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How to Disable Embedding Of Your YouTube Videos


By uploading a video to YouTube, you’re in effect sharing it with the world – not to mention Google – and waiving any rights you have to keep the content private. You can of course set the video to Private and share it only with specific people, or else make it unlisted on YouTube, but if you want the clip to be publicly available and maintain control over it, you need to disable embedding.

This option is switched on by default and if you leave it that way, you risk your video appearing on other people’s websites, blogs and social-media pages. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off.

Disable Embedding Of Your YouTube Videos

Log into YouTube, click your profile photo and choose Creator Studio.

How to Disable Embedding Of Your YouTube Videos

Click the Video Manager link on the left and choose Videos, then click the Edit button next to the video you want to protect. On the Info & Settings tab

How to Disable Embedding Of Your YouTube Videos

select ‘Advanced settings‘ and, in the ‘Distribution options‘ section, untick the box to Allow embedding‘ and click ‘Save changes‘.

Turn off embedding to stop people sharing your YouTube videos on other sites

To see where a video has already been embedded, click Analytics in the Creator Studio, select ‘Playback locations‘ and click ‘Embedded player on other websites‘ for a list of every site on which your video is embedded.

How to Disable Embedding Of Your YouTube Videos

If you earn ad revenue from the videos you share on YouTube (or would like to), you can sign up for its Content ID system here, provided you “own exclusive rights to a substantial body of original material that is frequently uploaded”.

Content ID not only alerts copyright owners when someone uploads another video with the same content, but lets you block embedding on all other websites and apps, or allow it only on specific ones. See Restrict embedding for more details.

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