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How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent Easily

Torrents are a popular way to get movies, applications, and other software for free using minimum Internet bandwidth. Countries have different pirating laws so you have to make sure you’re not committing a crime you can be punished for. Downloading torrents is totally risky and precautions should be taken.

How Do Torrents Work? 🤔

Torrents differ from other downloading ways because it relies on a peer-to-peer system of gathering the files you need, the files come from multiple users who already have them. This will make downloading large files like videos or apps faster especially if the file you’re requesting has been uploaded by a lot of users.

How torrenting works

A drawback though is that explicit contents are on display and transferring files from one computer to the other might also mean sometimes transferring malware too. A torrent file contains data about an app, a movie, or any file you’re searching for.

A bitTorrent client (let’s say in this case, uTorrent) downloads the file from another user’s computer. When you download a torrent file, other users can also download the same file from your system.

Below is a step-by-step process of downloading movies using uTorrent and also some frequently asked questions that might help resolve other concerns about downloading torrents.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent 🎭

The first thing you should be concerned about is the risks, namely three major ones. Copyright infringement, Invasive ads or Malware, and Explicit Sexual or Disturbing Content.

Using uTorrent usually means you’re skirting a line between legality and illegality and it is advised to keep to the side of the law. Your IP address is usually public so you might want to get a solid VPN first before trying to download torrents but you can download files without a VPN. It is just safer to get one.

Paste this https://www.utorrent.com/ address in your browser’s URL bar. When you click on it, you’ll get two options on a screen.

uTorrent Classic (you may need to first disable your antivirus software before the uTorrent classic app can be allowed to install because some anti-virus programs will class it as malware) which basically means an app that you can run on your computer or

uTorrent web which works well with most web browsers.

Download Movies Using uTorrent

The installation process is a bit straightforward but there is other secondary software that uTorrent classic will ask you to download, decline all of these downloads and just install the app.

For “Mac” users, you will have to open the uTorrent install file and drag the file to the “Applications” folder.

When you’re done with the installation, open the app by double-clicking the icon.

If you choose the web version, it’ll simply open another tab. Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Edge are preferred options for uTorrent. The use of Internet Explorer is discouraged because the Explorer can sometimes open your system up to most torrent sites malware.

To get a working torrent, you will have to do a side search on Google about “working torrents””. This will provide a list of current torrents that are active.

A more common torrent that’s active is “The Pirate Bay” and others like https://www.publicdomaintorrents.info/ where you can legally download files like movies that won’t infringe on copyright laws.

Torrent sites usually have search bars, locate the search bar and make sure you are as precise as possible with your search term.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent

For instance, “The Banker 2020” is a more precise search term than just “The Banker”.

When the search results come back, you will need a little bit of torrent expertise here to be able to navigate through the download links. Don’t worry though, it’s all pretty easy to understand.

There are three important things to note when you’re looking for a viable torrent.

File Details, Quality, and probably the most important, the ratio of Seeders to Leechers.

Seeders are users who are allowing you to download from their computer while leechers are basically you and others who want to download the file.

The ratio of seeders to leechers must be roughly equal or better still in favor of seeders so that the download speed will be fast. Choosing a torrent that has more leechers will affect the download speed immensely.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent Easily

File details are important, you don’t want to spend a long time downloading a file only to find out it wasn’t what you wanted. It is vital that you check file names, categories, or other classifications that will inform you that this is the right file.

Quality is important for movies and you must not download any file that doesn’t show “720P” or above. The optimal quality to download is “1080P” but “720P” is quite okay too. Be sure to note the quality of the movie before downloading it.

Another way of trying to find out if a particular torrent is worth downloading is its comment sections. At first glance, if its ratings are negatively skewed then you should avoid it. Usually, only download torrents with more positive reviews than negative ones.

After deciding which torrent to download, click on the “Download” icon. It is usually “Download” or “Get this torrent” or a variation that’s close to this.

Many torrents are plastered with aggressive ads that sometimes mirror download icons so you have to be careful with downloading.

Double click the uTorrent file to start downloading. When you’re done downloading (there’s a download status bar where you can keep track of your downloads, your download speed depends on the number of seeders and your internet connection), you’ll see a “seeding” tag appear to the right of your download.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent Easily

This means you’re now acting as a seeder for others who are also downloading the file like you. Look for the file in your “Downloads” folder and importantly scan the file for viruses before opening it.

This is a necessary action you must take every time you download a file. It’s really easy to use uTorrent and it is faster than normally trawling sites looking for good links to download movies.

Before moving forward to the next step, I will recommend you to enable the encryption for your outgoing connection to secure your connection.

Click on the “options” tab and select the “Preferences“. Click on the BitTorrent option and select the “Protocol Encryption” option and enable the encryption here.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent Easily

Ways To Increase Your Torrent Speed

There are a few tweaks we can make to make sure our torrent download speed is optimized. Instead of spending a long time waiting for your downloads, use one or more of these tweaks to cut your waiting time.

1. Limiting Your Global Upload And Download Rate

Torrent clients like uTorrent allow users to tinker with their global upload and download rate. The aim is to lower the upload rate a bit and use the maximum setting for the download rate.

This suggests a sort of tradeoff between uploads and downloads. You might be wondering why we don’t just advise you to set upload to the minimum. The reason is that torrents live on uploads and we should remember that. Putting upload rates at dangerously low speeds is not advised.

The peak conditions would be about 60-80% for upload rates and the maximum download rate possible.

Configuring it is pretty easy.

– Go to “Settings“.
– Search For ” Manage speed” and click on it.
– When you do, you’ll see options to configure upload and download rates. Configure as you wish but remember the peak conditions needed for torrents.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent Easily

2. Make An Exception In Windows Firewall

Firewalls disturb the flow of data from BitTorrent clients and connections. You can change this flaw to a boost by adding an exception to the Windows firewall about your BitTorrent client.

Note that you should never turn off your Windows Firewall because it opens your system up to any invasive action.

Here’s how to add an exception.

– Go to Control Panel.
– Click Windows Firewall or search for it.
– Click Advanced Settings.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent Easily

– Click Inbound Rules, then New Rule. Click on program and next, then browse for Utorrent.

How To Download a Movie Using uTorrent Easily

3. Choosing a Fast Torrent

This has been talked about a bit above but it is here because it is a viable option if you want speed optimized torrents. The whole idea is to find a torrent that has more seeders than leechers.

Leechers don’t have the complete files and they’ve just joined the network like you to download the file. Immediately they are done, they become seeders which makes download faster.

The higher the ratio of seeders to leechers, the faster the torrent download. The lower the ratio of seeders to leechers, the slower our download will be. It is pretty straightforward so make sure you note the seeders and leechers column when you’re searching for a fast torrent to download.

4. Using a Lightweight Torrent Client

Torrent clients that are lightweight are focused on downloading torrents which makes downloading faster. An example of a lightweight torrent client is uTorrent.

Here are some 📗 FAQs that might help resolve concerns

Question: Is VPN absolutely necessary for downloading uTorrents?
Answer: No, it is advised but it is not necessary for download.

Question: Can you speed up torrent download speed using third-party apps? Answer: An app like “Vuze” can help you increase the download speed.

Question: Do I have to pay any fee to use uTorrent?
Answer: No, it is totally free and you should not pay anybody to use it.

Question: Apart from movies, can PC apps and music be downloaded?
Answer: It depends on what the seeders have uploaded, whatever is available on the torrent site is what can be downloaded.

Question: Does UC Browser support uTorrent sites?
Answer: No, you will have to use other browsers like Chrome.


Torrents using peer-to-peer systems are faster than normal site downloads and that is why it is the rage these days. Users have to be careful though to download files from uTorrent that won’t contravene copyright laws.

Comment below the torrent sites you currently use so other users can also benefit.