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How to Dump Duplicate Videos from Your Windows 10 Laptop


Duplicates are a nuisance; they cause a total mess in the file system and are an absolute nuisance. Duplicates of any kind are of any benefit except when you create a backup of the data. Other than this scenario, duplicates cause unnecessary clutter, and also lead to system slowdowns.

Talking of duplicate videos, this has to be an even alarming scenario. Duplicate videos generally occupy a lot more storage space than other kinds of duplicates, due to the high definition videos captured by the highly sophisticated cameras of nowadays.

Whether the video was captured from a DSLR or a smartphone, it will occupy a handsome amount of storage space.

And when these duplicate videos are found in huge number either because the user mistakenly copied them several times from a USB, or they created multiple copies on purpose as they are involved with video editing.

And when swarms of duplicate videos are littered here and there in the hard disk, then even a hard disk that runs into TBs in size will prove insufficient pretty soon.

Now if our readers think they can escape this running out of hard disk issue by turning to a cloud storage account, we’ve got a twist of ours as well.

How would you feel if you come to know that most of the videos you’ve saved on the cloud are duplicates in essence? And now the big one. How bad would you feel when you suddenly recall you’ve been churning out a decent sum of money every month as a membership plan of that cloud service? That surely makes things clear enough.

This is a big problem and there is no escaping it. In the same way, you can opt to run away from it, but this will only delay the inevitable.

You must look for solutions, and do this really fast. Sadly enough, Windows 10 doesn’t come equipped with a comprehensive solution to deal with duplicate videos.

The Old School Method

The only tactful way, shall we say, is to use the File Explorer to search for various file types of the video category, spot the duplicates and then clean them up.

This method might prove moderately helpful to extremely helpful (in limited cases), but it can never be totally relied upon due to the accuracy factor.

It requires the user to put in big efforts while examining the scan results and spot duplicates.

However, what if there are several (or even more) duplicate files that do not share the same file name?

If the user intends on playing every single video to check, how will they cope when faced with the prospect of playing every single video from several thousand videos?

And not to forget, since this method requires the user to search for video file extensions, the user will be required to know a sufficient number of video file extensions besides the most common ones.

Turns out, this method can most definitely help the user kill up a good number of duplicate videos on their Windows 10 laptop, but they will have to take the lead in it on several fronts, and even then there is no guarantee that all duplicates will be purged and no genuine videos will be deleted mistakenly.

The Alternative

The other option lies in making good use of a computer program. One such reputed program that does the trick is Clone Files Checker. This program is a duplicate cleaner, and deletes duplicates of all kinds from a Windows as well as a Mac.

It is very light on system resources and can be easily installed. It requires minimum input from the user throughout the process by keeping things simple and relevant at all times.

  1. Download Clone Files Checker Duplicate Finder and install it.
  2. Launch the software and select the target location for the scan. (You can add up as many disk partitions/ removable media as you want for a single scan).
  3. Select Custom | Videos in the next section to channel the scan towards the most relevant results.
  4. Click the blue Start Search button to kickstart the scan, and be prepared to wait for a while if the selected target area is huge in size.
  5. Once the scan is over, you will be provided with summarized results in a pop-up as well as the Quick Fix and the Review & Fix options.
  6. Click Review & Fix to get all the duplicate videos laid out in a list format.
  7. Simply click the Select Duplicates button and choose 1 option from the 5 available on which category of duplicates you want to retain.
  8. Finally, click the Select Action button and select Permanent Delete.

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you’ve cleaned up absolutely all kinds of duplicate videos from your Windows 10 laptop easily and securely.

Click the History tab to check handy details about the scan such as the number of duplicate videos detected as well as the space they were occupying.

And now the surprise. Click the Cloud Scan tab and check for yourself which cloud drives does Clone Files Checker support.

And yes you won’t have to sync any data to your laptop. Simply sign in to your cloud drive via Clone Files Checker user interface, and you can easily remove duplicate videos as well as other files then and there. How cool is that?


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