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17 DocuSign Alternatives For Efficient E-Signing Processes

Signing online documents can be very overwhelming, especially when you’re using the traditional way of printing the document, signing, scanning, and then sending it to your recipient.

While it may work for the time being, you may find yourself hassled in the future. 

That’s when the technological capabilities of electronic signature apps – often known as eSignature Solutions – come into play. With these simple and effective solutions, you can sign all your documents in seconds. 

Additionally, while DocuSign is certainly a good choice for businesses just getting exposed to digital transformation, the $10/month price tag doesn’t seem efficient enough, keeping in mind that you only get to send a limited number of docs with digital signatures with the subscription.

As businesses range greatly in processes and operations, there’s always a need for advanced functionality designed specifically for scaling up.

Numerous digital signature solutions in the market offer additional features and a better value for your money. 

This only adds to the confusion of determining the adequate solution for your business.

With that said, here’s a list of the best DocuSign alternatives with unparalleled features to fit the bill for the e-Signing needs of your business.

Best DocuSign Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. Scrive – DocuSign alternatives For Electronic signature & ID

If you’re looking for an electronic signature tool that facilitates accessibility over anything else, Scrive is surely a perfect match for you.

It allows you to access and manage your documents, regardless of the device.

Moreover, you can completely automate your signature usage by making templates and self-service forms to help you save both time and money.

You can even make customizations to your docs for branding purposes and the signing experience for your signees.

Scrive Go - 100% Digitisation. 0% Integration.

The tool also keeps your documents secured through tools like NemID and BankID that keep intruders away from your data.

It is a great tool to simplify document signing without compromising branding.

Scrive’s pricing starts from €30 per month for a single user with all the standard features.

For enterprise needs, you can ask for a custom pricing structure by reaching out to the company at their stated communication channels.

2. SnapSign – DocuSign alternatives For a Simple, Secure, Signature Platform

For the love of simplicity, SnapSign is a highly efficient and secure electronic signature platform with compliance from UETA and ESIGN.

It is undoubtedly one of the Best DocuSign Alternatives we have come across. With great credibility in the market, this product is famous for its intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface with almost no learning curve involved. 

The platform is also complemented with a powerful set of features oriented towards offering a better way of dealing with processes that require paper and pen.

Its complete infrastructure is hosted around the SSAE-16-certified data center that keeps your private data secure.

Best DocuSign Alternatives
Powerful Feature Set

Furthermore, the company aims to make the capabilities of eSignatures accessible to all businesses by incorporating a transparent and value-based pricing model with no hidden taxes or fees involved.

This makes it one of the most affordable e-Signing tools available in the market.

You can also integrate this tool with your preferred cloud solutions and work collaboratively across the different departments of your enterprise.

For more frequent usage, you can design custom templates for reusing again and again, which saves time, money, and of course, some trees.

3. Eversign

Whether you’re an individual freelancer, a small business, or a large-scale corporation, you can easily eliminate paperwork from your work processes through the exceptional capabilities of Eversign.

This tool lets you fully control your digital work and manage your docs on the cloud.

It allows you to supercharge your workflow through various features, such as secure document storage, custom templates, and a lot more.

Moreover, a contact management option allows you to maintain a contact record for the signees without paying for a CRM.

Best DocuSign Alternatives 1

The platform provides a free plan that allows you to create, store, and sign five documents every month.

If you’re looking for a scalable option, you can choose from various premium plans available for the tool.

The paid plans begin from $9.99 per month, which provides unlimited documents. As you level up your subscription, you’ll keep gaining access to newer features and better resources to satisfy your organization’s e-Signature needs.

4. SignRequest – DocuSign alternatives For safe and hassle-free e-signing

SignRequest allows you to upload your documents and apply electronic signatures to them through their intuitive and easy-to-understand platform for those looking for a quick solution to sign their documents in a snap.

It also features an API that can be easily integrated with your existing CRM, allowing you to securely store all your desired contacts along with their signature data. With the free version of this solution, you can sign ten documents monthly.

To send and sign unlimited documents, you can choose any of their paid plans starting from $7/month.

It even allows you to integrate easily with various platforms like Slack, Salesforce, and Zapier.

SignRequest: Send and Sign Documents!

With this platform, both the receiver and sender can attach documents and a signature request.

You can even make it mandatory for the signer to attach some documents as per your preferences, which makes it the best DocuSign Alternatives.

5. Formstack Sign

Formstack is a very flexible e-Signature software designed to be used by teams across various industries.

It offers notifications for the receiver to gain updates whenever you upload a document with the signer’s contact information.

Best DocuSign Alternatives 2

It offers standard features, such as free-to-use templates, unlimited eSignatures, document uploads, and much more.

The paid plans start from $16 per month for a single user and can be extended per your requirements.

You can even send documents to your customers through text messages, allowing them to sign in conveniently using their smartphones. It also allows you to integrate the platform with other applications for better management.

However, if you don’t see a particular integration required by your company, you can use their open API to connect it with any of your desired tools. This makes it one of the best docusign alternatives available in the market.

6. Lightico

Lightico is a completely web-based eSignature solution that can be accessed through any browser from any device. It is focused specifically on high-volume B2C transactions but also serves other purposes.

The eSignature solutions provided by this solution are just one of the many appreciative features offered, such as the automatic conversion of documents into smart forms, payment collection, and identity verification.

Goodbye Siloed Legacy eSignature. Hello Digital Completion.

It can be easily connected with your preferred CRM, live chat integrations, websites, customer agent toolbars, and other business tools.

This makes collaboration between your team and customers a lot easier.

While no standard pricing package is available for the platform, you can contact the company to get a custom quote based on your requirements. The tool offers a wide range of handy features that cannot be seen in other standard e-Sign tools.

7. Contract Book

Being another web-based application, the Contract Book allows you to create customized contracts using a variety of default templates offered by the platform.

All your docs are stored on the cloud to ensure you stay organized while adhering to the compliances of GDPR consents. 

Moreover, in addition to e-Signature features, the tool also allows you to automate your contract creation tasks using the data stored on your existing documents, which allows you to streamline your workflow to a great extent.

Wet-signature, that is not wet but dry - Contractbook Updates

The best thing about Contract Book is that it supports over 3,000 integrations from various business utilities and tools.

With this tool, you can easily improve the accuracy of your processes, gain better insights, and save a lot of time.

The scalable versions of these platforms are available from $115 per month for three users. There’s even a dedicated client portal that allows you to make it easier for your team to collaborate with customers on the go.

8. Secured Signing

With Secured Signing, you can edit and sign various document formats, such as PDFs using digital signatures. Moreover, the platform allows you to customize your document workflows, enable notary public, attach files to email, and much more.

There’s even a companion application known as CrimTrac that allows you to conduct background checks without involving any paperwork. It also has a customizable form builder that allows you to make digital forms without hassles.

Additionally, it can be integrated with popular software and provides an API to build custom integrations per your requirements. The signatures provided by the company meet all the legal requirements for binding.

The most noteworthy thing about this being one of the best DocuSign alternatives is its customer support.

Their active support team always gets your back when you encounter a query, concern, or feedback. Therefore, make sure you check it out right away.

9. GetAccept

If integrations mean the most to you, the GetAccept E-Signature Solution is a perfect deal for you.

It allows you to make seamless integrations with various CRM and make record-keeping a lot easier, which allows you to focus more on the sales aspect of your business.

17 DocuSign Alternatives For Efficient E-Signing Processes

The platform includes the ability to create signing sequences, along with the option to make certain fields mandatory to make sure that your documents are signed in the correct order.

Moreover, all the signatures comply with laws like ESIGN, EIDAS, and UETA.

It offers both free and paid subscriptions, but the former lacks features. The premium subscription begins at $15/month, and you can also choose a custom plan per your requirements by getting a quote from the company.

You can even add authentication mechanisms for your documents by adopting different options of identifications like SMS verification codes, mobile identification, security Q&A’s, and much more. This makes your documents more secure than ever.

10. Signable

Offering a unique pay-as-you-go basis payment structure, the Signable digital signature solution serves various users from Europe and U.K with its exceptional features and services.

This platform is a must-have for you if you want to ensure that your documents abide by E.U. laws properly.

As it requires you to pay per usage, you can enjoy great flexibility. The platform also offers monthly plans as per your preferences.

It even supports mobile-friendly signing by allowing customers to sign documents through their smartphones.

How to send an electronic document - What is Signable?

Furthermore, you can also enjoy the ability to add unlimited users with each plan and access to their API for absolutely free of cost to enjoy an unparalleled integration of this tool with a variety of other software available in the market. 

If you’re unsure about the purchase, you can opt for a 14-day free trial and get familiar with all the features offered by the tool. Once you make up your mind and ensure it’ll be a useful purchase, you can shift to a paid subscription.

11. KeepSolid Sign

For an unparalleled level of security for your documents and signatures, nothing can beat the competency of KeepSolid Sign.

It’s a comprehensive e-Signature solution that focuses majorly on secure data storage and the legal binding of your signatures.

Best DocuSign Alternatives 4

It is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and offers drag-and-drop form builders with a wide range of integration possibilities. Moreover, you can also use the workspace feature of this tool to collaborate with your team on the go.

You must import your document, add the required fields for signatures, and send it to your customer. Moreover, you can also save your created templates for frequent use and add annotations to fill in information quickly.

With this platform, you can also know the status of your documents through push notifications and emails. You can even access the stored documents offline and send them as soon as you connect to an active internet connection.

12. Right Signature

From one of the well-known brands in the corporate software-as-a-service providers, the Right Signature is an E-Sign platform built by Citrix.

It offers an exceptional speed of operation and allows you to send documents to your clients for signature on the go.

17 DocuSign Alternatives For Efficient E-Signing Processes

It offers web-based and application-based interfaces that allow you to upload documents, format them, and send them forward to your customers with only a few clicks. There’s a host of available integrations to extend its capabilities even more.

Moreover, you can also customize your documents for branding purposes by including customized colors, the company’s logo, and photos.

It includes a wide range of features that allow your company to manage compliance in various regulated industries such as finance and accounting.

You can choose from a variety of predefined plans as per your business accommodations. The plans are varied as per different budgets to fit your requirements. If the predefined plans don’t fit the bill, you can contact the company to get a personalized quote.

13. SignEasy

With a very easy-to-use and straightforward user interface, SignEasy is one of the simplest e-Signature solutions you’ll ever find in the market.

It includes various features, such as the ability to create documents using a built-in drag-and-drop builder.

Moreover, you can also use several third-party tools with this platform and expand its scope to support even more of your business needs.

You can also choose from unique options like self-signing, remote signing, and in-person signing at your convenience.

The new Signeasy for Android

The platform offers you a 14-day free trial to familiarize yourself with the features and interface. Moreover, while signing up for the free trial, you don’t need to include any payment options, such as credit cards. It also offers great integration with Google Docs.

It supports various devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, and offers a companion app for each device.

This allows your customers to sign documents through their smartphones and save you a lot of time.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

14. SignNow

SignNow is an award-winning mobile-friendly e-Signature platform that is famous for its simplicity. It’s a very promising and reliable option for small and medium businesses as it offers an intuitive user interface with multiple integrations at your fingertips.

It also includes a custom API to help you develop personalized integrations. The best thing about this platform is that it is priced only at $5 per month without any capping on the number of documents you can send.

See SignNow eSignatures in Action

You can send unlimited documents without spending a fortune, making it a great deal for startups. For enterprise usage, you can proceed with their Business Premium plan, which is charged $15 monthly for unlimited documents.

The platform offers a top-notch level of compliance and security with its industry-leading standards that ensure your documents are stored securely with multiple layers of protection for complete peace of mind.

15. OneSpan Sign

Formerly known as eSignLive, OneSpan Sign is a perfect docusign alternatives for both small- and large-scale businesses, especially the ones looking for comprehensive solutions with a par level of security. 

You can use the software as a cloud-based or on-premise service as per your needs. Additionally, there are various APIs and integrations offered by this tool to help you extend its capabilities to a further extent.

It supports cross-platform usage by allowing you to access the service through smartphones and computers. Talking about the mobile app, it offers a beautiful user interface with very easy-to-use access controls and features.

With the help of this e-Signature solution, you can easily automate most of your workflows through electronic signatures that allow you to reinforce compliance, enhance customer experience, and eliminate overhead costs associated with paper-based signing.

16. Doc Sketch

Doc Sketch is one of the most advanced docusign alternatives, with features like reminders, document tracking, and flexible workflows.

It allows you to make your customer’s experience one of a kind by using the various customization features that can be used to modify your document.

Moreover, you can also choose to include an approval option for sales documents. On the other hand, your customers will also enjoy a helpful guided signing experience for all the legal agreements of your company.

Every document you get signed through Doc Sketch undergoes review in exchange for an audit report that determines whether your documents meet the international e-Signature laws or not for comprehensive security compliance.

You can also save your designed documents as templates for quicker reuse. Once you’ve made a template out of a document, it can be accessed from any device with an active internet connection. Tracking documents are automatically saved into templates for easier access.

17. Adobe Sign – Docusign alternatives for small business

Adobe sign is a very feature-rich DocuSign Alternatives for e-signature platform that allows you to make your signing workflows simpler and faster with its powerful options from any part of the globe across multiple devices.

It is well-known for its wide range of integrations with several popular third-party tools such as Workday, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more.

Moreover, it emphasizes global compliance to stand out from a security perspective.

17 DocuSign Alternatives For Efficient E-Signing Processes

The platform also provides a par level of cross-platform support by offering companion applications for both Android and iOS devices.

The premium plans begin from $9.99 per month with tools for e-signature, PDF editing, and much more.

For more advanced users, the platform also enables powerful user experiences by allowing you to collect payment through PayPal, embed custom web forms, use advanced form fields, and add custom branding to your documents.

📗FAQ on the docusign alternatives list

What is a good alternative to DocuSign? 

Some top DocuSign alternatives include SnapSign, Scrive, Eversign, Lightgtico, GetAccept, and others. They provide fascinating features and superior help (sometimes even around-the-clock support!) to solve your issue and continue working. 

Are there a free alternatives to docusign? 

The only free alternative to DocuSign is AltoSign. With this free online service, you may digitally sign any PDF document.

The ability to drag & drop makes it incredibly simple to sign your PDF documents. While this method might not be the best for businesses, it’s fantastic for people who occasionally need to sign PDFs. 

Which is better, HelloSign vs. DocuSign? 

The best option for your firm will depend on its size and its particular eSigning requirements.

DocuSign is generally the favored choice for big businesses and enterprise-level organizations since it provides some of the more sophisticated functions they need at a cost they can afford. 

Meanwhile, HelloSign is an excellent choice for freelancers and small businesses because it’s among the least expensive alternatives available and provides most of the fundamental eSignature features needed to complete contracts. 

Which is better PandaDoc or DocuSign? 

Two well-known electronic signature products that assist people and businesses in automating their complex document workflows are DocuSign and PandaDoc.

Both come standard with essential elements of electronic signature software, including legally binding signatures, templates, a document editor, audit reports, flexible signing, and document storage. 

One important distinction to remember while choosing between these two options is that PandaDoc is designed primarily to help sales teams.

PandaDoc is the best option if you require electronic signature software for proposals and contracts. DocuSign is probably the better option if you have a slightly greater budget and want a complete service. 

Is there a free document signing app? 

Downloading the DocuSign mobile eSignature app is free. Current customers can access their accounts by logging in with their email addresses and password. Within the app, new users can register for a free account. 

Final Words on the best alternatives to DocuSign

While DocuSign is one of the most popular e-Signature solutions offered in the market, there’s always a scope for improvement through the various alternatives and competitors listed above. Some of these alternatives even offer several advanced features.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a good replacement for DocuSign, this article will hopefully serve as a comprehensive repository to help you compare the various available options.