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21 Discord Easter Eggs List That Will Make You Go Wow

Discord is a fun community tool that integrates with a variety of third-party services. A good number of them have hidden amusing easter eggs within their apps for users to discover and enjoy. 

Few easter eggs are no longer available, such as dis.gd, which led viewers to YouTube videos to rickroll them.

If you have been searching for some truly remarkable Discord Easter eggs, this is the right place to explore. As part of this tutorial, we will examine some of the best Discord Easter eggs one can uncover. 

We will introduce you to Discord Easter eggs that you will not want to miss out on, along with instructions on locating them. This article will reveal everything from Discord’s hidden snake game to their secret ringtones and much more.

List of Discord Easter Eggs – Our Pick👌

Let us start with the one that I think should top our list.

1. Discordo

To get to this easter egg, you must tap the Discord logo at the top left side of the screen 15 times in succession. Inspect to see if the volume on the computer has been turned up all the way. This will enable the use of Discordo’s sound effect.  

Discord Easter Eggs

Every time you start the program, the DISCORDO sound will be played for you. To deactivate the Discord app launching sound, press the Discord logo 15 times and prevent the Discord app from opening sound once more.

This easter egg may be found in both the Discord desktop version and on the Discord web service. This tool is not enabled on the mobile app.

2. Music Symbols and Arrows

Discord provides a plethora of computer shortcuts to help you navigate via their program. If you are using a Mac, you may get a shortcuts menu by pressing the Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ keys together. 

It will activate a pop-up window that will display all of the options that Discord can support. To play music in this section, you can employ the arrow keys on the computer. 

3. Empathy Banana

The “No results found” display with a magnifying glass graphic will be generated if Discord cannot locate the message users are looking for in its database. 

However, it is possible to display a different message, such as “No results found.” “Empathy banana is here to help you,” the statement says, accompanied by a banana image.

21 Discord Easter Eggs List That Will Make You Go Wow

It just takes a few tries to locate this message.

4. Raging Demon on Discord 

This easter egg can be found in the pop-up menu for the Discord keys shortcuts. By hitting Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/, you can access the keyboard shortcuts.

The moment the pop-up window has appeared, click the H H → N K key to close it. This will display an animation of a roaring demon and Chinese characters that read SKY on it.

21 Discord Easter Eggs List That Will Make You Go Wow

5. Special Ringtone for Halloween

Each year, for the Halloween season, Discord alters the ringtone on his phone. For access, sit tight until Halloween, then make calls on Discord to experience the unique Halloween ringtone, which will be available just on that day. 

Alternatively, you can search on YouTube Discord’s Halloween Ringtone to hear it right now.

6. Nitro Confetti Easter Egg on Discord 

The Discord host will display a message in the chatbox when anyone does a server boost, informing everyone of the accomplishment. 

When you hover your cursor over the Nitro logo on that notice, confetti will appear. If you persist in doing so, Wampus will emerge at one of the four sides of the room and toss other confetti in your direction.

7. Super Rare Ringtone

You will hear the default Discord ringtone when you get a call on Discord, which we cannot customize. However, you have a one in a thousand chance of receiving an alternative ringtone. 

It is essentially the same Discord ringtone as before, with some drums and music thrown in for good measure. The only way to discover this is to use Discord to make repeated calls until you get an alternative ringtone.

8. SNEK – Snake Game

If one ends up getting a 404 message on Discord when searching for items that are no longer available, they will notice a blue button next to the hamster that says “Retry.”

To begin playing a secret game, click on it. SNEk is included in the list of most helpful Discord Easter eggs. 

21 Discord Easter Eggs List That Will Make You Go Wow

9. Take b1nzy to Space

Even though there are several steps needed, this is an incredible concealed easter egg to find.

Go to Discord.com/developers/applications to get started. Then, on the left-hand sidebar, select documentation, and afterward, scroll down until you see the Rate Limits option listed. Continue reading the paper until you reach a sentence that reads similar to: 

It is important to note that the standard rate-limiting header will be included in this response as well. 

After each statement, you will notice a blue colon at the bottom of it. Click on it. It will take you to a homepage with a cat heading to Space in a spaceship, along with some cat soundtrack to get your attention. 

10. This Insanity

Navigate to the Discord Settings panel and scroll until you reach the Discord notification settings section on the right. This is where you will find the URL to This Insanity. Navigate to it. You will be sent to a YouTube clip showing an iPhone with a million Discord alerts if you click on it. Insanity is one of the most popular Discord Easter eggs.

11. Broken Magnification Glass

As long as you keep looking for messages that aren’t available, Discord will display a cracked magnifying glass with the statement, “We accidentally dropped the magnifying glass.” “Could you please try your search again?”

The Broken Magnification Glass Discord easter egg is very similar to the empathy banana in that it may be found in a matter of minutes after a few tries.

12. Copying Tag

Copying Tag is one of my favorite Discord Easter eggs.

Users have the choice of clicking on their username at the lower-left corner to copy their username, which will be followed by the message CopiedIn contrast, if one proceeds to copy numerous times by selecting, Discord will display various messages such as “Double Copy!”, “Dominating!!” “Triple Copy!!” “Rampage!!” “Mega Copy!!” “Wicked Sick!!” “Monster Copy!!” “GODLIKE!!!.” and “BEYOND GODLIKE!!!”

The final one is Beyond Godlike, and following which, Discord will continue to display the same message repeatedly until it is completed.

13. “Monster Copy!!,” 

Discord will display the dislike emote icon on the tab rather than the text “Edit” if you alter the Discord username to anything completely ludicrous, such as utilizing unique letters and symbols. It does this to revert to your username.

14. Amoled

The AMOLED easter egg is only functional on the Discord Android application.

Select Dark Mode from the User settings > Appearance menu by tapping it nine times. It will expose a new alternative called Amoled optimal mode. 

21 Discord Easter Eggs List That Will Make You Go Wow

By turning on the toggle next to it, you will be eligible to use the pitch-black option for Discord rather than the grey hue used for Dark Mode. Amoled is one of the most exciting Discord Easter eggs.

21 Discord Easter Eggs List That Will Make You Go Wow

15. Flashlight

This Discord easter egg is comparable to the Amoled egg in that it only operates on Discord Android applications.

Navigate to the Appearance feature in the Settings menu and click six times on the Light selection. This will display the message “When the light theme is not enough!” and will turn the Discord program white, as well as turn on the device’s flashlight lasting a couple of seconds.

16. Turkey Emoji

Changing the date and time to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States will transform the emoji picker symbol into a turkey.

This only happens if you are in the United States or operating with a VPN routed to a server in the United States. This is one of the fun Discord Easter eggs.

17. Computer Man

To apply the Computer Man Discord Easter eggs enter printer.discord.com in the Omnibox and press the Enter key.

It will take you to a YouTube video playing a song by the Computer Man. It is nothing more than Discord’s method of ripping people off. Regardless, it is a pleasant and catchy song.

18. Rate Limits Documentation

If you go to the rate-limits instruction page and tap on a semi-colon hyperlink that appears around halfway through the page, you will be sent to an enjoyable online animation!

To obtain entry, hit the hyperlinked words above, which will take you to the documentation page.

After that, you will be taken to the documentation page, where you can learn more about rate limits. Move down till you see a blue semi-colon that looks to contain a link, which you should click on. If you hit on this, you arrive at a fantastic dynamic web page!

19. Username Clicks

When clicking on your username many times on the Discord client, you will see this incredible Easter egg.

To test it out, go to the username in the lower-left corner of the Discord client and click on it to open it. Then select your username from the drop-down menu. When you correctly set the username, a green display should indicate that you have done so. 

After that, move your cursor away from the username and then tap on it once more. A new text should show at this point. Some exciting messages will appear if you click on them several times.

The concluding messages will display a vibrating text animation on a red background. This display is super cool!

20. No Result

Whenever you seek a specific message or word in your DMs within a server, Discord will generally display their regular “No results found” prompt if no results are discovered for that search term. 

On the other hand, Discord will occasionally show a cool graphic in place of their standard message on rare occasions. It is fantastic, and I have watched it quite a few times! However, because this is a very unusual occurrence, there is no reliable method to locate it.

Like Discord’s hidden ringtone, you will have to depend on the laws of pure chance to find a specific word in your discussions. If you are looking for a specific word in your interactions and nothing pops up, you might come across this illustration instead!

Conclusion: Discord Easter Eggs

Discord can add or remove new easter eggs at any time due to the frequent modifications and updates to the program. There are lost easter eggs, such as the Mario box. 

There have been recent changes to the discord.com user interface; nonetheless, these modifications do not occur frequently, and the easter eggs are likely to remain in place for a long time.

Hopefully, you have discovered some exciting Discord Easter eggs as a result of reading this article! They may be an excellent addition to other web applications and give a unique twist to the experience. Discord has many of these and is continually adding more, so be prepared to keep up with the current updates.