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Cheapest .com domain name registration with Free SeekaPanel

Today, almost every business has a company website to establish their business brand on the world wide web. 

Most business website’s URLs include the business brand name and are registered with a .com domain, which is used mostly in the commercial sector. The domain name of the business website is your business address on the internet and therefore no business owner can afford to disregard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) either. 

Cheapest .com domain name registration with Free SeekaPanel

When you search the internet for a domain registrar, you will find thousands of results with many of them offering .com domains for $0.99.

Sounds cheap right? How can these web hosts offer such low prices? 

What does not meet the eye unless you dig deeper is: $0.99 is the cost every year,  meaning the annual cost is almost $12. Now that’s 12 times more.

How much does a .com Domain cost?

A lot of people fall victim to clickbait ads and promos like the above mentioned while hunting for the cheapest .com domain deals, later realising that they end up paying more than they have to, if they check the fine print first. 

When compared with other popular web hosts, you can now find a special .com domain offer at SeekaHost.com, where you can avail to buy the cheapest possible domain name registration services.

At SeekaHost, you can get cheapest .com domain name registration starting at $5.99 every year. 

If you are someone who is seeking to build websites for the long-term, then it will be cost-efficient for you to register in a domain for a stretch of 2-5 years, than that of one .com domain for only $29.95 for 5 years.

SeekaHost aims to support individuals and businesses in these difficult economic times to register and set up their websites with the most affordable .com domains out there. 

Is there a catch?

Now you may be thinking: is this a scam? Because often times providers may scam customers with their renewal charge scam.

They may offer you domain registration at $1.00 per annum to lure you in. You register your domain and host your website and are very pleased with yourself for having found such an amazing deal.

365 days later your credit card bill shows a domain renewal charge for $17 from this provider. It might happen that you find you are stuck with the old domain registration, and you cannot renew it before that. It would be even more trouble to shift a domain name from one certified registrar to another.  

The takeaway here is clear: you actually end up paying an average of $9 per year for the domain, which you assumed would be much cheaper. 

Compared with what SeekaHost offers, you will certainly pay less than that. 

SeekaHost’s renewal charges are transparent, and they are not that extortionate. Say you want to renew your .com domain that you have purchased for $5.99, you would only be charged $11.49 in the second year for the whole year. Again, this gets cheaper the longer you keep your domain with SeekaHost. If you opt for the 5-year domain registration for $29.95, the renewal fee for another 5 years is only $57.45 for example. 

So, there is no catch here and you can trust that with SeekaHost, you will get the best of best.

Find what you can get free of charge (included in the $5.99), At the time of registering your domain :

  • Domain forwarding
  • Privacy protection
  • Free email account
  • DNS management
  • Domain theft protection
  • Easy domain shift, at anytime 

You see, there really is no catch here, it’s just what SeekaHost offers their customers for the best price. 

Why choose SeekaHost for your .com Domain?

SeekaHost offers tailored hosting plans, and the first year of service availing would come at free of cost.

Whether you have a WordPress business website, a basic blog or multiple sites in your PBN, you can find the most affordable hosting plans for your needs.

And the best news is that you can now do all of this in one place: The SeekaPanel, SeekaHost’s unique web hosting control panel designed for customers looking for a swift, easy and stress-free solution to register, host and manage all their websites. 

Are you willing to modify and control the IP address for the PBN sites right from a single dashboard? Head to the seekahost.app where you can register your .com domain, host it and manage it in less than 5 minutes.

And if you’re into video gaming, SeekaHost also offers Minecraft server hosting at very competitive fees. 

Looking for more than just domain registration such as web hosting consultancy or website building guidance? 

Just head to the SeekaHost.com or seekahost.app website and get started today with your virtual real estate at the lowest price – an investment you won’t regret.