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How to Download Mobdro APK File and Install it


For movie enthusiasts, Mobdro is definitely one of the best apps you should consider installing on your Android device. That feeling of gusto having almost every movie or TV series of your choice at your fingertip, literally on your phone with no charge whatsoever cannot be contained by movie buffs. This is what Mobdro does for you. Unfortunately, you are not able to find Mobdro APK File in Google Play store, you need to download it from their official website.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a video streaming application that makes multimedia content; videos, movies, TV series, easily accessible on your android device. What Mobdro does exactly is to source the internet for free video streams and make them available to you on your device just like that. The catch is, unlike other popular video streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Mobdro does not require a monthly subscription to grant you access to its content.

How to Download Mobdro APK File

It is very important that you download the right Mobdro apk file, to get Mobdro on your device.  In as much as Mobdro was specifically created for Android users, you cannot find the Mobdro apk file on play store. It is therefore really important that you download the Mobdro apk file from the official Mobdro website. Here’s how to get the installation file;

Click on this site ( Download here ), specifically with the browser on your Android device, you would be taken to the home page of the website. Click on the “download the app” button, to download the app on your android. The Mobdro apk should be downloaded in no time.

download Mobdro APK

How to install Mobdro

Considering the fact that Mobdro is an application from an external source and all Android devices have been structured in such a way as to block installations from external sources except play store, you have to manually enable unknown sources on your device. Here’s how.

Go to the Settings on your device and click on it

Navigate till you find “Security”. In some android versions, this can be found in “lock screen and security”.

download Mobdro APK

On the lock screen and security page, Navigate till you find “unknown sources” and move the toggle button. A warning message will be displayed on your screen, choose ok.

download Mobdro APK

Once this is achieved, head on over to your notification tab on your home screen, drag down the notification tab and click on Mobdro apk to start installation.

download Mobdro APK

Installation takes close to a minute. Once installed, you will be notified.

download Mobdro APK

Click on open and accept the Mobdro End user License agreement to access Mobdro.

download Mobdro APK

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A fascinating thing about Mobdro is how simple and easy its interface is. The interface allows anyone irrespective of how techy you might be or not to access its contents without any hassles. It has every content grouped, all you need to do is click on the button of the particular content you would like to watch and it would fetch you all the live contents it can lay its hands on within a short possible time.

The grouping of content for easy access is one of the major thumbs up for Mobdro. If you are still considering having Mobdro on your device, consider no more. Mobdro is indeed one of the best video streaming applications for the Android platform.


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