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11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

Just like almost every application you are used to, Discord is built to send users notifications whenever they get a new message. Sadly it is not uncommon to be faced with the infamous “discord mobile notifications not working” problem.

This problem simply implies you would not receive notifications for new messages. In fact, the only way you would know you have messages is if you have made it a habit to frequently open up the application. This regime can really be frustrating, and this problem often leads to users missing out on a few important messages.

In this article, I have broken down steps I have tried and will explain how they all can be used to fix the discord mobile notifications not working problem.

Let us jump write into it!

Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

My advice is to try the fixes starting from the first and walking your way down. I have arranged them according to their level of difficulty.

1. Restart the Phone

Why do I believe this hack does not come as a surprise. When you have issues with your device, applications, or just some weird malfunction, a reboot has to be your first go-to, before you start panicking.

But how does this really help?

Well, my expert advice is that you must reboot your phone at least once a week, and they’re all excellent benefits to this. It is a great way for your devices to retain optimal memory retention, prevent crashes, run operations smoothly, and enjoy longer battery life.

In most mobile devices, you would need to long-press the power button and select the restart option.

discord mobile notifications not working

2. Unmute Channels and Conversation

While this is not always the case, there is a chance that your conversations and channels have been muted. For heavier discord users, this may be encountered more than you would believe.

They may opt to mute these because of how annoying it is to have a constantly buzzing phone. However, the problem is that they may forget to unmute them.

So before hitting the panic bottom, double-check your channels and conversations.

Open up a chat with either a channel or a person and then touch on the name at the top of the thread to unmute the discussion or channel.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

The conversation is muted if the Notification symbol displays a red bar. Unmute may be accessed by tapping the same symbol.

3. Turn on In-App Notifications

This must be an obvious fix. In the Discord mobile app, make sure alerts are turned on. Follow these steps to see whether this is the case on Android and iPhone:

To access the navigation drawer, launch the Discord mobile app and select your profile (user) image icon at the bottom. Scroll down to Notifications and hit it.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

Toggle on the switches beside In-app notifications and System notifications on Android. Alternatively for iPhones, enable the Get alerts to toggle in Discord.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

4. Turn on The System-Wide Alerts

Push notifications for the Discord application installed on your device must be enabled in order to get alerts from Discord.

To do this on your Android devices, navigate Phone Settings > Apps >Discord > Notifications.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

At the top, make sure the switch beside Show notifications or (All Discord notifications) is turned on. Check the other toggles beneath the primary option to make sure they’re all turned on. To examine the alert settings of each feature separately, tap on the choices such as Direct messages, calls, and so on.

discord mobile notifications not working

Go to Settings > Discord > Notifications on your iPhone. Allow alerts by turning on the toggle next to it. Apart from that, make sure that additional options like Sounds, Badges, and alerts in the notification center are turned on.

5. Turn Off The Do Not Disturb Mode

Once again discord mobile notifications not working could very well be your own doing, and this is a fix that may correct it.

When diagnosing a problem, we often miss the most basic details. Make sure that the mobile device is in Do not disturb mode. If you activate it, you will not get alerts from any app on your phone, including Discord.

Navigate Settings // Sound // Do not disturb on your Android devices (Note that these steps may vary slightly depending on the model).

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

Once inside the Do not DIsturb option, make sure it is turned off. Doing so means that the sound settings from individual apps are not overridden.

6. Log Out of The Discord Application

Here is an easy-to-follow step you should not overlook. Logging out of an application or service can sometimes reset it. So if you are having problems like your notifications not working, you may want to try this.

For android users, you simply would want to go into your Discord settings. To do this just tap on at the bottom right of the application home.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

For iPhone users, the process is a bit straightforward, you just need to tap on the logout icon, scroll to the bottom and select the logout option.

7. Clear The App Cache

The app cache is a software component that saves data in order to fulfill future requests for that data more quickly; the data stored in a cache may be the result of an earlier calculation or a duplicate of data stored elsewhere.

Clearing the cache means the system can store new data and this is sometimes a useful hack in solving a number of software-related issues.

Here is how to clear the Discord app cache on Androids:

Long click on the Discord app icon and select the app info option.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

Next, click on the storage option from the list, and below select the clear cache option.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

8. Reinstall The Discord Application

While this would not be my first option, it often turns out to be an effective way of troubleshooting bugging programs. Reinstalling would normally clear away old files and memory for the program. If there was a bug with the old installation this would most likely also be cleared away.

My recommendation would be to install a different copy of the software. So go back to the play store and download a new copy of Discord and install it.

9. Check Discord Server Notifications

A discord mobile notifications not working problem could be traced to your server notifications not working. In this case, check the server’s specific notification settings.

Tap the server name on the left bar of the Discord app. On the screen that is displayed, tap on the three dots at the top of the server and then the Notifications icon.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

If the server is silenced, the Unmute option will appear at the top. It should be tapped. Activate/turn on the toggle beside Mobile push notifications if the server is already unmuted. Aside from that, make sure the option for All message is turned on.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

It’s worth noting that if the server is big (i.e., has more than 2,500 users), you won’t get any push alerts other than mentions. Under the All messages option, you’ll see the message for this functionality. On the same screen, double-check that all other settings are accurate.

10. Log Out From The Desktop App

You may be wondering how a desktop version of Discord could interfere with your mobile notifications.

Well, if you have tried all the hacks above and you still are unable to solve the problem of discord mobile notifications not working, then this hack may be your way out. As long as you’re connected to the Discord desktop client, you won’t get any mobile alerts.

Unfortunately, unlike Slack alerts, Discord does not provide a method to deactivate or modify this functionality for both the PC and mobile notifications. To get mobile alerts, you must be logged out of the PC app or at least, make sure your computer is shut down.

To log out of the desktop app, go to the bottom of the page and click the Settings button next to your username.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

Next, scroll down and select the logout option.

11 Easy Fixes For Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working

11. Factory Reset Your Phone

Of all the hacks I have discussed today, this is the least recommended even though in many cases it will be a solution. The problem with doing a factory reset of your device is that it is often overkilled.

What a factory reset does is to take your phone to the original settings it came with. The downside of doing this could be the loss of data and personal settings.

You would also need to download in most cases all the applications that are not the devices’ system applications. This can be a lot of work and would also cost you a lot of data. But if no other hack has worked, this may just be your final choice.

Last Thoughts

I have tried not to leave any details out in a bid to resolve the discord mobile notifications not working problem. Like I alluded to earlier, I recommend you start from the top and work your way down the list of fixes.

If none of them work for you, you may consider Discord support or calling an expert to troubleshoot for you.

Please let me know which of these fixes you found most helpful, and if you think I have left out anything, please leave me a comment.