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7 Best Websites To Download Free Textbooks And Resources

History is proof that the great minds of the past have always favored one thing. Knowledge. All the people who we now remember as geniuses believed in the power of education. Even in today’s time, one knows how crucial it is to gain proper education to survive.

As time progressed, the way education is being imparted has also evolved. We have come to a long journey from cave drawings to hardcover textbooks. Day by day, technological advancements bring developments in almost every industry. The book industry is no such exception in that case.

Hardcover textbooks with a huge number of pages are now converted into digitized formats for ease of reading. The rising cost of education has forced students to try every way to save a penny.

During recent times, the pandemic caused havoc in the education industry all around the globe. The need for online resources, eBooks grew tremendously. The demand for online learning touched new heights. This is also one of the reasons for the hike in e-textbooks.

We have listed below seven websites through which you can download free textbooks. The websites listed are legalized, and they do not violate the copyrights of the authors.

Best Websites To Download Free Textbooks👌👌

1. Openstax

Founded by Dr. Richard Baraniuk at  Rice University under a not-for-profit educational, technological initiative, Openstax is the right website for finding a college and high school textbooks.

It mainly has textbooks for college students. The website makers ensure to have textbooks that maintain the standards of various courses.

Websites To Download Free Textbooks

These textbooks do not have much difference from the original form of books in terms of the quality of the content. This makes the process of studying easier for the students. The content developers thoroughly check the subject matter of these textbooks to ensure their correctness. 

The website provides every user to download free textbooks from various disciplines like physics, social science, business, and so on. The website is suitable for many kinds of users.

Openstax also provides authors a platform to freely share their courses, books, or reports. Authors usually don’t get a chance to present their work to an audience for free. This can help them find out how their work is being reacted to.

There are a few textbooks that would be helpful for high school students as well. The website provides books in digitized form free of cost. The website is solely made to help the public to have access to free textbooks to gain a proper education.

2. ScholarWorks

The Grand Valley State University looks into the maintenance of the website. The striking feature of ScholarWorks is that it mainly publishes GVSU’s scholarly work.

Scholarworks is an open-source website that provides content for free. The website performs many functions like collecting, maintaining and distributing digital content.

Websites To Download Free Textbooks 1

Apart from reading textbooks for academic reasons, students should also focus on building their knowledge about many basic things like finances, health, and so on.

Scholarworks is suitable for college students as it has a wide range of college textbooks on various topics. Apart from that, people pursuing postgraduate courses can also use this website to search and download free textbooks.

The mechanism to search a textbook is really simple and effective. The user can look for the book by typing the book’s title, citation information, author’s name, or keywords into the search box.

If you are someone who does not like to go through technical processes to search and download a book, then this is the right site for you.

The website carries textbooks, dissertations, master thesis, projects, and even research articles that can be accessed for free by the students. There is no need to enroll on the website using a student id.

3. Bookboon

Bookboon, as the name suggests, is actually a blessing for students who are looking for books with specialized knowledge in business, engineering, and IT.

The website is among the top virtual publishing organizations. The site focuses on helping its users gain success in the academic and professional growth segments.

Professors write the books published on the website from high-profile universities around the globe. Bookboon has a 30-day free trial period for its business books.

The business books can be accessed after 30 days by paying an amount of $5.99 every month. The user interface of the website is not complicated and easy to navigate through. 

The books are categorized according to their subject matter. There are chances that along with finding the book that you wanted to, you can also find books related to similar topics.

7 Best Websites To Download Free Textbooks And Resources

The books are written by people who hold top positions in the industry. They are small in size and can be read in one to two hours max. New books are added to the website every week. This way, you can never get out of books to read.

Bookboon is one of the renowned online libraries with books in different languages and about several diversified topics. It has over 2,00,000 copies of books. The books can be downloaded on your device in PDF format. The website also provides high school resources in the form of animated lessons and textbooks.

There isn’t any registration process that has to be completed before downloading the book. You can download free textbooks directly, which shows that the website does not store any of your data like name or email id.

However, to access more books, Bookboon has a student plan designed especially for students. They only need to sign-up on their website and create an account to get a hold of many more free eBooks.

4. Open Textbook Library

Who doesn’t like to take credit for imparting knowledge? As humans, it is our natural tendency to share what we have learned through our experiences with one another. You can share your research projects, the findings from them on an online public library.

Open textbook library, as per the name, allows users to make changes in available textbooks that are published on the website.

Websites To Download Free Textbooks 3

The users can accordingly update the content of a textbook as per recent developments. The website is useful mainly for college students and students who are pursuing their masters.

The content of the textbook ranges from education, business, engineering to mathematics. The website is legitimate; it easy-to-access has the right to use funded and published books at no cost.

The users can share these books without any fear of doing something illegal. The books available on this website can be printed at a minimum price.

The framework to search and download free textbooks on the website is easygoing. You could either search by putting the subject or the name of the author in the search box. The site also allows users to see a short foretaste of the PDF of the eBook that the user wants to download.

The users can choose from over one million free eBooks that are present on the website. The blueprint of the website is similar to the Internet Archive. It also enables users to donate books from different genres.

The books can be downloaded without a fee and are easy to access, without any paperwork. The website allows users to write their very own open textbook.

5. Free Kids Textbooks

It is very important to inculcate the habit of reading in children when they are young. Their fresh minds are like slates, and reading books can help fill that slate with good quality content. The importance of good quality content is that it highly assists in building the mindset of a child.

Unlike other websites to download free textbooks for college students, free kids textbooks (Visit Here) provide free eBooks for children in pre-primary, primary, and secondary standards. It is a developing website that is making its stand in the online library world.

The books on the website are from diversified genres like storybooks, textbooks for the young one, and literary resources. The books are available in PDF format at absolutely no cost. The website has ample reading and learning materials for children up to 12 years of age.

7 Best Websites To Download Free Textbooks And Resources

The website also has resources like reading books, academic textbooks for parents and teachers of these young adults.

As a parent, you have to decide the type of content your young one consumes. Reading digitally is already a new habit with that one should be sure to provide the young mind with fruitful content.

Free Kids Textbook provides beginner-level academic assistance for young children. The books are categorized as per different age groups. There are segments for children under the age of 3, for children between the age group of 4 to 7 years, and young adults between the age group of 8 to 12 years of age. 

Segmentation of this kind makes it easier for the parent to find the appropriate book. The website tries to cover as much content as possible in as many languages as possible.

Currently, it provides a range of languages such as German, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish, and French. If you are a new parent, then you should surely try this website to help your young one learn new things every day.

6. Free eBooks

If you are reading this article, then I suppose there are higher chances of you being an avid reader. If that is the case indeed, then this is the perfect website for you!

There isn’t a thing like too many books. For people who read books in their daily routine, you would want to get hold of as many free books as you can.

Since we already deal with busy lives that involve a lot of expenses on basic things that are needed for survival, most of us cannot think of spending lots of money on books regularly.

Hence it becomes constructive to have websites that provide the whole package. A website that has books from many famous authors about many different topics.

Free eBooks (Visit Here) allow its user to download free textbooks in multiple formats like PDF, EPUB, TXT, and so on. Such a range of designs is helpful for users as they all use different gadgets to read books from. The standard form of downloading a book on this website is PDF.

Websites To Download Free Textbooks 5

The site allows the user to preview a small part of the book, around 18 pages that they want to download to make sure that it is the correct book. 

The wide range of books available on the website provides many choices to the users. The books range from different genres like educational, fiction, horror, easy-to-access, and so on. 

The website requires registration, and only five free eBooks can be downloaded in a month. It is also a platform for self-publishing writers, bold writers to put their books out for the world to read.

If you think having only five free eBooks a month is a lesser challenge for you, then you can purchase the VIP plan given by Free eBooks.

The VIP membership allows life-long access to the eBooks on the website. It also allows the user to download free textbooks in whichever format they find the most comfort in.

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Bonus Tip

Textbooks are mainly sought for academic purposes. As a student, you would wish to mark important points, add your notes, and critical remembering of what you have learned in the textbook. This was easy to do when you had a hardcover textbook, but what happens in the case of a digital book?

In many situations, once the PDF form of a textbook is downloaded from any website, you are unable to make any changes to it. It becomes frustrating and tiresome to read from one place and store notes at another. So what can be done?

While Adobe’s free PDF reader allows users to highlight or underline, it does not allow them to make changes to the content of the book. The free version also does not have the option for converting PDF to any other format like text or excel, etc.

Since we are addressing the needs of the students, we understand that it is not possible to have a premium version of Adobe. An alternative for it is, EaseUS PDF editor.

The editing process with EaseUS PDF editing software is straightforward to go through. The software structure is well thought for catering to the needs of all kinds of users. The user doesn’t need technical know-how to operate this.

EaseUS editor allows its users to add pictures, text, and links. Students can rotate hard-to-read pages in any way to make reading a hassle-free experience. Students can also add comments, page numbers, headers, and footers to make their experience similar to having traditional textbooks. The user has complete control of the PDF.

If there is a requirement to convert PDF to other formats, the EaseUS PDF editor allows you to do that without any obstacle. It has an in-built option to convert pdf into word, excel, jpg, or HTML.


One of the best ways to make the mind more substantial and more innovative is to read as many books as you can. The books could be from any genre, educational, sci-fiction, self-help books, and more.

Reading helps young minds to develop a healthy brain from a more minor age. For adults, it allows you to increase your concentration and calmness.

Apart from the obvious benefit of gaining knowledge, reading assists you in developing your vocabulary as well. However, with the rising cost of textbooks and other hardcover books, it is becoming more challenging for the younger generation to access books.

This has given rise to the revolution of digital books. Digital books are available for free on various websites. They can be carried in your devices, which means no additional weight.

You can read the books from anywhere at any time. You can purchase or get access to the books from anywhere, at any time, with just a solid internet connection.

You don’t need to note down anything physically; you can just add a comment in the books. The hassle of bookmarks will not bother you anymore as with eBooks, you can leave the book on the page you last read, and the software will open the text from the same page the next time.

The article has thrown light on various websites that provide digitized versions to download free textbooks so that students don’t have to compromise on the quality of their education.