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11 Best DisplayFusion Alternatives For Multiple Monitors

A display monitor is an essential part of a computer system. If the display monitor is of low quality, it affects your eyesight. It makes the computer system challenging to manage—a range of software available in the market that aid in organizing and managing the desktop.

DisplayFusion is a program that enables you to manage multiple monitors with one interface easily. It allows users to have numerous taskbars and assign different wallpapers to each monitor.

With various features and tools, DisplayFusion provides an excellent platform for the end-users. It can make the desktop of your Windows computer clean and beautiful. It’s a user-friendly program that’s simple to learn and utilize.

As far as the evaluation of this software is concerned, it is worth every penny you spend on it. This software comes at a very affordable price and has some additional features like you can change the theme as per your choice.

Other programs are available if you seek DisplayFusion Alternatives, such as various screen capturing options, virtual screens, and multiple monitor support.

Best DisplayFusion Alternatives – Our Pick👌👌

1. Dual Monitor Tools

If you are always working with two monitors, Dual Monitor Tools (Get Here) will become the best friend of your productivity.

This is one of the best DisplayFusion Alternatives and is a collection of small modules that will help you increase your work speed by minimizing the time you spend moving your eyes from one monitor to another or walking between monitors to perform some action on one of them.

This is pretty exciting software, and it provides you with quite a lot of options. It’s designed to help you pick the proper settings for your dual monitors to be more productive at work.

It includes several useful functions, including the option to lock the pointer to one display or turn it off entirely. The tool also allows you to turn off the taskbar on a specific monitor, which is nice if you want to see more of the desktop while working on it.

Best DisplayFusion Alternatives

You will also be able to move any window to either screen by clicking on its title bar; this will move it to the opposite side of the desktop and vice versa. You may also use hotkeys for maximizing/restoring windows, making them full-screen, centering them in their current monitor, etc.

It improves your performance by making things work faster on your computer and increasing your computer’s service life.

Windows 7 and 10 are both supported by this software. The program has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to learn to use it without much effort or time.

You can adjust the cursor’s color according to your needs, and it can be active on both screens. You can also freeze the cursor movement on one screen while using it on another. 

2. UltraMon

UltraMon is a utility that allows you to take full advantage of multiple monitors. The program is free, although some features are paid add-ons.

You can use UltraMon to change the resolution and extend your desktop onto another monitor. In addition, you can set a screensaver on individual monitors and control the position of a taskbar on each screen.

When you’re working with multiple monitors, you’ll quickly realize that there are a lot of features in Windows that don’t work correctly when you’re trying to move or maximize windows across monitors. UltraMon is here to help!

UltraMon automatically creates a toolbar for each window, which can move and maximize the window on the fly, rather than relying on the default Windows methods.

Best DisplayFusion Alternatives 1

Tiled mode is available for both window and application title bars, so you can have your windows tiled across all your monitors no matter where they are located. You can also replicate your current desktop layout to another monitor using UltraMon’s QuickSwitch feature.

While using UltraMon, you will surely appreciate the ability to customize the display resolution, refresh rate, and other settings. You can make your monitor’s settings suitable for every program you use.

Tasks can be easily assigned to each monitor or duplicated. The tool lets you make a clone of any application window and move it to a different monitor.

You can also enable or disable other monitors, change the primary monitor, enable or deactivate the secondary taskbar, disable the secondary display and change the background and screensaver.

3. NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager

NVIDIA desktop manager is a solution for people with more than one monitor. It’s not just another software that allows you to move windows from one monitor to another. It also helps you organize your productivity.

NVIDIA makes this application, giving you all the options and tools you will ever need. It lets you change how your windows are displayed on your screen with no hassle.

You can choose which workspace belongs to which monitor, manage virtual desktops, or quickly access windows shortcuts.

11 Best DisplayFusion Alternatives For Multiple Monitors

You can manage multiple monitors from one place, and valuable access features like changing screen layout, adding and removing workspaces, changing monitor resolutions, and many others. It also allows you to adjust color settings and activate the power-saving mode on your screen.

It allows you to set custom regions on your desktop and instantly snap application windows into those regions. Moreover, the app also allows users to manage their workspace with keystroke commands or hotkey support for easy feature access.

The NVIDIA desktop manager is not only one of the best DisplayFusion Alternatives but also compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and works on other NVIDIA graphics cards. The app can be downloaded from the official publisher’s website.

4. MaxiVista

MaxiVista (Download Here) is a program that allows you to control several computers with the same mouse and keyboard. The layout is straightforward. 

It was created to give people an easy method to interact with several systems simultaneously. The former lets you view the desktop of the primary system on up to three other systems, while the latter allows users to operate on many computers simultaneously.

Because of this, the application uses less CPU power than other similar programs. It also has a built-in option that prevents flickering or tearing when moving the mouse from one system’s screen to another.

Furthermore, MaxiVista has an extended list of features that enables users to customize the program according to individual preferences. This implies you can use it for basic tasks and more complex ones.

MaxiVista is a user-friendly software solution for sharing computer screens among multiple monitors. Consequently, users will have a better grasp of the information displayed.

11 Best DisplayFusion Alternatives For Multiple Monitors

Maybe you are seeking an application that could help you share your computer screen with several other computers. If this is the case, then MaxiVista is the right software for you.

This application can be used to extend your workstation display to additional monitors and other computers connected to the same local area network.

In addition, the application may be used to operate the systems, including clipboard synchronization features remotely. It allows clipboard material to be shared with other workstations.

It takes less than 5 minutes to install MaxiVista on each computer in your network and requires no complicated settings. So, if you need to increase your productivity or wish to share programs with your colleagues, this application will prove invaluable in helping you do that.

5. Input Director

Input Director is just another one of our favorites among the DisplayFusion Alternatives. It is a Windows-based software that can control two computers on one monitor.

It is not just an application but has developed into a complete package of tools to work on both computers.

Best DisplayFusion Alternatives 4

With this software, you can control all the system controls. This ensures that your monitor is always running at its best. The user manual is an outstanding feature of this software. This guide helps in running the software on any system.

The input director’s primary concept is to make switching from one computer to another as simple as possible by using a single window. To do this, one moves the window to the place on the other monitor that corresponds to its location on the current monitor.

The Input Director allows the user to access multiple keyboard layouts on a single computer. It will benefit people working in different languages and those who have to use other keyboards for various purposes.

6. MurGeeMon

If you’ve tried to use two monitors with your Windows computer, you know how difficult it can be. The dual-monitor software is a DisplayFusion Alternatives and competitor that helps you easily and quickly operate your multiple displays.

Murgemon is a handy software utility designed to allow you to change the backdrop of any selected monitor rather than imposing a single wallpaper over your whole desktop, which may include several monitors.

11 Best DisplayFusion Alternatives For Multiple Monitors

This software utility is free and can be used by anyone. It can be used to set desktop pictures or even a video running in the background as the backdrop for your monitor. The interface is straightforward and seamlessly applies a series of effects to backdrop images or videos.

The program does not add icons to your desktop and changes icons. After setting up Murgemon, it will automatically load when you start Windows.

Users can have different wallpapers on each monitor if they prefer or use the same image throughout their displays if they choose an overall theme.

A user can also set a video as their wallpaper, which is especially useful for media center enthusiasts who want to show off their live TV or recorded movies or shows as the background of their computer screen instead of plain wallpaper images.

7. MultiMonitorTool

MultiMonitorTool (Get Here) is a small but powerful tool designed to help you manage your monitors.

You can quickly move windows from one monitor to the following using hotkeys or switch between different multi-monitor display modes. Manage your taskbar and wallpaper on multiple monitors or extended and mirrored displays.

Best DisplayFusion Alternatives 6

Its lightweight application helps users handle multiple monitors with minimal effort. The program sits in the system tray and supports multiple monitor configurations, allowing you to use your mouse or keyboard to change monitor configuration quickly.

Changes may be made using either the command-line interface or the simple graphical user interface provided by MultiMonitorTool. You may have this utility display its window when Windows starts, set it to hide or show it automatically, or make it float above all other windows.

MultiMonitorTool is a utility for Windows Vista, and later that allows users to move windows from one monitor to another quickly. The program is designed for users who often work with multiple monitors but have to use public computers with a single monitor.

The program automatically detects when the user connects or disconnects an external monitor or rotates the internal display.

It also lets you define your hotkeys for moving windows from one display to another, provides a preview mode to ensure the window appears on the correct screen before you move it, and more.

8. Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors (Get Here) software is a reliable, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for managing your monitors. It is designed to improve the functionality of the Windows user interface for pleasant and successful multi-monitor work.

The platform allows you to easily extend your Windows desktop onto additional monitors by showing only parts of it on each monitor.

11 Best DisplayFusion Alternatives For Multiple Monitors

You can extend your desktop to multiple monitors, resize windows across them, move windows between monitors, make any window always appear on the primary monitor, etc. 

The program allows you to add different taskbars to various monitors (for example, one taskbar for web browsing and another for games). You can snap windows to the border of any monitor or restore them from there.

This application is a great way to organize your desktop and use it more efficiently. One of the primary features of Actual Multiple Monitors is that it allows you to place shortcuts to programs on any secondary display.

This way, you can drag files or folders into a program’s shortcut icon and open the program with them in one quick step.

Because Actual Multiple Monitors also has a toolbar on each taskbar, you can use the system tray on each display. You can also have different icons in each system tray and hide programs from the taskbar on individual displays.

9. JeS Multi-Monitor Suite

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite (Get Here) has various features that can help you organize and monitor your multi-monitor settings. If you have multiple monitors, this program can help ensure they are set up as you want them to be.

Troubleshooting issues with multiple monitors can be complex, but JeS Multi-Monitor Suite’s monitors’ configuration feature makes it easy to adjust your settings. This program also includes several keyboard shortcuts that allow you to work more quickly and efficiently.

Designed for enterprises and businesses, JeS Multi-Monitor Suite is ideal for increasing productivity with multi-monitor settings.

It is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to boost their efficiency at work or enjoy more advanced features when managing the desktop. This program is a multi-monitor utility that allows you to manage your desktop by switching between multiple monitors with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

11 Best DisplayFusion Alternatives For Multiple Monitors

The software can be used by novice and experienced users and guarantees considerable time savings, thus being valuable for each user who wants to increase their productivity. The program’s interface is intuitive, and it takes only a few moments to figure out how everything works.

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite also allows you to create as many virtual desktops as you want and customize their properties, thus allowing users to work more efficiently.

Even though this tool is light on system resources, its efficient performance will let you efficiently manage the desktop by creating multiple virtual desktops, each accessible via a hotkey combination.

You may learn more about the application and download and install it for free on its official website. Its user-friendly layout will allow you to keep track of all your active windows.

10. Windock

To have the best results from using this application, you need to know about the various features that come with its use. This will help you get the best experience in using it.

The main feature that Windock offers is its ability to give you the perfect multi-monitor screen setup. This gives your window screen a different look and style from the conventional one. This makes it look more attractive.

The other feature of this application is effortlessly saving your desktop function. This feature allows users to save their desktop setup and get it back whenever possible.

This software quickly handles tasks like image display, video playback, and other activities. According to your requirements, the photos may be zoomed in or out.

It also helps you easily display animated images on your monitor screens through video files and play them back anytime you want. This gives more fun and entertainment to your computer, which would otherwise seem boring if you do not have such software installed.

This program is elementary to use with a multi-monitor setup. This means that all the monitors will have the same quality of pictures and videos. It allows users to set up hotkey combinations for resizing or moving the windows.

Due to its modern design and extended features, this application has become more popular. It is also reviewed as one of the best software for managing windows on a computer screen.

11. Aqua snap

Aqua snap is a lightweight and straightforward display manager. It’s fast, easy to use, and an elegant way to manage windows.

It’s a compact way to tile windows. This program is the best tiling windows manager. By default, it allows two tiles side by side with a border around them.

It can be easily customized from the preferences menu or the command line. Configuring it from the command line allows for more complex layouts.

This program takes up less space on your computer than other display managers. It uses very little memory.

Aqua snap has been used by many people of different age groups and backgrounds across the globe. It has become widespread because of its ease of use and versatility in configuring it to one’s preferences. This makes it user-friendly, and anyone can easily understand how it works and its usage.

AquaSnap Window Manager: dock, snap, tile, organize

Aqua snap helps in dragging and dropping windows from one place to another. It also has some hotkeys mainly used for moving windows from one place to another. This is a valuable function for people who operate with several windows on their displays.

It has a simple interface that works well on mac. The user can quickly navigate through the available menus and settings. Users can drag and drop windows in different places using a mouse or hotkeys.

AquaSnap is the best window-tiling tool. It’s better than most snapping tools because you can resize two windows simultaneously.


Is there anything better than DisplayFusion? 

Yes, there are some great DisplyFusion alternatives you can try to have a similar experience. The best names to mention here are Dual Monitor Tools, UltraMon, NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager, MaxiVista, Input Director, etc.

Does DisplayFusion work with Windows 10? 

Yes, DisplayFusion is compatible with the following Windows versions: Windows 8.1, 10, 1607 and above, Windows 11, and Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit) the years 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2008 R2 of Windows Server (32-bit and 64-bit) 

Does display fusion work on Linux? 

Although DisplayFusion is not available for Linux, a few options with comparable capabilities do. Bismuth, a free and open-source alternative to Linux, is the best choice. 

How do I enable Windows taskbar DisplayFusion? 

  • Select Settings by doing a right-click on a DisplayFusion taskbar. 
  • Select Taskbar from the menu (from the left). 
  • Select the Enable All Taskbars button in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

How do I show the taskbar on all monitors Windows 10? 

The “Settings > Taskbar” menu will appear when you right-click on the taskbar and choose “Settings.”

Let’s examine the multi-display options that are available here. The taskbar will appear on both devices if you slide the “Show taskbar on all screens” option to “on.” Suppose you want to see the taskbar on your second device. 

How do I remove DisplayFusion from the taskbar? 

There are a couple of options available to you. 

  • Disable the “Taskbar” checkbox in the “use these features with splits” section of the Monitor Configuration dialogue. 
  • Navigate to Multi-Monitor Taskbar > Position > Disabled by right-clicking the taskbar you don’t want.     

How do I remove the taskbar from my third monitor? 

  • Click Taskbar Settings by doing a right-click on the taskbar. This is accessible on either screen. 
  • To find the section on several displays, scroll below. Keep scrolling through the Taskbar settings; it will be at the bottom. 
  • Deactivate “Show taskbar on all monitors.” The difference ought to become apparent right away. 
Final Verdict

Organizing the desktop is very important. This will allow you to work more smoothly and conveniently. Many people have more than one monitor at work. This is especially common in graphic design, coding, and software development. 

Moreover, the internet has a lot of information and tools to help you locate precisely what you’re looking for. With so many alternatives open, it can be a chore to find a particular option for DisplayFusion.

The benefits of a program like DisplayFusion are unrivaled. However, using these other programs could also get the same functionality for less.

We’ve highlighted some of the best DisplayFusion Alternatives above, so you can easily capture anything on your screen. I hope you find this post valuable in your search.