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7 Of The Best Driving Learning Apps For Android & iOS

Are you planning to join a driving school? Perhaps, you are going to be 18 years old and intend to learn driving. You are on the right track to becoming an adult. It is good to be independent, and the best way to begin your adulthood is by learning how to drive. 

Driving does not have to be a nerve-racking experience. It can be fun and interesting, where you learn many things apart from driving a car.

You need to know how to obey traffic rules, follow the right lane, take left-right turns, and the holy grail of reversing the vehicle. 

For most learners, reversing is the most challenging part of driving. In this review, we will read about a few driving learning apps that can smoothen your experience. Using these apps and driving simulators, you get the real feel of how it is going to be in real life. 

The only difference is that you are doing it on your android or iOS smartphone. Isn’t it an interesting concept? There seems to be no dearth of apps in every area of life. We did not mean to say that driving schools are of no use, but it is definitely a good idea to use the apps. 

Once you prepare yourself mentally and know what to expect, learning how to drive your car becomes hassle-free. Of course, we do not recommend that you download high-speed racing games, that might give you a lot of fun and excitement but cannot teach how to drive safely. 

While you are sound and alive when playing these racing games, you do not get a second chance at life when riding down the highway for real. 

Significance of driving learning apps

The driving app for learners teach you how to drive around traffic and a barrage of things like driving rules, learning controls, using indicators, going on the right lanes, and avoiding accidents. 

Almost everything regarding driving for learners can be found on these apps. These tools are not only meant for learners, but also for those who want to enhance their driving skills. All you need to choose the best app for your liking and begin learning how to drive safely.

That is easier said than done because you have a cornucopia of driving learning apps. These tools work seamlessly on your iOS, as well as your Android devices. 

We found these driving apps extremely helpful in not only learning how to drive but also brushing up your skills. This is especially for those of you who have not driven your car for quite some time due to personal reasons. 

Your prayers have been answered because you can make use of these driving apps and become aware of all the rules there are to know in America. You know that your chances of passing the driving test are more straightforward, thanks to the apps. 

It is always easier to have things at your fingertips because you can brush up on driving skills anytime you want at home. The need to be seated in a car is not necessary.

Things like tests, road signs, parking techniques, and many more can be quickly learned through the apps. 

Best Driving Learning Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌

The entire procedure of learning through your driving app might seem prosaic for many of you. However, they are beneficial and exciting in their own ways. This does not mean you make use of them when you are driving. 

Without wasting any more time, let us explore some of the best apps that can be used on your android as well as iOS smartphones. 

1. Learn Driving Offline

Learn Driving Offline is the ideal driving learning apps because it teaches you the technical aspects of the car.

Just like in car racing, drivers are briefed about the vehicle, it is the same here. Having an idea on what are the components of the car enables you to drive safely and, more importantly, take adverse action during an emergency. 

Best Driving Learning Apps

For example, when it is your first time, you need to know what a brake is when you need to use it, and so on. Likewise, you should know the basic working of the accelerator, hand brake, steering wheel, and others. 

Having a small idea about these features in your car gives you the confidence to drive it safely. The driving learning app comes in four segments. The user interface is flawless, and beginners can understand everything easily. 

You are told about the simple traffic laws, how to move the car with the gear when you must change the lanes, foot pedals, and the like. Apart from that, you will love to read the tips and tricks when driving down the lane. 

They have given you interesting visuals to get you the feel and looks of it. When you are somebody who is new to driving and want help, then this app is the best source of information. We also loved the fact that Learn Driving Offline does not need the internet to use. 

Download on Google Play Store

2. Learn To Drive

Learn To Drive is the second rank on our list of driving learning apps. The work is quite similar to that of Learn Driving Offline. However, in the previous driving app, you did not have exciting pictures and videos. 

Best Driving Learning Apps

This one has them and makes it more exciting. Users can find beautifully designed animated videos that enable them to grasp things easier.

You can find different real-life driving conditions where you have a pedestrian crossing, junction, drive safely, and roundabout. 

But you benefit through the driving learning app because the instructions are straightforward. We also found the videos in the app helpful. It comes with two payment options where you can learn the whole course for $13 or choose the material for $4. 

Overall, Learn To Drive is an exhilarating driving app that teaches you everything you should know about driving. The animated videos, instructions, and pictures are extremely sublime for beginners. 

Download on Apple App Store

3. Practice Test USA & Road Signs

When compared to most of the developed countries in the world, the US has a comparatively low rate of accidents.

That is due to the fact that drivers are well-versed in the road signs. When you are on the lookout for an exceptional app for road signs, and practice tests, the USA is good. 

Practice Test USA & Road Signs as the name implies, helps you learn the road signs in America. You have plenty of road signs that drivers should know their meaning. At times, they can become confused, leaving you in a dilemma. 

7 Of The Best Driving Learning Apps For Android & iOS

No worries with the apps, you can make out the road signs in your driving test. We prefer this driving app because the road signs are beautifully explained. This helps you to remember them when you are actually on the road. 

Road signs are crucial on the highway as well as in rural lanes. They come with illustrations and instructions in a simple manner in this app. The beauty of the app is that it also comes with a test or quiz at the end that helps you know where you stand. 

You can find 20 questions that you have to know to master the road signs in the US. You will also see advertisements at the bottom of the screen, which cannot be gotten out. However, Practice Test USA & Road Signs works offline too. 

For any new driver in America, knowing the road signs is the foremost thing. Unless you are well-versed in the road signs, you may not get through the driving test. In some states, the tests are based mostly on your knowledge of the road signs’ various meanings. 

Knowing how to drive a car is essential to passing your test as well as driving safely. The same can be said about your knowledge of road signs placed in different parts of the country. Practice Test USA & Road Signs can help you do that effortlessly. 

Download on Google Play Store

4. DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

DMV Permit Practice Test Genie is one of the best driving learning apps in 2020. The best part about this app is that it helps you accurately understand what is expected from you during your driving test. 

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) conducts tests for learners to pass. As you know, the theory part of the test varies from state to state. In some states, the pass criteria can be extremely demanding. 

7 Of The Best Driving Learning Apps For Android & iOS

There have been cases where new drivers have taken multiple attempts to pass the driving and written tests. As we read in the previous app, knowing road signs is also important. But, not the fundamental part of it.

What this app does is enables you to choose the state where you plan to take your driving test from. It then prepares you accordingly. You also have the option of selecting the global driving license if you want. 

Apart from that, you can choose the kind of vehicle that you plan to drive. If you want, you can select a commercial, large car, or just a light car. You can also choose to ride a bike. Now you are set to understand what the test is based on. 

The app consists of a massive set of practice test questions and answers. These immense aids your knowledge for your driving exam. Depending on the state you choose, the questions are provided to you. 

If this is your first time, then we highly recommend the paid mode for just $12. You stand to get a barrage of papers, cheat sheets, and no advertisements on your screen. Isn’t that wonderful? DMV Permit Practice Test Genie helps familiarize you with the driving laws of the country. 

The tests are based on different states. When you choose the wrong answer, you are immediately rectified, which helps improve your knowledge. The app comes free to use. However, the paid version is excellent to learn from. 

Download on Google Play Store

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5. Parking Mania 2

Parking Mania 2 is another excellent driving learning app that helps you park your car. The most challenging task of driving is putting your car in reverse. Parking your car or vehicle takes immense concentration and skill. 

Whether you are parking your car or truck, you need to make drastic decisions. One wrong move and you could end up hitting the wall or cause an accident. Hence, reversing or parking your car is vital for any driver to learn and master. 

Parking Mania 2 Trailer

It may seem difficult initially, but with the aid of this fantastic app, you can master your parking skills. The app provides you with a game, where you accelerate, park, and reverse, using a massive trailer. 

You also get to do roundabouts and try and dodge other vehicles. Users can also drive their vehicles in the challenge. The main thing to ensure in the challenge is that you should be able to maintain the lane. 

Driving learning apps teach you how to park, parallel parking, and drive in one lane. Though it may sound pretty simple to do, we can assure you; that it may not be for new drivers. When reversing, it is crucial to judge the distance from other vehicles, check the surroundings, and then slowly take the vehicle. 

We like some of the game’s challenges, like parking your car in the garage, navigating through the traffic, and parallel parking on the side parking space. You can also make use of the map that is the location. 

We found the visuals clean and neat. It comes free and does not have any advertisements. Parking Mania 2 offers you several live traffic, hurdles, and missions, and at times, you may find it challenging. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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6. Car Driving School 2022 – learn car driving online

Car Driving School 2022 offers you simulations of real life. The moment you download the app and use it, you are instantly amazed by the perfection of the details. We liked the seat belt indicator, the wipers, and the headlights. 

7 Of The Best Driving Learning Apps For Android & iOS

Everything about the app is realistic, and it gives you a feeling that you are on the road. Mistakes are avoided using this app because you are reminded of them before you start driving. 

Depending on the kind of vehicle you prefer to learn, you can choose them likewise. For example, when you plan to drive a car, you can select a car. If you are particular about learning how to drive a truck, then you can do so. 

For some of the adventurous, you can use the city taxi games and perform some stunts. This is a feature-rich app that comes with more than 22 vehicles for you to choose from. This offers you the flexibility that you require. 

The vehicles come with an intensely detailed interior. There are also AI traffic and AI traffic lights. The damage caused is also realistic, giving you an idea of what can happen if you hit something. The driving mode is practical and has 3D surroundings. 

We felt that the user interface is sound and easy to operate. Car Driving School 2022 is free, but it comes with advertisements.

If you want to use some exceptional features of the app, we strongly suggest that you use the paid option. You can upgrade for other challenging missions. 

Download on Google Play Store

7. Driving Academy – Driver Simulator

Driving Academy – Driver Simulator is quite similar to the Learn Driving Offline app. The only difference is the flexibility. Users can select cars, driving modes, and other kinds of options. For using most of the features on the app, you will need to complete levels. 

7 Of The Best Driving Learning Apps For Android & iOS

You have to learn more than 90 road signs and pass the test. We felt that the tests are a great learning curve for new drivers. Drivers can also select between the right and left-hand driving options based on the country they plan to learn. 

In this case, it is America, so it is left-hand riding on the road. Users felt that the night driving mode comes with the trial version. But, it does not because you can unlock it for $.5 and use other in-app purchases for learning how to drive safely. 

Driving Academy – Driver Simulator is one of the best driving learning apps in 2022. You can learn how to drive your vehicle safely without having to be worried about accidents. A good app must give the user boldness and confidence to drive. 

Download on Google Play Store

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Which app is best for learning driving?

There are so many apps that you can use to learn driving. Some of them include Parking Mania 2, DMV Genie Permit Practice Test, Dr, and the Driving School. Of course, you do not want to use them when you are driving the car.

Is there any app for learning driving?

Yes, from the market, we would recommend that you make use of the learning driving app, the Car Driving School Simulator. It could be the optimum car learning apps for Android in the market today in 2022.

Can you learn to drive with driving simulator app?

Driving simulator apps are advised for those involved in truck driving, heavy-duty driving, and of course, F1 driving. It helps new drivers to learn the art of driving in real conditions without causing any damage. So, a driving simulator is advisable in such scenarios.

How do I learn how do you drive as a beginner?

As a beginner, you can learn how to drive using several tips & ideas like using a small car at first, then going for a large car. You need to use the right seating position, avoid distractions, and adjust your seat to the pedals.

Is there a driving simulator apps?

There are several kinds of driving simulator apps. You can use them depending on your requirement. Usually, drivers who ride heavy vehicles and are required to move around very often are recommended the driving simulator apps.

What is the best time to use the driving learning apps?

When you have decided to learn driving, then you may want to make use of the driving learning app. It could teach you some valuable lessons on driving. Besides, you can take your car outside when there is less crowd on the road, like in the late morning or afternoon.

Conclusion on Driving learning apps

The above-mentioned were some of the best driving learning apps for android and iOS devices. We recommend them as you can learn and understand the basic concepts. Besides, you can choose the vehicle you want to learn to drive, understand road signs, and reverse your car. 

We do not have to remind our readers of the significance of driving carefully. You are responsible for the lives of others as well, including yours. Knowing how to enhance or learn driving is paramount for succeeding in your driving skills. 

Following the road rules, using the right lane, switching on your indicators at the right time, and maintaining the right speed limit is crucial for driving.

The best car driving learning app for android and ios immensely aids in the reduction of accidents or ultimately reduces the chances of having one. 

Avoid driving recklessly because you want to go home earlier. Remember, others want to get to their homes too. Learning how to drive safely ensures that you are driving carefully and managing road mishaps with other vehicles or pedestrians. 

Happy learning to drive on the road.