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Domain names need not be business names but must have a clear hint about it


Buying a domain name has made the task of name selection easy for website owners as they do not have to spend long hours brainstorming for finalizing an address for their website.

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The company that sells domain names carry the client’s brief and by understanding their exact needs does all the heavy lifting to zero own upon the domain name that works for business.

Although domain names are not business names per se, it is very important to ensure that the URL name bears enough hint about the business so that by looking at the name people can guess about the company it relates to.

The process of buying

The process of buying domain names consists of getting in touch with a company that sells it and explaining the business message in all detail so that they can come up with  top creative business ideas. To start the process, you can have a look at the names in their inventory because you might come across some name that matches with your need or it triggers some idea that you can latch upon. However, be careful during the buying process so that you do not get entangled in any legal hassles like trademark infringement or fall prey to activities like Domain name front running.

Domain Name Front Running

This is typical industry parlance that you should be familiar with when you are shopping for domain names. Domain name front running is a practice in which someone closely monitors the checking trend of domain names that are currently non-existent to identify the names that are most checked only to snap up those names before the inquirer can proceed to buy it. Once they possess the names, they sell it to interested parties for a premium. It is an easy way of making money without even having a website.

Register the domain name

Since the domain name becomes the online identity of your business, it is the norm to make domain names unique by inserting words or characters that closely hint at business names like pepsi.com and even register it with the appropriate authority. To register the domain name you have to approach an organization named ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that coordinates the maintenance and procedures of databases in connection with namespaces as well as numerical spaces of the Internet to ensure stable and secure operation of the web. The registration fees can vary between $10 and $30 and is valid for one year. After that, you must renew the registration every year.

The buying and the registration process arequite simple, but the real challenge isto select the most appropriate domain name with a matching extension. The name must be unique and attractive as well as easy to remember, but above all, it must be brandable. To select the name that suits you most, study the market in which your business operates and clearly define the message that underlines the business. Once you have done it, choosing the right name is just a matter of time.


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