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Download Drastic DS Emulator Apk Latest version Free For Android


Using Android Drastic DS Emulator to Play Nintendo Games

To Play Nintendo Games on your Android phone first thing to do is, download it. But, before anything decide, learning of which is the best Nintendo emulator might be very handful. Well, it is Drastic DS Emulator.

It is obvious. You can learn “Why?” from here. Drastic DS helps the android users to come across and play most entertaining Nintendo Games of all time. This is most suitable app available today in the market. Before moving on to detailing, it is fun to know about full features and facts of Drastic Emulator Android Application.

Below Details Describes Basis of Drastic DS Emulator Apk.

The latest of Drastic DS was released during February in year of 2017. Interested users can have the it in the app size of 12MB. For the information, we would like to say Drastic Apk has been downloaded and installed about from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 in amount. Which is highest can it get, when it comes to Nintendo DS Emulator for Android. Also, we have to say a brief note about the latest version of this app.


The latest version of the app is stated as R2.5.0.4a. Drastic DS Emulator Apk is an app which comes along with some of the amazing features which can satisfy the android customers who love to play Nintendo games. I am sure that you will love to get to know the best features of this app. Let us check on the amazing features which can help the users to stay connected to the app.

Basically, the app helps the users to host the Nintendo games.

It helps to have the screen layout type of customization.

It also has the controller customization.

The app has the support on the hardware controller.

As another amazing feature the app helps to enhance the fast-forward quality also.

It allows the support for the Google drive.

Improves the graphics and the display rendering from the devices which is high end.

The Emulator helps the users to enhance and increase the graphics of the 3D games from 2×2 times when comparing to the original resolution appearance type. This app works perfectly in the high end and also the quad core device.

This app can customize the aspect of placement and also the size of DS screens. This varies from landscape and the portrait modes.

Supports fully for the add on controlling and also the physical type of controls in the devices which is like the nVidia shields and the xperia play.

The users will have the ability on save and also resume the game and the progress along it with any possible state.

Users also can share the gaming experience on the Drastic.apk app long with the database of so many cheat codes.

Users also can sync the games with the clouds storage of the games.

Increase the speed of the emulation with the ability of fast forwarding.

Supported Devices

For better results of game play and High Resolution Texture Experience requires higher performance smartphone.

Supported Android Versions to run Drastic.apk

supports the android operating system versions starting from 2.3 and up to the latest android version which is named as the 7.0 Nougat operating system.

Changes Log

Version apk r2.5.0.4a

Version apk r2.5.0.3a

Version apk r2.2.1.2a

Version apk r2.1.6.2a

Downloading and Installing the APK file

This specific app which is created on playing Nintendo games can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store and also you can download Drastic APK as a Apk file who cannot install it from Play Store.

Issues Regarding the Drastic DS Emulator Apk and How to Troubleshoot Them

If the application suddenly closes the process?

The best solution to make is to have the latest version of the app and make sure to run the suitable version which fix with your android device. For more information search on google for better compatible version of emulator for your Android Device and Phone Specifications.

Does the full version supports the multiplayer or the Wi-Fi aspects?

The Drastic Emulator is not having that ability on working with Wi-Fi or multiplayer atmosphere since it is so complex.

Does the Drastic Apk will support the games such as 3DS or the 2DS games?

The Drastic Android app will not ever support those games. Not now and never in the future situations also. It is only supports Nintendo DS games only. The reason is the 3DS is a totally different system that the app is currently using for the processes. It is a full generation thing to be considered.

Minimum specifications of app to be operated?

You will need an android device with the minimum display size of 320×480. The operating system should be 2.3.3 which is the gingerbread version or the higher operating systems. A RAM which is capable of 256MB in the android device itself. Over 128MB for free.

Does the drastic app needs BIOS files?

No, the 2.1.1a version is using its custom type of BIOS file. But if you need you can install them also.

Safety issues for users

Only available to the android smartphones. Do not try to use the app in any other devices. This app does not need root android device to operate. Suitable only to the Nintendo games.

Credits to Developer

The Emulator was successfully developed by the developer named Exophase. You can successfully have the app from the android app market the Google Play store. The developer of this app is a well-known developer from the Google Play store. DraStic mainly developed on playing the Nintendo games.


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