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Top 5 Drawing Tablets for beginners that are easy to use


Thanks for the new technology of digital art and drawing tablets that has made our life easier in work field of artistic world and even beginners can use them easily. In old times people use to draw their work on piece of white paper and they have to choose from different colors and brush to draw.

Now In the market there are many new Tablet PCs which are especially made for drawing purpose, and they are very handy to use with accuracy digital design and amazing inbuilt tools which will take you to the whole new world of art and design.

The top 5 tablets which I will be going to mention here in this article will sure be the best drawing tablets for beginners and easy to use and it will make them stress-free to take their drawing to the next level. Here is a list of easy things to draw using these drawing tablets.

What to consider before buying a drawing tablet as a beginner.

As you are beginner in the field of drawing, so you must consider some basic things before buying a drawing tablet. You should keep in mind that its resolution must be high enough to make you feel realistic and gives a finer design while working on drawings.

Another thing is the pressure sensitivity which is responsible for how much pressure should be applied by pen on screen, its important factor on how much quality drawings you can make and gives the feeling like you are actually working with the real pen and brush on the paper.

Tracking speed, quality of the plastic material, size of tablet, and operating system that it support are another things you should consider before buying a drawing tablet.

Top 10 Drawing Tablets for you as a beginner:

Below down are some of the best drawing tablets for you as a beginner and also easy to use.

  1. X-pen Artist 16:


  • Good compatibility with both OS
  • Medium size and handy


  • Need calibration before using it
  • Screen comes glossy
  • Gets hot when brightness is high

2.Wacom Intuos Pro Medium:


  • Multi touch at same time
  • Wireless features
  • Adjustable drawing area size


  • Sometimes issue with multi touch

 3. Wacom Intuos:


  • Comes with loads of driver and software
  • Customizable buttons on the tablet
  • Good surface friction


  • Screen size is small to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Pen doesn’t feel realistic

 4. Huion New 1060:


  • It has large drawing surface
  • Pen quality is awesome to make you feel realistic


  • Can’t use the screen for touch without the pen
  • No wireless features

 5. Huion GT-185HD:


  • Adjustable stands
  • Long lasting power storage


  • Holder doesn’t charge the pen itself
  • Pen makes little bit noise while working on screen

 Conclusion –

We’ve told you the best and the top 5 drawing tablets for beginners. And at last would say that you must go forX-pen Artist 16 as it fits for you. Also it’s a budget tablet that will not make you feel huge burden on your pocket.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and also you’ve found a viewpoint on which drawing tablets should you buy as a beginner to the world of drawing.


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