch interference, the KLX 110 provides the best speed training limits for beginners as its low center of gravity creates the perfect balance for the riders as they perform their rounds on the motocross.

The KLX110 tire choice is built for the roughest and toughest terrains known; with 12-inch rear and 14-inch front make it comfortable for teens and young adults to enjoy the thrill of the dirt trail.

Dirt Bike Buying Guide

If you are into dirt bikes, then you probably know how much they cost. While you can splurge on your teen by getting a new bike, a used bike will help him learn the ropes until you are financially buoyant to get a new one. However, here are some must-know factors to remember when you go shopping for a dirt bike.


The number of engine strokes determines how tall the bike will be. Four-stroke engines are higher than their 2-stroke counterparts and should be considered before dropping the money for the bike. One way to know if a dirt bike is your size is to sit across the bike leaning forward and see if your feet touch the ground.

If your feet lays flat on the ground, the bike is too small because your entire weight is one the suspension meaning the bike does the double job of supporting you and driving you around. When your toes touch the ground, then the bike is your size.


The more your body weight, the more cc the bike needs to propel you along the trail. However, as a beginner dirt bike racer, the larger your weight, the more cc will be better for you. This is because of the amount of load on the suspension automatically changes how you ride and the pleasure you get from riding.

What type of riding are you doing?

If your teen has never ridden on a dirt bike, it is confusing choosing a bike for them. So if you are a parent who loves your teen to pursue a hobby or life as a bike rider, do well to inform them of the various types and what it entails before choosing a bike.

Starting Mechanism:-

For fun rides, a kickstart dirt bike will allow your teenager to learn the process of dirt bike riding. However, if your teen is already into dirt bike riding or competitive rides, an electric start is the easiest way to start every race.

The Budget:-

Dirt bikes are expensive; it costs a whole lot just to buy them. Whether you are opting for a new or used one depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend.

Finally, motocross or dirt bike racing is no doubt the coolest sports for adrenaline teens who love the thrill of the whole show of speed, soaring through the air and splashing mud on their competitors.

Anyways, dirt bikes are a thrilling sport, even though it looks dirty and dangerous at a distance, the right bike will make any teen spend time on the trails than doing something unproductive with their afternoons.