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7 Of The Best Distorted Face Apps To Try Out

The time we live in, can without a doubt be referred to as the age of social media, this is the period when the popularity of social media is at its peak.

Everybody ranging from the CEO of a company to a college student uses these social media platforms, in an age like this posting your pictures with the same kind of expressions and looks daily gets far too monotonous for you as well as your followers and viewers. 

Thanks to a set of distorted face apps, we have got our backs covered, the aim of this write up is to provide our readers with a variety of distorted face apps to choose from, but before we dig any deeper into our carefully curated list of distorted face apps, let’s have a clear idea of what these apps have to offer.

The purpose of these phenomenal distorted face apps is to add an element of fun to your social media accounts and to break the monotony. These apps present a slightly distorted, funny look at the version of your face and therefore add entertainment value to your life.

Though not all people using them need to have the sole purpose to upload it on a social media platform if they do it does help to keep the viewers entertained and increases engagement.

These apps are not a bad idea when it comes to adding a little zing to your life, imagine a long day of working endless hours at an office, all you need a small dose of laughter to cheer you up for the stressful day ahead and these distorted face apps do just that for you. 

So, without any further ado, let’s plunge right into our list of distorted face apps.

Best Distorted Face Apps: Our Top Pick đź‘Śđź‘Ś

1. Face Changer 2

Updated on the 20th of June 2019, the Face Changer 2 app makes it first to our list of distorted face apps.

Best Distorted Face Apps

The app is only compatible with Android and is not available for iOS devices, the version of Android to which it is compatible varies with the kind of device being used. The app has a rating of 4.2 stars on the play store.


1. The app provides its users with an option to take a picture using the camera of the app, the users can also upload a pre-existing picture for their gallery or even Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

2. A very interesting feature which the app provides is its face-swap feature, using this the users can swap their face with that of their friends, or anyone else in the entire world for that matter.

3. Using this app the users can morph their face, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to morphing your face using this app, it includes options such as monster, alien, fat, skinny, and whatnot.

4. There is a feature called face parts, using this the user can create funny effects on specific parts of the face such as nose, eyes, ears, etc. Not only this but it also helps the user experiment with funny and different hairdos, creates scary little scars, and also tattoos wherever the user wants. 

5. This app also allows the user to insert stickers into the picture, it has hundreds of amazing stickers for the user to choose from. 

6. This app’s fuse feature helps the users change the background of their pictures and insert themselves from their picture to anywhere else like a mountain top or a beachfront. 

7. The app lets you create a video of the making procedure of your picture, which could then be posted or uploaded on varied platforms.

8. There is also an option for the users to add text to the pictures or draw whatever pleases them on the picture. 

9. The user can also add makeup to his/her pictures using this app

10. The app also contains an amazing clone tool.

Download App on Google Play Store

2. Ugly Camera – Funny selfie

In the era of the flourishing social media, where everybody posts pictures of their most pretty selves, why not try something different and amuse people by making them laugh instead? 🤔

This app helps you do just that and thereby lands a position in our list of distorted face apps.

Best Distorted Face Apps 1

Offered by Kaname Surya, this app’s latest update came to the market on the 11th of April 2021. The app is not compatible with iOS platforms and is created exclusively for Android devices, it requires an Android 5.0 or higher to be downloaded and run.


1. The app has an amazing rating of 4.2 stars on the play store

2. You can distort your face in several ways, you can transform it and even duplicate it.

3. There are more than twenty filters available on this app from which the users can choose and apply to their pictures

4. The app helps you choose from a variety of funny effects and creates several portraits.

5. It is one of the few distorted face apps which also contains an option to try on live filters on your face even before clicking the picture so that you have a clear idea of what the picture is going to look like once it gets clicked.

6. Using this phenomenal app the users can also create animated GIFs out of their pictures.

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3. Funny Photo Editor

Next up in our list of distorted face apps is Funny Photo Editor, offered by Visu Entertainment, this app was last updated on the 15th of April 2021.

It has a size of 16M and is compatible to be downloaded and run only on Android devices having Android 4.2 or and above.

funny photo editor


1. There is an enormous variety of animated stickers to choose from to inculcate into your funny videos.

2. The app allows you to take pictures from the app’s camera and permits the users to upload pre-existing pictures from the picture gallery of their device. This acts as a real benefit as sometimes the user just isn’t in a mood to take fresh pictures.

3. Individual parts of the face can be edited ranging from eyes and ears to ever the hair. Different hairstyle filters are available on the app to apply to your pictures.

4. There is a unique warping option available on this app using which the user can change the scale of the face in the picture and make it either thick or thin. 

5. Text can be added to the pictures, the color and font of these pictures can be changed according to whatever pleases the eyes of the user. 

6. The picture can be color corrected

7. The contrast and brightness of the pictures can be easily edited and adjusted, this helps the user gain control over the aesthetics of his/her pictures.

8. The user interface of the app is super easy to understand and operate and anybody can use it, even the people who are not good at or not comfortable with using technology and smartphones.

9. The Funny Photo Editor app is one of the few distorted face apps to provide an option to add creative and attractive photo frames to your pictures, to make them look pretty and appealing.

10. The app allows the use of both front and back cameras, therefore, the user can easily enjoy this app along with friends. 

11. The best part about this app is that it is completely free to download and use.

Download App on Google Play Store

4. Photo Bender – Deform & Animate

Offered by Bycro, the Photo Bender-Deform And Animate app make it next to our list of distorted face apps. This app is available to be downloaded and run only on Android platforms and has a whooping rating of 4.1 stars on the play store.

Photo Bender - Android App


1. The app offers features such as photo distortion and color change, these features are a must to create the perfect picture the user imagines in his/her mind.

2. This allows you to create animations in such a way that each change is easily visible, the user can review the animation after each step he/she goes through.

3. Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing frames can be added to the pictures making them appealing and pleasing to look at.

4. Specific time durations can be set for these frames to appear and disappear.

5. The edited and animated pictures can be easily exported to Animated GIF, JPEG, PNG, and MP4 without any hassle. 

6. The newest version of this app permits the user to crop GIF images as well.

7. There have been several design optimizations and the app is made more user-friendly and easy to understand.

8. The app possesses an integrated support system so that if at all the user faces any issues while running the app he/she can find immediate help and support.

9. Apart from English, the app also presents the text in Spanish and Russian.

10. The output quality of the images is amazing and the pictures turn out to be fairly clear in resolution. 

11. The app has a customizable MP4 format which acts as an added advantage.

Download Photo Bender- Deform & Animate

5. Face & Body Warp & Agingbooth

Next in our list of distorted face apps, we have Face and Body Warp and Agingbooth, the motive of this app is to turn your face into something funny and unrecognizable.

The outcomes of the pictures you choose to edit are simply hilarious and that makes you want to use the app even more often.  

Best Distorted Face Apps 2


1. Photographs intended to be edited can be clicked from the camera on the app itself, pictures can also be uploaded from the gallery of the device and that is not all, the user can also choose to upload pictures from Facebook albums. 

2. The user interface on this app is one of the easiest among all other distorted face apps, the users can edit their pictures just by the tap of a finger. 

3. This app uses a time machine feature to age the face present in the picture, therefore the users can age pictures of themselves or their friends as much as they want. This feature is the reason why this app is so popular among its users.

4. Another extremely fascinating feature of the app is that it has a weight adjusting feature, therefore, the user can make it appear as if he/she has lost or gained weight that too within a few seconds. 

5. The length of the face can also be adjusted to make it look even more hilarious, it can be stretched and lengthened or squeezed and shortened. 

6. It provides the user with an enormous variety of accessories to add, these include hats, glasses, mustaches, and beards. Thereby, the users can decorate their pictures by using multiple accessories, the app lets you unleash your creative side. 

7. There is a liquefaction feature that makes this app stand out from all other distorted face apps, using this feature the users can mold and play with the boundaries of their faces. The shape of the face can be instantly changed to whatever the users prefer, this is a fun project for the users to take on.

8. Not only all this but the app also allows the users to apply photoshop effects on the face as well as the body of the picture being edited. 

9. After the picture is edited by the user, the app also provides a before and after view of both the pictures i.e. the original picture and the one after all the editing.

10. The edited photographs can then be saved to the gallery of the users’ phones or shared directly using Facebook or email.

11. Offered by Dodisoft, this app has been downloaded and used by more than 500,000 users and has a size of 16M

12. It requires an Android 2.3 or above to be downloaded and run. 

Download App on Google Play Store

6. Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor

Updated on the 24th of October 2019, the Face Warp-Funny Photo Editor app makes it next on our list of distorted face apps.

The basic aim of the app is to let the users channel their creativity into making something funny and astounding. The users can create funny edits of themselves, their friends, and their family using this astonishing app.

Best Distorted Face Apps 3


1. This app is designed in a way that it is fast and easy to run even on devices that are not the latest models and are pretty old. 

2. Using this app the users can create an animation out of the pictures they decide to edit, there are several options to make these animations interesting, be it the variety of filters or the addition of embellishments to the picture. The app gives the user control over how he/she wants the decoration of the picture to be.

3. A very significant feature of this app is that as and when the user decides to move the cursor, the warp tools on the app move the pixels around the cursor, this leads the user to achieve the perfect distortion he/she desires.

4. The app allows the users to pinch zoom, by using this feature the user can zoom into every little detail of the picture, including the corners, and therefore can make minute changes which will improve the outcome of the editing even more. 

5. The latest version of the app aims at providing a super user-friendly interface, the motto of the app is for the user to have fun, hence the user interface is streamlined in a way that it is hassle-free to use and does not require too much effort from the user’s side to understand it and run it. 

6. There is also a face swap feature, using with the user can swap his/her face with friends, family, and anyone else as well. 

7. The subjects present in the pictures can be made to appear significantly fatter or skinnier by the use of this app.

8. The app helps you deform and even displace certain parts of the face, therefore it is a fun activity for friends to do together, and can even be used to play innocent pranks on your friends.

9. This app also possesses a body shaping feature, using which the user can tone his/her body in the photograph and do whatever appeals the most.

10. There are several filters to choose from, there are live filters that can be applied on your face and help you have a look at what a picture is going to look like once it is clicked. 

11. Offered by Learn English In Hindi – Translator & Dictionary, the app has a size of 8.8M and needs an Android 4.1 and above to be downloaded and run. 

Download App on Google Play Store

7. Individual Face: Best Distorted Face Apps For iOS

Brought into the market by Takatsugu Fukushima, the individual face app is a photo editor’s dream come true. This app is compatible to be downloaded and run on iOS devices and requires an iOS 7.0 or above. Let’s dive right into the features of this amazing app.

7 Of The Best Distorted Face Apps To Try Out

Features: –

1. Apart from English, the app is available in several languages including Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, and Hebrew.

2. There is a huge variety of fascinating filters on this app, the user can go through these filters and select the one which pleases him/her the most.

3. The user interface of the app is very simple to understand and convenient to use.

4. The edited image produces after the procedure has been completed has extremely high quality and looks as if it has been edited by a professional.

5. The app aims to cut down the processing time taken to save to edit and save pictures, therefore the developers have introduced high-speed processing to this app.

6. Text can be added to images and the color, size, and font of the text can be changed according to the preference of the users.

7. Stamps can be added to pictures, these could be funny little stamps that enhance the entertainment value of your pictures. The image can be blurred and the lighting of the photographs can be adjusted.

8. The resultant pictures can be easily saved to the device of the user or conveniently shared to various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, etc.  

9. This app has a rating of 4.7 stars on the AppStore and is pretty popular among its users. 

Download App on Apple App Store

Closing Remarks -Distorted Face Apps

So here was our list of distorted face apps for our readers to go through and understand, the aim of creating this list was for the users to get a clear idea of the features of each app and then to compare and contrast these apps to pick the one which suits their needs and is most compatible with their device. 

Each of these apps has certain really specific and unique features, therefore it is necessary to create a thorough comparison to decide what brings the most laughter and fun to your life.