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7 Best Draw.io Alternatives To Draw A Diagram

Draw.io is one of the best online diagram editors built encircling google drive. Users can use and navigate Draw.io without much difficulty. Draw.io is an application that is simple and easy to use.  

A feature of Draw.io is that it saves your data directly in your drive. Hence, there’s no need for you to save it manually. This feature helps to keep your data safe and protected. Draw.io is profoundly integrated and audit-friendly.  

The user can create diagrams on Draw.io through its web browser or download the application on their desktop. It’s a perfect application for Freelancers, small business owners, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises. You can use Draw.io for webinars, documentation, and videos.  

Draw.io has many alternatives like LucidChart and Visio, which are as good as Draw.io. Suppose you want to switch from Draw.io to another application.

In that case, you can do so without a lot of difficulties because the working of Draw.io alternatives is easy to understand.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of competitors you can switch to and start using. You will find the information regarding the working of the alternatives of Draw.io.  

Best Draw.io Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Lucidchart  

Lucidchart is one of the Draw.io alternatives. It helps you create charts and diagrams online. You don’t need to download Lucidchart on your desktop or laptop.

You can easily access it from Lucidchart online. Lucidchart is a safe and secure site which makes it reliable for users. The app makes you visualize the flowcharts, drawings, and many other features available on Lucidchart.  

Lucidchart: Intelligent Diagramming

One of the things about Lucidchart is that you can use the 7-day free trial and purchase the various packages to be a member of Lucidchart. Hence, Lucidchart is like a paid tool. However, if you want a free website, then Lucidchart isn’t your place.  

Lucidchart is one of the best alternatives to Lucidchart because of the many features it provides for its users. One of the best features is that Lucidchart allows users with many templates. The templates that Lucidchart gives make it easier for users, especially beginners.  

There are many drawbacks of Lucidchart when compared to Draw.io. Firstly, one of the things that makes it different is that Draw.io has an offline app like Draw.io doesn’t have an app. Secondly, Lucidchart isn’t an open-source software, unlike Draw.io is open-source software. 

Thirdly, one of the main differences between Lucidchart and Draw.io is that one is free, and another is paid. Draw.io is a diagram platform that is free for use to everyone.

However, Lucidchart is a paid service. You get a 7-day free trial, and then you must buy a package provided by Lucidchart.  

Some Features of Lucidchart:-

  • Easy shape styling for the most convenient experience allows you to save your preferences. 
  • Easy mass formatting: this is often a problem because this feature is unavailable on most apps. Lucidchart offers the mass formatting feature for ease and convenience. 
  • Clean and intelligent diagrams: it’s irritating when changing the placement of one object in the diagram changes the entire layout. Smart diagrams help here by automatically changing according to human action. 
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts for efficiency 
  • Canvas expansion in case the diagram needs to be extended. 
  • Organization containers: Lucidchart provides you with an organization system to manage your diagram as it gets more complicated 
  • Collaborative editing via live comments and notes 
  • Presentation and publishing via the application  
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2. Microsoft Visio  

If you want to switch from Draw.io, one of the best alternatives is Visio. Microsoft Visio is software where users can draw a variety of diagrams. You can explore what you want to create on Visio because there are various options you can choose from and create.

These options include flowcharts, building plans, floor plans, data flow diagrams, and 3D maps.  

Best Draw.io Alternatives

Visio is a product of Microsoft. Therefore, if you have an account on MS Office, you can start using Visio from there as it’s a part of MS Office. There are three versions available on Visio, and you can choose any of these three options.  

The first option is Visio Standard, Visio Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365. Each of these three options has a different price, but the common thing is that they have monthly and yearly plans. You can choose from either of the three options and plan what you want, and pay for it.  

If you are looking for long-term use, you should go for the yearly plan because it’s less expensive when compared to a monthly schedule. However, if you are looking for a free service, you shouldn’t look at Visio. Instead, you can try out other alternatives to Visio.  

Visio provides templates you can browse through when you are looking to draw a diagram. You can start by opening the object template you have in mind and then work around it.

You can add labels and text near the shapes at the end of your drawing work. Additionally, you can quickly review your diagram after completing it to ensure you haven’t missed out on anything. 

Some Features of Visio:-

  • Tons of pre-made templates are available, as well as starter diagrams and stencils. 
  • The simple flowchart and network diagram creation 
  • Organization charts are easy to create and share with your team. 
  • Floor plans: not only diagrams, but you can also create floor plans for physical office spaces. This includes retail store layouts, workspaces, office layouts, and to take it to a personal level, even home floor plans for when you’re moving into a new place. This feature is scalable for accuracy and efficient visualization. 
  • Brainstorming online: ever heard of brainstorming on paper but online? Here it is. There are templates available for the same as well. 
  • Real-time collaboration with team members 
How to use Microsoft Visio

3. Gliffy: Easy Way to Draw A Diagram Online

Gliffy is one of the best Draw.io alternatives. If you want to switch from Draw.io to another program, you should change to Gliffy. It’s an application that doesn’t require you to install it on your computer or laptop. You can use the web version of it quickly.  

Best Draw.io Alternatives 1

There are many advantages to using Gliffy. One of the advantages of using Gliffy is its template library which will help you create mind and wireframes for mobile phones and the web.

Another advantage of Gliffy is the drag-and-drop editor. This drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to input shapes and complex icons. After using the drag and drop option to input the icons and conditions, you can easily resize them to your desired size.  

Gliffy helps you diagram easily because you can easily use the templates and the drag and drop feature. This makes it easy for beginners to use Gliffy because there are various options for everyone to explore and use it. 

Another advantage of using Gliffy is that you can share the work you create through URLs or embedding. This makes it quick and straightforward to share your work with other people.

If you want help editing or sharing their views, sending them the URL is the best way for them to view your work. You can decide if you will share access to the work you created by choosing the option to view, comment and edit.  

Gliffy allows you to review the previous versions of your work. You can access your previous work by checking the revision history section of Gliffy.

This makes it easy to see if you want to add something from the earlier version to the new version of what you created.  

Some Features of Gliffy:-

  • Easy diagramming: Gliffy has the easy drag and drops feature to create diagrams without problems 
  • Shareable work: charts from Gliffy can be shared via URL or embedding for all to see 
  • Instant collaboration in real-time 
  • Atlassian Integration to link visuals and be able to add them to apps like Jira and Confluence directly 
  • Availability of version history, an uncommon feature in other Draw.io alternatives 
  • Accommodates importing and exporting diagrams to edit them again if the need arises 
How to Create a Network Diagram | Easy Network Diagram Tutorial with Gliffy

4. SmartDraw 

Other Draw.io alternatives are SmartDraw. It’s one of the best alternatives to Draw.io and works so well that you won’t miss SmartDraw. If you want to switch from Draw.io, SmartDraw is the best option you can choose and start working.  

Best Draw.io Alternatives 2

The best feature of SmartDraw is that you can start using the application quickly. You take time to get used to a particular website when you are a beginner.

However, that’s not the case with SmartDraw. You can immediately start creating diagrams and flowcharts.

SmartDraw provides multiple themes you can use as a preset to start drawing the diagrams. These diagrams are beneficial for you when you are trying to draw complex things like floor plans.  

One of the best things about SmartDraw is that it easily integrates with other tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office. You can easily save and share your files on Google Drive, OneDrive, and other spaces.

This makes it easy to keep your work in different areas where you can easily access it in the future. The integration feature of SmartDraw makes it one of the best Draw.io alternatives. 

SmartDraw helps you convert your diagrams into PDFs and JPEGs so that you can easily share your work. This feature enables you to share your charts with others on emails, social media, and other platforms.

Along with this feature, one of the things about SmartDraw is that it helps your work look the best. Even if you are a beginner, it makes your work look like someone working on SmartDraw for a long time.  

SmartDraw - The Smartest Way to Draw Anything

However, along with the many advantages of using SmartDraw, there are a few drawbacks too. One of the drawbacks of SmartDraw is that when you create the diagrams and link the shapes together, they might not stay linked.   

5. Creately 

Creately is the perfect alternative to Draw.io. It’s one of the best websites you can use to draw your diagrams, flowcharts, and many other things. The Creately website provides you with a variety of things that will help you make the best diagrams with the help of the website. 

Best Draw.io Alternatives 3

One of the best things about Creately is that it provides a visual workspace. This helps you and your partners work together on projects. You don’t need to do the work individually and then make corrections according to the feedback.

Creately provides you the space to plan, brainstorm and design anything you want with your teammates. This is one of the things which sets Creately apart from other Draw.io alternatives. 

Another feature of Creately is that it provides you with an infinite visual canvas. This gives you space to do anything you want to so that your creativity is not limited.

Additionally, if you are a beginner, you can use the visual templates available on the Creately website. The Creately website provides you with around a thousand graphic templates which can help you if you want to design something quickly. 

A feature that makes Creately different from other websites is that it provides you with the option of video conferencing. This makes it easy for the users to continue to use the website while drawing to attend meetings. They can diagram as well as participate in the discussion together.  

6. Edraw Max 

Edraw Max is one of the best Draw.io alternatives. Its software helps you maximize your creativity with the space it provides its users. Like Creately, Edraw Max is a software that offers the option to work with your team simultaneously.

Hence, you and your team can work together on projects without everyone working individually and then discussing the project. Edraw Max helps you save time because you and your team can work together.  

Best Draw.io Alternatives 4

You can save your work on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This function of Edraw Max helps you save time as you can directly use the option to share on another platform without first saving it on your device.

Additionally, you can export the document by converting it to a paper, PPT, or excel sheet. This function essentially shows the amount of flexibility Edraw Max provides its user.  

Getting Started with EdrawMax Online

8. PingBoard 

Pingboard is an excellent Draw.io alternative as it is software meant just to collect, organize, and display information and graphics in the form of a chart.

The kinds of charts that one may create using Pingboard look incredibly professional, and it would be a shame not to at least attempt to make use of the same. 

Looking at an Excel sheet or Google Sheet for your workplace, either to track payments or to track any other form of data that needs to be set in order, have you ever felt frustrated because you just couldn’t do anything else to make it even a little bit better?🤔

We understand because we have frequently felt the same way, which is why we recommend making the best use of Pingboard. 

Forgetting its fabulous features, the name Pingboard itself suggests a fun outlook to the organization of data charts using HRMS software.

This feature makes Pingboard just a tad bit better than several other alternatives – it eradicates the need to make a manual chart using other applications and eases the entire process for you. 

Some Features of Pingboard include the following:-

  • Option for multiple layouts and customizable fields: as many options for color and page orientation as most apps have, but the different designs offered are those of roles, i.e., share and assistant positions, and a lot more. 
  • Integration with employee platforms as well as payout systems assisted by workforce planning and employee engagement arrangements 
  • Fabulous customer support 
  • Top-notch security features to protect your data 
  • Availability of a searchable employee database 
  • Company noticeboard: this is available for announcements for all employees to see 


Is draw.io no longer free?

Draw.io is free for up to ten users. However, it can only handle simple lines and basic combinations and cannot be trusted with complex diagrams.

Is draw.io trustworthy?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about your personal and diagram data with draw.io. The privacy policy has a strong stand regarding the security of your data and complies with GDPR.

Does Google own draw.io?

Draw.io is owned by JGraph Ltd, a registered company in England. It owns the software and runs sites like draw.io.

What happened to Draw.io?

The hosted version of the web application would move from ‘draw.io’ to ‘diagrams.net’ as announced by the company in February 2020.  It was done due to security concerns.

How does Drawio make money?

It has a paid version for the Confluence server. Because of this, the app earns profits because all other versions, including the web, are free. You can easily create diagrams via this tool compared to vector software.

Can draw.io be used offline?

Yes, you can draw your diagrams even when you are offline using draw.io. The tool can be used on almost any browser, like Edge, Firefox, or Chrome.


There are many Draw.io alternatives. Every website alternative gives you features that set it apart from other websites.

Therefore, you have various options to choose from to maximize the benefit of using a platform to draw and design things like diagrams, flowcharts, and more. However, you should focus and use the website which works best for you.  

Sometimes websites have many additional features which can confuse you and make you feel overwhelmed. Now with the help of alternatives of Draw.io, you will not get confused. All the websites are quick and straightforward to use for beginners.  

Many websites like Edraw Max and Creately have options for many people to plan, brainstorm and work together. This feature helps everyone working in teams because it helps them be more productive.